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#Item: SCP-■■■

Object class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures:
SCP-■■■ is to be contained in a 8 x 4 meter room equipped with high-Tech real-time sound recording devices. [sand muffles footsteps] SCP-■■■ is contained at Site-17. Equipping the room with cameras in not necessary because SCP-■■■ has no physical body and cannot be seen so the usual camera system in not implemented. The usual camera-system is implemented for safety reasons.

NOTE: - Equipping the room with electric sensors has been done once but it deemed unsuccessful and the sensors have been removed since. - SCP-■■■'s cage's floor has been scattered down with a thick layer of sand as a safety measure as SCP-■■■'s footsteps can be seen in it.
The electric sensors have been reinstalled so SCP-■■■'s footsteps could be seen by the guard decreasing the chances for it to escape unnoticed as in Test-■■■a.[The reason why they used sand instead of pressure plates is that SCP-■■■'s containment and re-containment took a lot of money by now. "Because SCP-■■■'s anomalous activities are no harm for humans there is no need to waste even more money on it! " -Site Director ]

The guarding person must ask SCP-■■■ [And SCP-■■■-1] to walk a full circle around its room if he/she detects no signs of movement for at least 30 minutes. If SCP-■■■ doesn't respond at all, the guarding person must report it to the facility's security agent and execute a full lockdown of the Unit.

For testing purposes only Level 2 or bigger clearance level personnel are allowed to enter SCP-■■■'s chamber. If not for testing facility members only with a Level 4 clearance are allowed into SCP-■■■'s cell. The entering of SCP-■■■'s containment cell by anyone must be supervised by at least one (1) securiy member. Only Class-D or lower personnel are allowed into SCP-■■■'s cell and only for testing. Other than that, No one is allowed to enter its containment cell.

SCP-■■■-1 is a former D-Class [D-4790] who has been 'transormed' by SCP-■■■ [unintentionally].
SCP-■■■-1 is contained in one cell with SCP-■■■, mostly because we cannot distinguish them from each other and because they [The Facility's Security Department's Council] decided it would be safer this way.
[SCP-■■■-1 might serve as a 'friend' to SCP-■■■ to keep it sane, as SCP-■■■ is a human as well with a great chance, so they haven't been separated since the accident. ]

SCP-■■■ or as called by foundation personnell the 'The footsteps' is an invisible entity that can only come in contact with inanimate, non-organic objects.For humans SCP-■■■ is intangible, untouchable and invisible.
It can only be located by the footsteps it makes and somerimes some 'flying objests' [SCP-■■■ is able to pick up things, but as it is invisible, these objects appear to be flying] making SCP-■■■ ludicrously hard to catch and/or  to contain. It's steps resemble footsteps by a pair of shoes. [ Description also applies to SCP-■■■-1]

SCP-■■■ possesses no harmful activities to foundation members. In theory it is peaceful.[Even though it can't speak it can still communicate with writing, typing or any other communicative way that can be executed with knocking or stomping or even Morse code]. SCP-■■■ is very dangerous to humans. Site personnel must try to not show fear in the vicinity of the SCP.

This entity's deadliest anomalous effect was found out accidentaly in Test-#■■■-B [And Test-A attachment's logs].If a person shows any signs of fear nearby SCP-■■■ that person will start to see 'hallucinations' of unknown entities "watching him" [They are usually not in direct line of sight and/or behind the person] as the person's fear grows, the closer these entities will get. When these creatures are close enough, they will try to take him away to the place where SCP-■■■ [and SCP-■■■-1] is. We do not know what happens there but we know its not pleasant. As much as we know, there is no way back to this world from there.


Addendum-A consist of 2 (two) tests that has been done to find a way to communicate effectively with SCP-■■■. Because of the accident that happened in Test-#■■■-A Dr.C■■■■■■ was suspended from working on Euclid or Keter SCPs .They found out that SCP-■■■ has very dangerous properties for humans and it should never come in contact with people.


Date: 201■-04-■■, 6:18 PM
Test operator and supervisor: Dr.C■■■■■■
Subject: SCP-■■■
Test information: The test was done to understand the intelligence and communicative abilities of SCP-■■■

Voice Log-#■■■-1:

Off-Recording log

6:23 PM: While Dr.C■■■■■■ was opening the door SCP-■■■ escaped containment unnoticed. -
6:29 PM: Dr.C■■■■■■ reported the absence of SCP-■■■ from the testing cell to the Security Agent.
6:36 PM: Because not much was known about the behavior of SCP-■■■ they decided to call Special Re-Containment Forces.
8:07 PM: The Special Units found SCP-■■■ walking around in the canteen pushing bottles and plates around.
9:09 PM: After several failed Re-Containment attempts, SCP-■■■ was successfully contained.

Test Report

— Because the subject escaped mid-testing Dr.C■■■■■■ couldn't draw a reasonable conclusion other than SCP-■■■ is capable of writing, reading and interacting with inanimate objects.
— SCP-■■■ escaped containment and it is true that it couldn't have been possible without human negligence, but the Foundation still agreed that SCP-■■■ needs better containment measures.



Date: 201■-04-■■
Test operator:Dr.C■■■■■■
Test supervisor:J.H■■■■■ security personnel
Subject: SCP-■■■
Test information: SCP-■■■ was given a typewriter to make communication easier. A pair of cameras [2] were installed for the duration of the test.

Voice Log-#■■■-2:


— SCP-■■■ seems to be quite friendly, but it's still very dangerous. It shall Never come in contact with any humans ever again.
— It seems like SCP-■■■ transmuted D-4790 and now the D-Class has officially became SCP-■■■-1.
— The test concluded that if you show any signs of fear near SCP-■■■ you will start to see these unknown entities emmited2 by the SCP. A new dangerous aspect of SCP-■■■ has been noted: If one fears SCP-■■■ he/she will become [only if those entities actually get him/her] SCP-■■■-n+1.