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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a 2cm x 2cm x 2cm glass cube 24/7. The glass is not to be less than 10cm thick. Checks for holes or cracks are mandatory and will be done every 2 hours. The cube is then to be surrounded by a metal supported concrete. The walls of the concrete is to be covered by 2cm thick iron plates. If the glass cube were to break or SCP-XXXX were to escape, all personnel are to cover their faces with any thing on hand until a shelter has been reached. Sucpius looking induviduals are to be detained until further notice. If to identical induviduals are located both are to be detained and tested for any paranormal details. If SCP-XXXX is located during an escape, protocal A-21is to take place by armed MTF.

Extended Spesial Containment Procedures:
SCP-XXXX is to be feed daily 6.00 and 20.00. Maintenence of SCP-XXXX or SCP-XXXX, cell is to be done once a week by class-D personnel. All personnel entering SCP-XXXX,s cell are to wear a completely grey suit and a grey helmet with black wisores. Spesial suits are to be worn outside of testing when entering SCP-XXXX,s cell. If SCP-XXXX has visuals of a class-D, all personnel are to vacate the erea emidiatly. Entrance of SCP-XXXX,s cell recuires Dr.███ signed papers and aproval by off-site 05 command.

SCP-XXXX,s true form is as of yet unknown. SCP-XXXX is a keter class SCP. It can morph into any thing, organic or no. Mimicing it down to the finest detail. SCP-XXXX can change form in as little as 1,2 seconds. This various from the size and complecsety of object. The only known limit of SCP-XXXX is the availeble space of the erea it resides in. So far SCP-XXXX has become a mug, SCP-106, SCP-049, a chair, SCP-999, SCP-682, Dr.████ and SCP-096. For now SCP-XXXX is to be kept away from anymore keter class SCP,s.

Photos and artistic depictions of SCP-XXXX in a destinct form will be come sogy and wet 2 hour after they were made. It will then begin to drip onto the the surface of the room in a pile. The wet substence will then collect into a large blob and become animate. From now on SCP-XXXX-2 will begin transforming into varius objects it has at hand. It is asumed this is how SCP-XXXX reproduses. All instences of SCP-XXXX-2 are to be terminated before they reach sentience by MTF. Dr.███ is aloud to ask for tests on SCP-XXXX-2 during testing hours.

test interview

Interviewed: D-8754 and D-3409
Interviewer: Dr.███ and Dr.████
Foreword: Dr.███ was in charge with Dr.████ as backup, Dr.████ was hesitant with the test.
<Begin Log, date: 11.02.20██, 13:09>
Dr.███: D-8754, please enter the containment unit.
D-8754: Yeah, sure thing…
D-8754: Ok, i am in.
Dr.███: Good, now remember this is a keter level SCP so be cousius. Ok, please turn on your flash light and proceed towords SCP-XXXX.
D-8754: Geeez its dark in here.
Dr.███: Noted. Now have you got visuals on SCP-XXXX?
D-8754: Ehm, what does it look like exactly? I cant see shit in here.
Dr.███: We dont know exactly, but it should be in that glass box right ahead.
D-8754: Oh, yeah i see it.
D-8754: I am not gona question it, but why contain a coffea mug?
Dr.███: This SCP is a shapeshifter, so it can be a coffea mug if thats what it is.
Dr.███: Now please open SCP-XXXX,s glass cube. If it does not cooperate then wait for further instructions
Dr.████: But isnt that dangerus? Like it is a keter class object, right?
Dr.███: Dr.████ if you do not wish to continue the test you can leave, got it?
Dr.████:(angry mumbling) Yea right, sure why not.
D-8754: Uhhhm…
D-8754: Omg, shit.
Dr.███ and Dr.████: What.
Dr.███: D-8754 where is SCP-XXXX? Locate it emidiatly, you are not aloud to leave until it has been found.
D-8754: shit shit shit shit!!
D-8754: why does it look like me, geez let me out!
Dr.███: You are not to leave the contaiment unit until further notice.
Dr.███: Now take a picture of SCP-XXXX and print it out.
D-8754: But for f██k sake! Ok, Ok.
D-8754: Here. There you go, here is your stupid picture.
Dr.███: Good, now i will store this for later. Now please exit the cell.
D-8754: Took long enough.
Dr.███: Dr.████, are you ok?
Dr.███: Dr.████ anwser me this instant!
<End Log, date 11.02.20██ 16:36>
Closing Statement:Dr.████ found dead in near hallway, likely caused by SCP-XXXX during escape. SCP-XXXX,s way of escape is currently unknown but it is discovered that SCP-XXXX had transformed into Dr.████ to blend in. How SCP-XXXX made it to the observation room is currently unknown. Dr.███ and D-8754 showed no signes of SCP-XXXX and were sent back to the facilaty.