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An image taken of SCP-XXXX prior to containment. Photo quality significantly lowered by passively emitted radiation.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be kept in a containment cell measuring eight (8) meters in height fully surrounded by a 0.4 meter barrier of lead. The single radiation-shielding door into the containment area is to be sealed with no more than two (2) cubic micrometers of air between any of the door's sides at any time. The observation chamber is to be constructed of lead and radiation shielding glass.

A microwave receiver within the containment area is to be connected to the observation room's computer system. No other observation equipment is to be present inside the cell at any given time. At least two (2) ultraviolet floodlight are to be present in the observation room at all times. These lights are only to be used in the event of a containment breach.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a six (6) meter somewhat humanoid figure composed of several long worm-like objects which coil to form the entity's body. The entity does not seem capable of complex thought. Each object composing SCP-XXXX is about 0.5 meters in diameter. Most of these objects curve inward until stopping in a sharp cone-like shape. These ends are mostly located at the feet, hands and head of the entity, but are also occasionally located along its limbs.

The head of the entity is mostly composed of the endings of the aforementioned objects, which when closed are indistinguishable from a rounded surface. However, these ends seem to act as a mouth for the entity, and when opened showcase a very unsymmetrical array of spikes. The opening of this "mouth" appears to be followed by a powerful blast of gamma radiation. The lethal effects of this blast are noticeably faster acting than traditional radiation poisoning. In addition to this, the entity passively emits much weaker waves of radiation. Although these are rarely lethal, this radiation distorts or otherwise lowers the quality of any electronic image, be it an image or a video recording, to the point where, although the general shape remains intact, most details are lost and therefore impossible to record with anything other than artistic interpretations. Any audio recordings, however, are not effected.

The most interesting feature of the entity's form is the presence of a long, purple object of otherwise similar appearance to the rest of the objects composing entity's body. The object is found within the entity's "mouth" and serves a currently unknown purpose. The object appears to be a proboscis-like tongue, which is used to inject lethal alpha particles into potential victims. It is also believed that this object suffices as an "organ" for generating the entity's other radioactive properties. See Addendum XXXX-C. In spite of all of this, SCP-XXXX does not actively attempt to use these abilities to breach containment or cause harm. See Addendum XXXX-A.

SCP-XXXX is also capable of shifting from a solid to a liquid or gaseous state despite no detected changes in temperature or pressure. The mechanisms that allow this are currently unknown. See Addendum XXXX-A for more details.

Following the containment breach on ██-██-20██, it was revealed that SCP-XXXX is capable of communication through microwaves. See Addendum XXXX-B

Addendum XXXX-A: On ██-██-20██, SCP-XXXX was reportedly not present in its containment cell. When on-site guards were sent into the containment chamber to investigate possible means of escape, SCP-XXXX materialized behind the unit and proceeded to release a burst of gamma radiation, killing the entire unit near instantly. It then proceeded to exit the containment chamber, walking noticeably slower than it's morphology would deem it capable of. Despite its slow speed, it managed to kill ██ personnel with its gamma ray bursts. SCP-XXXX then shifted into a gaseous state and attempted to exit the facility using the ventilation system. However, upon escaping the facility, SCP-XXXX raised it hands to cover its face, presumably because it had been damaged in some way by the sun's light, and returned indoors. It was determined that SCP-XXXX is highly sensitive to ultraviolet light, where even small doses seem to either cause it great pain or heavily disrupt its cognitive processes. It was then confronted with a high-power UV floodlight and was forced back into containment.

Other than the original unit, no bodies of any of SCP-XXXX's victims were recovered. It is believed that this is because SCP-XXXX is capable of "consuming" or otherwise removing matter. It is unknown at this time if this consumed matter is used to fuel SCP-XXXX's seemingly infinite supply of radiation or if the matter is simply deleted or stored in some unseen region, such as a pocket dimension.

After this event, SCP-XXXX sat completely motionless in the center of its containment for three (3) days. After this period, SCP-XXXX attempted communication through microwaves. See Addendum XXXX-B.

Approximately one (1) month after this event, SCP-XXXX attempted to breach containment again, this time by breaking itself down to each individual atom and phasing through the wall. However, by use of UV lights it was quickly re-contained without incident.

Addendum XXXX-C: After SCP-XXXX's first breach, agent C█████, a member of the unit who originally contained SCP-XXXX, reported that he and his unit had initially encountered SCP-XXXX in a child's bedroom in ██████ where it had reportedly [DATA EXPUNGED]. This information better outlined what had happened in the recorded logs, which previously were difficult to interpret due to the visual distortions. The audio logs of this event were subsequently recovered. These logs can be found in Addendum XXXX-D.

Addendum XXXX-D