SCP XXXX is a Pufferfish with three eyes and may roam (or teleport in this case) around the facility. SCP XXXX is not hostile and any report of aggression must be reported Dr. █████ immediately. Info is scarce about SCP XXXX. SCP XXXX even though
is a fish, does not need to be in water.

SCP XXXX may be studied by Dr. █████. To avoid teleportation it must be in water (info useful for Dr. █████ when studying).

Aggression has only been reported ONCE when it puffed up and stabbed a Class D on purpose. Other reports have only been false alarms.

The latest discovery made by Dr. █████ was SCP XXXX can eject its spikes just like the common misconception with hedgehogs.

Two specimens have only been found and may breed. In adulthood SCP XXXX develops green spots near the eyes. This may be for mating purposes (NOTE: only one has only be found, though more might be found.).