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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Keter Safe

Special Containment Procedures:

A single surveillance camera with motion sensing capabilities is to monitor SCP-XXXX at all times. In the event SCP-XXXX becomes active, a report detailing the circumstances is to be submitted to O5 command as soon as possible.

Description: SCP-XXXX is the designation given to the group of 6 autonomous construction vehicles. These vehicles are individually designated SCP-XXXX-1 through SCP-XXXX-6 respectively, and have been anomalously modified to make them more effective at their respective tasks, and are extremely resistant to physical damage.

SCP-XXXX-1 is a front loader with extensive modifications to its wheels, loader lift arm, bucket, and hydraulic systems. Because of this SCP-XXXX-1 is able to traverse terrain that would be too extreme for a regular front loader. While in an active state SCP-XXXX-1 will dig foundations for SCP-XXXX/S, and load the removed terrain into SCP-XXXX-6.

SCP-XXXX-2 is a hydraulic excavator. The performance of SCP-XXXX-2 suggests that modifications have been made to its treads, boom, arm, bucket, and hydraulic systems. Despite using treads SCP-XXXX-2 is able to move at the same speed as the rest of SCP-XXXX. During an active state SCP-XXXX-2 will dig molds for SCP-XXXX-3.

SCP-XXXX-3 appears to have been a concrete mixer truck. The mixing drum on SCP-XXXX-3 has been replaced by a device capable of producing a wide variety of chemicals by currently unknown means. During an active state SCP-XXXX-3 will pour unknown chemicals into molds created by SCP-XXXX-2, to create components for SCP-XXXX/S.

SCP-XXXX-4 is a mobile hydraulic crane. The winch and hook system has been replaced by device capable of projecting energy beams to move objects. SCP-XXXX-4 possesses the ability to strengthen the ground beneath it. During an active state SCP-XXXX-4 will take completed components of SCP-XXXX/S and assemble them.

SCP-XXXX-5 appears to have been crawler bulldozer. The blade and all mechanisms related to it have been replaced by a device capable of projecting cold plasma, taking the shape of the blade. Despite using treads, SCP-XXXX-5 is able to move at the same speed as the rest of SCP-XXXX. During an active state SCP-XXXX-5 will level the area in which SCP-XXXX/S will be built.

SCP-XXXX-6 is a monster dump truck. The only observed modification to SCP-XXXX-6 appears to be the replacement of the standard hydraulic tipper with a far more advanced mechanism. During an active state SCP-XXXX-6 will create solid components of SCP-XXXX/S, which it places in molds made by SCP-XXXX-2. These components can range from complex electrical systems, to steel rebar.

When SCP-XXXX is in an active state it will build (a) structure(s) referred to as SCP-XXXX/S. SCP-XXXX uses microwave transmitter and receivers in order to communicate with each other. The presence of light has been proven to reduce the productivity of SCP-XXXX. While in its active state SCP-XXXX is unable to detect human life, making the area around SCP-XXXX a hazard zone. See addendum SCP-XXXX-C for a full list of SCP-XXXX/S instances.

A relocation event occurs when SCP-XXXX finishes construction of SCP-XXXX/S. Before a relocation event occurs, SCP-XXXX will transmit a message across all Foundation radio channels, these messages are in the addendum of their respective instance of SCP-XXXX/S. During a relocation event SCP-XXXX will move towards the nearest road. Upon reaching a road SCP-XXXX will enter a single file formation. The formation will always have SCP-XXXX-1, SCP-XXXX-2, SCP-XXXX-3, SCP-XXXX-4, SCP-XXXX-5, and SCP-XXXX-6 in the rear. SCP-XXXX does not obey any traffic laws and will drive at speeds in excess of 100 km/h.


Addendum SCP-XXXX A: Archived

Addendum SCP-XXXX B: Archived

Addendum SCP-XXXX C: Archived

All instances of SCP-XXXX/S as of 01/06/2019

the entrance to SCP-XXXX/S-1

Item #: SCP-XXXX/S-1

Object Class: Euclid Neutalized

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-XXXX/S-1 ceased to function on 17/08/2018 and was deemed to have been neutralized.

Description: SCP-XXXX/S-1 is a large underground structure that contains an extremely complex computer system. SCP-XXXX/S-1 can access information stored on any computer on earth. SCP-XXXX/S-1 can completely ignore cyber security systems, making access to Foundation files possible.

The data banks of SCP-XXXX/S-1 can be accessed from a terminal located in the center of the uppermost floor. A green button labeled auto-info is positioned to the right of a keyboard and mouse. Attempts to use the keyboard and mouse for anything other than navigation of pages has failed. When pressed, the auto-info button will give the user information based on currently unknown criteria.


Testing logs

Test SCP-XXXX/S-1 1
Subject: D-10345
Procedure: subject was to press the auto-info button and document the results.
Results: D-10345 was provided digital copy of the standard guide book from GOI-██ regarding the existence of cognitohazards.
Analysis: The reason for SCP-XXXX/S-1 providing this information in unknown.

Test SCP-XXXX/S-1 2
Subject: D-10346
Procedure: the subject was instructed to request information regarding SCP-XXXX.
Results: D-10346 was provided a standard guide on Foundation security protocols. Which D-10346 used to escape Foundation operatives. D-10346's whereabouts are currently unknown.
Analysis: D-10346 was due to be terminated at the end of the month. This is believed to be the reason that SCP-XXXX/S-1 provided the aforementioned information.

Message From SCP-XXXX

Hello esteemed members of the Foundation.

I am here to help you with your endless quest against the darkness.

My creations will serve to keep the fire of humanity from being snuffed out.

This one will serve to give you any information that you may require.

Now I must go and create some more.

Notes: SCP-XXXX seemed to be aware of the Foundation before it was discovered. The Information Committee was called in to figure out how SCP-XXXX knew about the Foundation.

Addendum SCP-XXXX D:

  • 17/08/2018, SCP-XXXX relayed the following message on all Foundation radio channels, before it became inactive.

I am sorry for the low quality of my creations.

I will make it so you don't have to worry about them anymore.

Just leave me here, and I won't be a burden on you again.

I am sorry that I am not skilled enough to help you.

I am sorry that I couldn't see my mission through.

-A very sorry Keter Class SCP.

  • 18/08/2018 an examination of all instance of SCP-XXXX/S determined that they no longer possessed any anomalous properties, and were deemed to have been neutralized.
  • 19/08/2018 MTF Eta-19 was officially disbanded.
  • 20/08/2018 it was discovered that SCP-XXXX's head lights will occasionally activate, then deactivate 10 seconds later. Testing revealed that SCP-XXXX is still extremely resistant to physical damage.