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The following document has been flagged by RAISA for possible data corruption. If any unknown terms or references are made in the following document please contact your regional memetics department.

— Narik Havtsukovy, Director of Northeastern Hemisphere Affairs, RAISA

Item Number: SCP-4991

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: All radio or television stations playing Christmas music after Thanksgiving are to be weekly checked for SCP-4991 and, if found, all infected audio is to be seized and contained in storage locker #24 in Site 89.

Due to the widespread effect and indistinct recognition of the effects of SCP-4991 in the public domain, all public complaints1 are to be deflected by covertly disseminating the suggestion that SCP-4991 only exists due to the emotional aspects of the Christmas holiday.

Description: SCP-4991 is a memetic musical phenomenon that compels individuals to play music revolving around the holiday of Christmas. To specify, the lyrics in the contaminated music itself do not contain the compulsive effect, but rather the passive action of listening to any Christmas music distributes the conceptual meme.

The main mode of transportation for the meme is within the overall tone of songs related to Christmas. The abstract notion of a “Christmas spirit” or “holiday feelings” that one perceives when listening to Christmas related music is one major identifier for the transfer of the meme. The specific parameters on which exact pieces of music spread the meme are currently ambiguous and research into a conclusive definition of what necessary actions produce the meme are ongoing.

The phenomenon occurs in a consistent pattern annually, materializing in the United States about one to three days after the end of Thanksgiving and ending usually two to three days after the end of Christmas. The current understanding is that all compositions relating to Christmas played in the holiday season are able to be infected. Christmas music played outside the specified time frame are not affected by SCP-4991.

The exact origin of the meme is currently unknown, but nonetheless the rate of incidence increased exponentially after the popularization of Christmas pop songs in the mid 1970’s. The impact of this allowed the expansion of the conceptual contagion because more individuals were likely to retain the meme due to the more attractive melodic tune that was, otherwise, lacking in holiday related music at the time.

There are, outwardly, no significant effects on individuals who have been contaminated with SCP-4991, other than the desire to play more Christmas music and continue to spread the meme.

Despite no long-lasting or lethal consequences of SCP-4991, the nature of this meme has led to intense research into the framework and structure of the meme for two reasons. The first is because of the inherent, programmed death2 that is embedded within the memetic concept that occurs after the conventional American “Christmas” season concludes.

The second is due to the unusual potency of SCP-4991. Normally, individuals are not aware when they become influenced by conceptual memes of this particular variety. However, researchers have found that individuals affected both understand and capitulate to their newfound abnormal desire to play Christmas music.

SCP-4991 has no effect on those who have no knowledge of traditional American holidays or in societies where the majority of people do not celebrate Christmas and other such festivities.

To further illustrate the intensity of SCP-4991, in recent years, some individuals have begun to notice and question the illogic of playing holiday music multiple weeks before Christmas. Public acknowledgement of irregularities in society caused by conceptual memetic ideals are extremely rare. Fortunately, most individuals accredit SCP-4991 to, simply, an unusual "quirk" of human behavior.

For applications of this research in other areas of the SCP Foundation please contact Dr. Bopau Paiyo, head researcher of SCP-4991. These traits have lent credence to the theory that SCP-4991 is able to mutate its own conceptual makeup to further facilitate its circulation.

Described below are test logs for individuals contaminated with SCP-4991