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Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP XXXX is currently contained in Area 31. SCP XXXX is to be kept on a pedestal approximately 1 meter in height within a refrigerated containment unit. The internal temperature of the SCP XXXX's containment unit is to remain below -10°C outside of approved testing scenarios. The temperature of SCP XXXX is to be monitored with thermal imaging equipment at all times. In the event that the temperature of SCP XXXX rises above -5°C, all non D-class personnel are required to leave the area surrounding SCP XXXX's containment unit. Personal handling SCP XXXX are required to use the handling device designed for SCP XXXX, and are not to touch SCP XXXX with their hands.1.

If SCP XXXX-1 manifests outside of approved testing scenarios, personal are to activate the emergency cooling system until proper refrigeration systems are operational. If the emergency cooling system fail during the previously mentioned scenario, then Freezer protocol is to be engaged.

Instances of SCP XXXX-2 are to be terminated on sight if spotted outside of approved testing scenarios. Any such sightings should be immediately reported to Dr. James.

Description: SCP XXXX appears to be a spherical piece of granite that has a diameter of 4cm, and has a mass of 132 grams. SCP XXXX has a ring of obsidian that extends 5mm out from the main of SCP XXXX. SCP XXXX can absorb energy from its surroundings, and converts that energy into thermal energy to raise the temperature of SCP XXXX. When the temperature of SCP XXXX is above 0°C a humanoid entity referred to as SCP XXXX-1 will manifest within the next 10 seconds. SCP XXXX-1 will manifest no further than 10 meters from SCP XXXX.

SCP XXXX-1 is hostile towards animal and human life. When SCP XXXX-1 comes in contact with an animal or human subject living or deceased the subject will be turned into an instance of SCP XXXX-2.

Descriptions of SCP XXXX-1 vary between viewings and the individuals who are viewing SCP XXXX-1. SCP XXXX-1 is always described as being a human with pitch black skin, hair, and clothes. Other qualities such as build, gender, height, and so on vary between viewings of SCP-XXXX-1. This quality also effects images and videos of SCP XXXX-1.2 Editing videos or images that contain SCP XXXX-1 will result in SCP XXXX-1 disappearing from the image/video entirely, regardless of the manner in which it was edited.

The eyes of SCP XXXX-1 are described as white, glowing, and having no pupil or iris. SCP XXXX-1 hovers approximately 20cm off the ground and can move at speeds in excess of 10m/s. SCP XXXX-1 is capable of passing through solid objects regardless of composition or thickness of the material. SCP XXXX-1 is either unwilling or can't move more than 30 meters away from SCP XXXX. SCP XXXX-1 cannot be harmed by physical means, as all objects just pass though it. It is believed that SCP XXXX-1 is sentient. Most attempts to communicate with SCP XXXX-1 have been considered failures. It is believed that SCP XXXX-1 is incapable of speech.

SCP XXXX-2 refers to entities created when SCP XXXX-1 comes in contact with a human or an animal. Individual instances of SCP XXXX-2 can vary greatly but always appear pitch black in colour. The eyes of SCP XXXX-2 are purely white except for a small black pupil. sustained fire with conventional firearms has proven sufficient to terminate instances of SCP XXXX-2. termination of an instance of SCP XXXX-2 will result in the entity turning into a viscous black liquid. The black liquid is mildly acidic, and decomposes into carbon-dioxide and water over a period of three days.

Individual instances of SCP XXXX-2 can vary greatly in many different ways, including but not limited to: size, number of limbs, types of limbs, number of eyes, shape, and behavior. Instances of SCP XXXX-2 are normally hostile towards human and animal life, and will try to prevent organisms from approaching SCP-XXXX. Instances of SCP XXXX-2 have shown to have the capability to tunnel through steel in thicknesses in excess of 20cm if given enough time. It is possible for an instance of SCP XXXX-2 to move and/or carry SCP XXXX. If the temperature of SCP XXXX goes below 0°C then all instances of SCP XXXX-2 will expire.


All interview logs that revealed no new information about SCP XXXX-1 were removed.