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Item #: ** XXXX
Object Class:** Hard to Contain
How we keep it contained: If somebody sees an instance of SCP-XXXX, MTF Rho-12 "Weird Fruit Thing" will go make all the people around there forget about it, then they will destroy the instance because there are so many. Some instances are kept in a locker in Site-29 but you have to be Level 2 or better to get them.
Description: SCP-XXXX is when the word "█████████" is used to describe BOSFs1 (see image) in written stuff before around 2050. Usually it appears on plaques or in science papers or in recipes sometimes, but sometimes it appears in other places (see attached note). When people see SCP-XXXX they get headaches and get woozy. 1 in a 100 times their brains start bleeding inside but most of the time that's it.
Discovery: SCP-XXXX was first reported on April 12, 2050, when some people in grocery stores and restaurants everywhere were getting dizzy. Later we found out it was SCP-XXXX. Below is a written-down version of a 911 call somebody made about SCP-XXXX.

Foreword: The 911 call was made from Bloomsbury, Pennsylvania around 4:30 pm, caller unknown (calling them

<Begin Log, ██:██:██>

Dr. █████: Hello, D-61749. How are you feeling?

D-61749: Actually, I wanted to know about this cataract thing. You're going to get rid of it, right? After all the tests and stuff?

Dr. █████: Of course we will D-61749. We're currently doing everything in our power to cure your condition. Are you able to see SCP-XXXX-2 in more detail this time?

D-61749: Yeah, sure. Let me just, uh, concentrate, I guess.

(D-61749 closes her left eye and concentrates.)

D-61749: Alright, uh…it's a city. I think. The buildings look…thin?

Dr. █████: Could you clarify?

D-61749: They don't look like they're very real. They look like…like they're made of cardboard, or something. I…I can't really describe them otherwise, for some reason.

Dr. █████: I see. Do you see anything else?

D-61749: Uh, yeah. The sun is made of golden fire and burning smoke, and the skies are
umber and bronzed.

(D-61749 appears unaware of any unusual behavior on her part.)

D-61749: There's a person roaming the street. Tall and elegant, but with a smirk on their face. (shakes head confusedly) Looks like, uh, Charlie? Charlie Goldman.2 What are they doing there? Haven't seen them since…two weeks ago, or something. Weren't they —

Dr. █████: Please focus on the topic at hand, D-61749. Do you see anybody else?

D-61749: Uh…no, Doctor. Other than Charlie and the thronging faceless mass of unwashed plebeians, I can't see anybody else.

Dr. █████: Could you describe this crowd, please?

D-61749: Um…there isn't a crowd, Doctor. Just Charlie.

Dr. █████: D-61749, you just claimed there was such a crowd.

D-61749: No…no I didn't, doctor. Doctor, what's going on? I don't-

Dr. █████: Fogginess is a common side effect of the medication you're on, D-61749.3 You needn't worry. Could you describe D-71235's behavior? Do they appear agitated, or confused?

D-61749: To the casual layman's eye they might be, but Charlie Goldman,
better known as Horne Whitehood4, was the single most cruelly dastardous being in the Groblands.

(D-61749 appears disconcerted. Her feet have started to dissolve.)

D-61749: I, uh, didn't mean to say that, Dr. █████. I can't really make out their expression, but they don't really look like they're walking anywhere in particular.

Dr. █████: That's fine, D-61749. What else do you see?

(D-61749 pauses for 2 seconds. She appears concerned. At this point, her entire lower body has dissolved, though D-61749 appears not to have noticed this.)

D-61749: (distressed) Doctor, I can't see it anymore. That was… that was all there is.

Dr. █████: What do you mean?

D-61749: I can't say anymore. He didn't write enough.

Dr. █████: Do you mean Mr. Helkin? Please clarify, D-61749.

D-61749: (unresponsive) He didn't write enough, there isn't anymore. The city's empty and it needs words.
Dr. █████: D-61749, please -

D-61749: But I can't see so I can't give. It aches. It wants more. It's so cold.

(At this point, D-61749's head has dissolved entirely, leaving only her eyes.)

D-61749: He's cold.

D-61749 fully dissolves and stops vocalizing. Interview terminated.

<End Log, ██:██:██>

Closing Statement: Further attempts with D-class personnel to obtain a description of SCP-XXXX-2 have yielded similar results.