Item # : SCP-4741

Object Class: Keter Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: To maintain effective secondary form of containment of SCP-4741, Site-4741 has been built in circumference around the area 350 kilometers away from SCP-4741. Site-4741 is divided into three main 'circles', referred to as Area 1 (350 km away from SCP-4741), Area 2 (320 km) and Area 3 (300 km) respectively. No personnel, excepting those who had been granted clearance from the Site Director, are allowed to pass through any checkpoint that exits Area 3 into SCP-4741's location. Site-4741 has twelve checkpoints in total; four located in each cardinal direction of each Area. At least 3 Scranton Reality Anchors are to be kept at full capacity in all twelve checkpoints.

To maintain effective containment of SCP-4741, Document 4741-Z must be treated as a Level 4 Priority Item, and stored within a Standard Containment Safe within Site 4741. The chamber where Document 4741-Z is stored must be guarded by no less than four armed guards, and are not to be taken from its vault for any reason other than the renewal of the agreement stored within it.
To fulfill the conditions of Document 4741-Z and thus prevent SCP-4741 from moving out of Site 4741's boundaries, several E-Class Anomalous Objects must be presented to the site monthly; the items given to fulfill these terms must first be approved by the O5 Council and the respective items' primary containment officer.1 Should SCP-4741 attempt to move out from the boundaries of Site 4741 by methods that violate Document 4741-Z, the O5 Council must be notified immediately; the entity's Object Class is then to be raised to Keter, and measures to contain it are to be enacted accordingly.

Description: SCP-4741 is a demideitic entity hailing from another universe that claims to have "visited" Earth for the purposes of investigating and observing the anomalies present on the planet. As per the terms of Document 4741-Z, SCP-4741 has agreed to permanently manifest as a 300 m tall winged humanoid entity with six wings on its back as long as it remains on Earth. Although SCP-4741 can assume any form if desired, whatever form it manifests as will always be completely black in coloration.

SCP-4741 continuously exudes a field-of-effect anomaly termed SCP-4741-2. SCP-4741-2 is a spherical field of effect 300 km in diameter and centered upon the entity. Any living organism that enters this field experiences a rapid temporal anomaly that causes their biological aging to rapidly accelerate, with its effects growing exponentially for every ten seconds the organism stays in the field. SCP-4741 claimed that the field cannot be deactivated by any means known to it, although it can grant several persons protection from the field. It is known that SCP-4741 possesses numerous other anomalies other than SCP-4741-2, but the entity has declined to inform the Foundation of such anomalies.

SCP-4741 claims to have originated from 'Universe # 72946-Kollac'2, and that it is an entity worshiped by that universe's sapient beings. It claimed to have come to this universe due to the massive number of anomalies currently existing within it, █% of which is concentrated on Earth. However, it cannot return to its universe due to misinformation on the entity's part, primarily regarding the existence and non-existence of the 'masters' of this universe; full documentations and interview logs can be seen in Addendum 4741-2.

A vital part in containing SCP-4741 is Document 4741-Z, ██ papyrus scrolls that contain the terms of agreement that was brokered by the Foundation and SCP-4741 on ██/██/19██. It states that SCP-4741 will agree to stay within the Foundation's containment and will not attempt to breach containment in any way. In addition, it shall provide any useful information it has on the nature of every anomaly that the Foundation encounters, as well as neutralizing any lethal anomalies encountered when feasible as deemed by the O5 Council; in exchange, the Foundation will present several of its collected anomalous items to it to examine every month. Because of the inherent risks of showing anomalous items to another anomalous entity, the Director of Site-4741 must first coordinate information with O5 Command in order to minimize risk of cross-contamination. As of the writing of this document3, the entity has been given ███ Anomalous Items, with ██ returned intact and ██ returned with its anomalous properties enhanced or altered in some way. In return, SCP-4741 has neutralized █ Euclid- and Keter-class SCPs, all of which had been severe threats to the Foundation's ability to operate effectively on many regions.