Azamo Parawatch

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jackfolk11 10/21/2015 (Tue) 5:14 PM #73869833

theres something weird happening in some house across the street from me. theres a face in the window

SeveralLargeSneks 10/21/2015 (Tue) 6:02 PM #64036592

oh shit alright
whats it look like

jackfolk11 10/21/2015 (Tue) 6:04 PM #73869833

im looking at the upstairs window from my bedroom, and t,heres a fucking face in there
its not looking at me ithink, but its hard to tell

KleinerKloner 10/21/2015 (Tue) 6:18 PM #83659220

Sounds to me like a classic case of cracked-out neighbor.

jackfolk11 10/21/2015 (Tue) 6:20 PM #73869833

ive never seen that face before
i like cant tell hwo it is but its a face 100%

KleinerKloner 10/21/2015 (Tue) 6:24 PM #83659220

Yeah right, dude. Just get some sleep, close your curtains. I had some neighors that were a little like that once.

cssaalica9 10/21/2015 (Tue) 6:52 PM #75338537

take a pic of it?

jackfolk11 10/21/2015 (Tue) 6:59 PM #73869833

im so scared wtf