A totally harmless packet of coffe...



SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCCEDURES:The scp(now referred to as "the object")is to be kept in high value artefact storage locker:■ at site:■■ access is to be restricted to personnel with level 4 clearance and 05 approval is required for any and all testing,personnel found either trying to gain access or carry out testing without required clearance or approval are to be either terminated or demoted to 'D' class.
DESCRIPTION:the object appears to be a packet of instant coffe with the label bearing the phrase "Are we cool yet?" The object posses the memetic effect of giving any human(now referred to as"the subject") withing a 30 metre radius,an intense craving for caffeine that isn't met with any other source of caffeine other than the object.while under the objects memetic effect the subject will be "drawn" to the location of the object regardless of them being aware or unaware of it's location.When the subject reaches the object,an unlabeled ceramic mug along with warm water and a mixing apparatus(spoon) will appear to the subject who will then prepare the coffe.if successful the will then attempt to consume it.Due to some volume anomaly the amount of liquid never decreases as such the subject will expire either by asphyxiation or internal hemmorahaging.following this the cup will begin propelling coffe at incredibly high speed and flow rate the speeds range from 1450km/h to (DATA EXPUNGED) and a flow rate of 2.14793 E+ 6 has been recorded and higher rates are impossible to record with current equipment.todate only the destruction of the cup has ended these events chapter which the object appears again in its previous location.to date the object has breached all materials with the exception Scp:148.As such the object poses the risk of an XK class end of the world scenario and is capable of flodding the earth within (DATA EXPUNGED) days of breach.

Addendum A1

Testing has indicated the cup to be non-anomalus in composition and can be broken with minor force but it is immune to any damage causes by propelling liquid,how it does this is still unknown.

Addendum A2

The object was first recovered at a dormatory room at ■■■college in■■■,Washington state.Embedded foundation agents in law enforcements were alerted of a possibly anomaly when repirts were filed of 55 casualties in the aforementioned dormatory room after it was flooded with coffe.The only survivor Anthony■■■■ was apprehended and interviewed.

Addendum A2:Interview