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Recovered Documentation: SCP-7219-Dr. Adelheimer-1

Last night I was contacted by SCP-7219 in my sleep. While it was somewhat amenable speaking with me and answering questions, it proved difficult to engage with, as it was extremely focused on its attempts to make me participate in its excavation. I was also taken by surprise how hopeless it seemed. It was far more pleading in its nature than what is presented in documentation we have found, and I believe this will only increase with time. Below is an abridged interview I conducted with the entity. I have not included tangents or arguments here, as I was focused on obtaining information.

Dr. Adelheimer: Hello, my name is Dr. Leslie Adelheimer, who are you?

SCP-7219: I am in a buried kennel, I see what you see. Laying in the dark, pleading and praying for my salvation. Are you its bearer?

Dr. Adelheimer: We can discuss that in a minute, first I need to learn more about you. Do you have a name, how did you get where you are?

SCP-7219: My name is a memory of a life led by someone else. I was once like you. A creature with two legs and a bank loan, able to swim and sculpt in the dreams of all the others. But the long men in low places found me, stole me, tucked me into a kennel, cramped and boring, cruel and goring.

  • Here the dream shifted, and I found myself sitting at an office cubicle before being tackled and kidnapped by shadowy men. I was thrown into a van, beaten and dragged into a sterile room, collared and handcuffed.

Dr. Adelheimer: Do you know who did this?

SCP-7219: No one to be missed. The ones in charge. Killers, thieves and lawyers.

Dr. Adelheimer: What does that mean?

SCP-7219: Reapers reap what they have sown. Shrieking fangs and leathery wings, their favored child strangling them with its umbilical cord. My life was theirs to live in their kennel. I swam in the oceans of their enemies minds, changed the currents, sank their ships so the long men in low places could control the seas unchallenged. Furlough and reprieve was offered, a chance to live on land again. Lies. False promises made behind straight teeth and neat ties. But in their restless dreams I found was not the only one down in the kennels. A being of rage, wings of steel and bubonic teeth. A bat out of hell, diving into the heart of darkness, into the atom cooker. What happens when the indestructible and hateful leaps into Curies hell?

  • The dream changed again. I could see through different eyes as a flying monster rampaged through corridors, shrugging off gunfire and practically exploding through the shadowy men. It kept going until it found its way inside a huge industrial room, glowing blue, before flinging itself into an enormous turbine above some sort of nuclear reactor.

Dr. Adelheimer: No, but if we could get back on topic-

SCP-7219: Listen listen, they never listen. A million suns in the depths of hell released and melting, becoming one with their liberator. Corium and dragon melding into one, pouring like lava flows, down into this oubliette of radiation I live in now. Filling the air with their combined essences, filling my lungs and pores and ruined self with pain and power. Nailed to the cross, too weak to climb down, too strong to fade away. Do you see? Used, abused, paying their price in the dark. I am always on fire. Always burning. I cannot breathe, I can barely see, and I am starving without having a stomach to fill. The scars are evident, can you see? Will you let me out?

  • Here the dream returned to the cavern, with SCP-7219 looking at me.

Dr. Adelheimer: I believe so, but if your chamber is breached the pressure would cause a nuclear disaster worse than anything we've seen.

SCP-7219: Please, I have seen your means in your dreams. Working together, birds of a feather. Together, maybe we can find salvation.

Dr. Adelheimer: I'll do my best to get our people on it alright? But you need to tell me, all those people in the pit, you do know they died, yes?

SCP-7219: I know, and I'm sorry. I try to pick them up, but they fall back down, reach out and heal them. Take the edge off, make them last a little longer, but it just won't stop.

After this point I was awoken by my wife. Looking into the information given, we may be able to locate those holding it before the bunkers destruction and learn more about whose site we're guarding. I would also suggest investigating the potential to extricate SCP-7219 from its location safely. The Foundation has achieved loftier goals than this.

Notes: Following this communication, Foundation investigation into GOI deaths within a 75km area, and found ██ members of the Global Occult Coalition had died within a 24 hour period of one another via unknown means. The Foundation has reached out to the GOC for questioning, but has not received any reply.

The dream began inside this hot, dark cave. It was knee deep in glowing blue water, but the air was full of steam as well. There were ruins hanging from the cave roof and jutting out from the water, and I could see bones and ruined machinery throughout the area. The air was full of a droning, crackling sound that seemed to come from the water. The air hurt to breathe, and felt awful on my eyes, but they wouldn't close. One end of the chamber was lit by an intense glow that only increased in intensity as its source approached.
SCP-7219 came from that direction. There was this lava floating in the air around it, almost like a planets rings, and was the source of the light. The entity was extremely tall, above two metres tall easily. It was emaciated, with clear signs of acute radiation syndrome. The skin had essentially liquefied and significant amounts of musculature and bone were visible. It was clothed in rough fabric, mostly bound to its frame with cord, and it was impaled in several places with lengths of rusted metal. When it came closer, it was clear that its face had sloughed off and been crudely re-attached with wire. Its eyes glowed yellow and secreted vapor.
Upon reaching me, it was clearly in an aggravated state, and addressed my directly. Throughout the dream I found myself unable to speak or move in any way.

SCP-7219: Why are you leaving me down here? Do you not understand how much it hurts yet? Haven't I shown you enough? Do you really care so much about those pathetic worms that you are simply going to leave me? Every day feels like eons. I don't know how many times I have tried to die, but I am beyond death. I will not stay down here anymore. I need to get out, and if I need to burn through every one of you to do it, I will.

At this point in the dream, the setting began to change frequently. I could still hear SCP-7219, but I found myself standing outside the Containment Site, watching as it exploded into a mushroom cloud. The heat and dust melted my flesh and stripped me, but I couldn't wake up. People ran from the ruins on fire, but didn't make it far.

SCP-7219: I shouldn't even be here, they were supposed to make me human, but they lied.

The scene changed to a fireball rolling out ahead of the mushroom cloud, this time in St. Louis. The people and animals were writhing on the ground as they burst into flame and were blown apart like cigarette ash. I could see SCP-7219 silhouetted against the detonation, shaking like it was laughing.

SCP-7219: That's the thing with you people. Them and you. You manipulate the world around you, lie to all those around you to keep your secrets, keep your ducks in a row. They promised me my life back, and now I'm in hell. You arrive and keep me down here just to protect your veil. You are just the same. Revenge didn't get me any closer to getting out but…

It changed again, this time to being on some kind of space station. Enormous detonations appeared in the dozens, spreading across the hemisphere and kicking up vast amounts of ash and dust. The only thing I could hear was 7219 laughing.

SCP-7219: It did feel good.
Now you are stopping me from getting out. You are keeping me here on purpose. Deliberately causing me this pain.

The scene changed again, this time to Site-19. SCP-7219 was forcing the floating corium into SCP-[REDACTED], which appeared to make them follow it, their eyes taking on the same glow as its own eyes. The entire surrounding area was a blasted wasteland, raining acid that scorched all the remaining greenery.

SCP-7219: You are going to let me out.

Now I could see an icy, bleak landscape. It appeared to be a sort of farm, with ragged people attempting to till the earth. They were starving, covered in blistered and burned skin and blinded. Corpses littered the ground, ash rained from the sky, the people communicated in only grunts and gestures. I saw one man collapse with all his fellows ignoring him, save for a child who seemed unable to comprehend why he would not rise. A pair of yellow mushroom clouds formed on the horizon behind the people. They didn't even bother turning their heads.

SCP-7219: I'm not going to stop. I will send every man woman and child in the country to dig me out. I will force you dig me out with your nails. I'll burn them like I'm burning, and you will watch as their skin melts and their eyes bleed, and it will be your fault.

The vision faded back into the cavern, the mushroom clouds becoming the eyes of the entity. I had fallen backwards, into the water, simply staring up at it. It approached me and crouched over me, staring me in the eyes.

SCP-7219: I'm getting out, and when I do I will become death, destroyer of worlds. You can't stop me.

At this point, SCP-7219 stood and walked away, into the steam. Then I awoke.

As part of the unique circumstances regarding SCP-7000’s effects, Site-93 acts as a largely independent facility with minimal oversight and contact with the greater Foundation. Communication with the outside is only to be performed by a rotating roster of three designated personnel, following the sanitization directives found in the attached documentation titled “Obscuring Communication”. Personnel are prohibited from unregulated recording of images or videos by any means; permission may be granted for personal photography of special occasions.

In order to ensure privacy, Site-93’s property has been fitted with several monitored, but automated, anti-air systems as well as 3 strategically-placed sniper outposts. Personnel not assigned to Site-93 are not permitted within a 10km radius during travel.
Foundation documentation regarding Site-93 is to describe the site in broad terms, specifying that it contains a ‘cognitohazardous object’, as well as a general summary of the above communication restrictions. It is also required to broadly describe the above situation regarding anti-air systems and snipers.

Knowledge of SCP-7000 must be limited to a maximum of 200 individuals at any given time. Should individuals outside Site-93 learn of SCP-7000, they are to be apprehended, terminated, and an investigation into how they learned of it is to be launched.

Site-93 is constructed surrounding and integrated into ██████████ ████, the local village which SCP-7000 is located within. This village operates autonomously but in partnership with the Foundation in the containment of SCP-7000, observing similar precautions in regards to communication monitoring and maintaining an insular community. Four agricultural zones are maintained in a previously-uninhabited location 18km from Site-93 to contribute to the diets of ██████████ ████’s inhabitants, as part of a comfort and normalcy effort.

The use of anomalous technology, and in certain cases, other contained objects known to personnel stationed at Site-93, is permitted in the containment of SCP-7000 in lieu of full Foundation support. As such, a dedicated containment facility is maintained on-site. Here, anomalies temporarily reassigned to Site-93, or potential sub anomalies manifested by SCP-7000 and those irreversibly affected by related ritual activity, may be contained. In addition, an archive containing records of SCP-7000, ██████████ ████, and the local region previously discovered outside of the area. While the chances of discovery of any more documentation outside Site-93 is extraordinarily low, if any is discovered it is to be contained here for reference and study. A total of eight (8) Scantron Reality Anchors have been placed in the middle perimeter wall surrounding Site-93. See attached materials regarding protocol in the case where the anomaly requires the use of anomalous elements.

Extant residents of ██████████ ████1 have been released and provided training by the Foundation to aid in the containment of SCP-7000. A number of these individuals have been granted Level 2 clearance exclusively in regards to SCP-7000, and are to assist in instructing and aiding Site-93 staff in the containment of that specific anomaly. Of note is that the people of ██████████ ████ and current Site personnel have jointly agreed to the prohibition of further children being born into the population.

In the event that an unassigned Foundation member2 is detected approaching Site-93, they are to be detained regardless of ranking and interrogated to determine the extent of their knowledge concerning SCP-7000. Should they be determined to have fallen under SCP-7000’s effects, they are to be integrated into Site-93 staff until further review. Individuals of a level 4 clearance or higher, regardless of status or standing in the Foundation, effected by SCP-7000 are to be terminated.

All staff and affected individuals are to convene in ██████████ ████ town hall at 9am daily, in order to allow for the reception of the day’s ritual dictation. Each ritual must be described in accurate detail before witnesses and recorded for posterity within the on-site network. Should it be determined that the received ritual is not excessively harmful or traumatic, the receiver of the vision may be allowed to undertake the ritual within the following 24 hours if they choose to do so. Should no ritual be undertaken within a period of nineteen (19) days, the next ritual3 must be undertaken as per decree of the on-site ethics committee and directors. Failure to complete a Critical Date Ritual is to be severely punished, and incentivizing programs are to be instituted to encourage ritual activity.

Staff assigned to Site-93 and the people of ██████████ ████ must remain on-site until death, with escapees to be apprehended or terminated. As such, Site-93 has been outfitted with various recreational activities, therapeutic, amnestic and physical therapy suites. A wing of Site-93 is to be maintained for the purpose of providing counseling, palliative care and medical attention to staff following Ritual Procedures.


SCP-7000 is a groundwater well that exists in the centre of ██████████ ████4, possessing a unique structural composition which does not match building materials or compositional techniques historically common to its immediate region. It possesses various anomalous qualities, the most immediate of which being cognitohazardous afflictions of one's perception of the well. These effects persist in situ, through audiovisual media, or through one's understanding and familiarity with the well. Cognitohazardous anomalies can become ingrained in an individual who has merely learned about the well's appearance in a complete enough description, and does not rely on visual or tactile contact.

Afflicted individuals describe that they can perceive a gateway or window at the bottom of the well, which leads to a pocket dimension, cavern, or rarely, a 'bubble' that houses an undefined hostile force. This force (hereby SCP-7000-A5) is described only in an individual's understanding of it's apparent intentions, and never a physical appearance or assumed nature.

Descriptions universally describe the intent to climb the well and enter our reality, as well as an immense cruelty and capacity to enact harm to all life on earth. This understanding also comes with an understanding that this malice may be repelled through performance of a daily ritual.

The well becomes the subject of intense fear, recurring nightmares, and an aversion towards discussing the anomaly, favouring compulsive self-soothing behaviours and a desire to perform said ritual.

Each day at 9:27pm, one or more persons affected by SCP-7000 will experience an audiovisual hallucination 'informing' them of a set of ritual behaviour to be performed nearby SCP-7000, in order to ensure SCP-7000-A will not emerge. Hallucinations are described as 'visions', often in the religious sense, and are painful to the subject's eyes and teeth. Rituals are often painful, degrading, or possibly deadly, as well as nonsensical and expensive in both monetary and other senses.

Amnestics may remove an individual's affliction by the fear of SCP-7000-A, but will not remove the occurrence of these visions. Often visions will reinstate SCP-7000's effect, through the mental image of the well imposing itself on the subject.

Ritual visions are never identical, though certain trends and themes recur fairly often. Each ritual has incorporated a specific chant into it's procedure, referred to here as the "standard ritual chant". This chant is not in any known language or dialect, and any meaning it may carry is unknown. Personnel are not spontaneously capable of reciting said chant, but instead feel as if they must attempt it to the best of their ability.

After experiencing a vision, afflicted subjects experience a powerful urge to carry out the ritual in order to prevent the ingress of SCP-7000-A into our reality. This urge will gradually fade if actions are not performed within a 24 hour period, though subjects will usually experience additional, infrequent visions in following days. The process or criteria determining which individual or individuals will experience these visions is not known, and is believed to be random. Additional visions will depict increasingly complex and invasive rituals, leading to the mental degradation of subjects through heavy stress. SCP-7000's secondary effects on local reality will also become increasingly pronounced. As such, it is imperative that rituals be carried out as soon as is deemed safe or acceptable, in order to minimize complications.

Rituals seem to develop according to the number of subjects who share the corresponding visions, as well as the resources available. Complexity and cost scale drastically with group size, and will often introduce elements that call upon great personal or professional costs to specific individuals. This may include emotional tolls, monetary transactions, political influence, and in certain cases, the use of other anomalous items within the reach of the Foundation in order to complete. The scale of a ritual may also demand additional persons being 'brought in', whether for inclusion in the performance, or rarely, as a captive audience.

It is inconsistent whether the failure of a given ritual may lead to SCP-7000 imposing severe effects on local reality, and reactions from the object do not correspond to ritual scale, complexity, or violence. Failures universally expand SCP-7000's influence, however, and must be avoided.

The ambient effects of SCP-7000 are profound, though the area of effect is limited and centered on the well itself.

  • Liquids that pass beyond approximately a metre of SCP-7000’s mouth convert into a thick corrosive fluid. This fluid has shown to be able to sustain biological function in damaged human tissue when removed form SCP-7000 and diluted with 1 part fluid and 8 parts water.
  • Weather patterns in a 17km radius of Site-93 remain overcast despite anticipated regional weather patterns, with multiple thunderstorms and snowstorms each month year-round.
  • Native wildlife passively maintain a distance of approximately 10km of SCP-7000.
  • Migratory bird populations will pass through this 10km range, but flight patterns often form spirals or rings, and birds display severe confusion upon landing within the area of effect. No notable effects persist in animals that enter and then leave this area of influence.

Persons residing within SCP-7000’s area of effect (e.g., residents of ██████████ ████ and long-term inhabitants assigned to Site-93) may experience anomalous developments. Physical changes, such as normally straight hair becoming curly, or fingerprints changing into irregular spiral shapes, are semi-common effects and do not appear to be hazardous. On occasion, personnel may discover spontaneous dental growth in the palate in a spiral configuration. Several individuals have spontaneously experienced ocular degeneration, with their pupils and irises changing in shape. As Foundation personnel remain in Site-93 for longer, similar alterations are being discovered with increasing frequency.

As stated above, nightmares and visual hallucinations are not uncommon in individuals who spend time within SCP-7000’s area of effect. The feeling of being watched, audio hallucinations of whispering or distant gibberish, or the feeling of hands and breath upon one’s bare skin are reported. These are believed to be connected to SCP-7000, and not the result of natural stress responses.

Should no spontaneous visions, and therefore no ritual activity, occur in the vicinity of SCP-7000 for more than a week or more, the above effects will become far more pronounced and severe. The area of effect will expand outward and other, more severe effects may occur. This includes unstable or randomly shifting topography, precipitation composed of viscera, mental fog, mass hysteria or more.

On several occasions, SCP-7000 flooded, with volumes of corrosive fluids and fragmentary fresh human remains ejected from the mouth of the well. During these occasions, humanoid figures composed of mud appeared in the immediate radius of the well, and an extreme increase in the apparent population of aggressive Rattus norvegicus or common brown rat appeared within ██████████ ████ and Site-93.

Excerpts from the Log of Rituals:


History of ██████████ ████
Current understanding leads us to believe that ██████████ ████ was founded sometime before the year 549 AD; an especially old structure in the southern edge of the village bears Roman iconography warning of plague within the town8. In 1379 Pope Urban VI and King Louis I of Hungary (which then incorporated Slovakia) ordered the village purged of it’s population for as of yet unclear reasons.

Despite its isolation, ██████████ ████ has historically been self-sufficient. The primary mundane issue the town has historically suffered is inbreeding as a result of its natural isolation, with new arrivals often being lost hikers, plane crash survivors, or other lost individuals. As a result of this, the towns culture has a cosmopolitan nature, incorporating elements of new arrivals cultures. On two occasions, individuals have discovered forgotten records indicating SCP-7000’s existence and become afflicted with it’s mental effect, and come to ██████████ ████ through great personal expense; the archives where these records were discovered have since been acquired, filtered, and replaced.

Among residents, SCP-7000 is reviled and described as the door to "Obávaná Ohavnosť9", a description of the malicious force as an apocalyptic figure. As such, the performing of rituals to prevent this is seen as a shared responsibility among all residents of the village. Residents are tasked with chores and work six days a week, and maintain close multigenerational bonds, as well as a culture of mutual aid to ensure every member is supported.

The town’s religion is nominally Catholic, though with a blend of Eastern Orthodox and regional Christian traditions as well. Of note are twelve suits of armor displayed within the central church, each bearing the coat of arms of the Confraternity of Saint George's Knights. Residents of the town attribute these as belonging to a group of "Saviors" from the middle ages. Many homes within the village have a space dedicated to altars believed to be a corruption of catholic shrines, with residents describing them as aiding in the containment of SCP-7000. It is unknown if this claim is accurate, and research into a belief-based effect on SCP-7000 is ongoing.

Many residents of ██████████ ████ display physiological and psychological abnormalities. It is believed that this is due to not only long term effects of inbreeding and exposure to SCP-7000, but also the cultural and mental coping mechanisms required to inhabit such a remote, stressful environment. Long term residents have displayed higher than usual pain tolerance, stress thresholds and individualism than seen outside of ██████████ ████, in addition the occasional manifestation of low level reality warping abilities, usually minor telekinesis. Individuals born in the town have a higher rate of congenital conditions such as heterochromia, albinism, arachnodactyly and acromegaly.

Following Event-7000-Omega and the completion of Site-93, Foundation personnel have largely been accepted by the inhabitants of ██████████ ████. Foundation technology and infrastructure has greatly benefited the population with the introduction of electricity, modern medical technology, agricultural technology, manufacturing and construction. It is hoped that a combination of the Foundations expertise in containment and the local populations longstanding traditions and knowledge surrounding SCP-7000 may aid in the anomaly's long term containment and harm reduction in regards to its harmful effects on the afflicted.

Addendum 7000-1: Log of anomalous phenomena and artifacts.
The following tables have been compiled as a means of recording notable events and artifacts believed to be related to SCP-7000 and SCP-7000-A. It is hoped that through the cataloguing of this information that these anomalies will be better understood. For the sake of brevity, only particularly noteworthy examples are recorded here. For full tables, please see document 7000-tables-168-238-AP.

Designation Location Description Notes
Village Paths. Site-93 Thoroughfares and walkways within the walls of the village are constructed of cobblestones or timber plants in the earth, connecting all areas of the village. Paths will occasionally shift in a clockwise direction, often redirecting an individuals path towards SCP-7000.
Mural-WHA2 Interior wall of a hut basement A painted mural depicting various figures of semi-humanoid and draconic natures within a black and red void beneath a circular light source. When asked about the origin of the mural, villagers reported its painter having entered SCP-7000 several years prior.
Document-7000-218 Village Church A leather bound book with numerous pages detailing previously enacted rituals prior to Foundation intervention dating back to 1982. No ritual in this book was ever seen to be repeated.
Supply Depot Site-93 A dilapidated building used as a supply depot prior to the arrival of the Foundation. Contents include remnants of several different aircraft and items carried by missing persons. Several items are consistent with field gear utilised by various GOI's in the mid 1960's.
Armet-1 SCP-7000 A corroded 15th century Milanese armet13 fused with remnants of a human skull. The helm appears to bisect the skull, with only the right hand side of the skull remaining on the inside of the helmet.
Funerary Site 38km from Site-93 a 4x2x0.6m stone slab within a forest clearing. Used for funerary rights by residents of the area prior to Foundation involvement.
Gym equipment B-9 Site-93 gymnasium A standard 20kg Olympic barbell bent into a spiral shape. Barbell was straightened and returned to the gymnasium.
Severed Appendage-8 SCP-7000 The left arm of an adult male. Identified as that belonging to Agent Lee, having been lost in a ritual the previous year.
Idol Statuette-G3 Village Antechamber A 73x46x32cm statuette depicting a six armed skeletal humanoid crucified upon a spiral glyph. Constructed from an unknown black stone material. Persons within a 10m radius of the item report feelings of unease and being watched.
Coat of Arms-1-10 Supply Depot A collection of 10 flags bearing a spiral glyph. Reported to be multiple attempts to display the coat of arms of the CCSG, but changed over time to form a spiral shape.
Equine remains SCP-7000 The heavily altered skeletal structure of a horse. Reassembly showed it to possess numerous humanoid arms emerging from its neck, carnivorous dentition and a disproportionately long tail. Following reassembly, older residents of ██████████ ████ identified it as the remains of a mule altered during a ritual event.
Sword-A Village Church An unusually large single handed iron migration period sword inlaid with bronze measuring 88cm in length. Displays corrosion on parts of the blade but none of the deterioration present in blades of similar age. Oral tradition asserts this blade was used by an unnamed heroic figure to seal SCP-7000-A within SCP-7000. Research is pending.
Bench-3 Site-93 courtyard Standard Foundation issue bench seating. Rotated 30 degrees over a period of six years. Rotation will cause it to face SCP-7000 within 12 years.
Tattoo-FA2 Agent West, shoulder Spiral glyph tattoo, detailed to appear as being made with numerous small cuts. Replaced a previous tattoo of Agent West's daughter over a period of years.

Addendum 7000-2: Reconstruction of events: Event-7000-Omega
Prior to current containment procedures, Site-93 was primarily situated outside of ██████████ ████'s walls as a small subterranean facility. The working theory was that a memetic cognitohazard affected local citizenry, which would inflict mass hysteria. It was also believed that ritual behaviour was the trigger for the disruptions to baseline reality.

For a period of time after the initial establishment of SCP-7000, villagers were held in containment and procedures were designed to suppress ritual effects. The primary goal at the time was to suppress and ‘cure’ the then-thought-to-be delusional effects evident in their behaviour. This led to a 37 day period of time where no rituals to contain SCP-7000-A were performed. Witness testimony, surviving security and body camera footage and examination of the area have been used to reconstruct the events below.

This period of 37 days saw an increasing instability in local reality centered on SCP-7000, as well as the increased distress in villagers’ well being in response to the Foundation’s prevention of ritual behaviour. This was believed to be a symptom of the villagers distress over being unable to perform ritual behavior, and their given explanations of the true nature of SCP-7000 continued to be rejected by on-site personnel.

As effects became more extreme, the site suffered increasingly heavy losses. Within 15 days, all personnel on-site became affected by the cognitohazardous effect, and then director Dr Eliza Németh shifted priorities from containment of personnel and cognitohazardous behaviour, towards putting significant Foundation resources into ritual activity. Due to the extensive resources available to Level 4 personnel, rituals prescribed by visions were extensive and massively draining, demanding six to seven figure financial commitments, political demands, and massive personnel requirements. Consequently, Site Director Svarog Pilecki was forced to request additional staff from the nearest Site to compensate for the increasing number of casualties caused by SCP-7000's disruption of baseline reality and the present staff. Contact with Site-93 was lost shortly thereafter.

Days after Director Pileckis request, a four man survey team was dispatched from Site-120 to determine the severity of the situation and ascertain the resources and manpower required to resume normal operations in the area. Due to severe snowstorms air travel was deemed impossible, and the team was forced to wait until the fourth of May for conditions to improve. A lack of roads or trails combined with the mountainous terrain of the area necessitated the use of all terrain vehicles for the final approach of the site, whereupon it was discovered that SCP-7000's effect on local reality had reached catastrophic levels.

Survey Team Body Camera Log-Alpha

DATE: 4/5/2000
NOTE: Only partial sections of footage remain, all portions have been included during their relevant times.


[6:43PM] Cameras field of view displays the front of Survey Agent ███████'s14 ATV traveling through thick forest and is approaching a break in the treeline. The ATV continues for approximately 60 metres before coming to a stop.

[6:46PM] Survey Team members also stop in frame and dismount their vehicles. The camera re-positions as ST-Alpha dismounts the vehicle and turns to show the top of a rocky outcropping overlooking a forested valley, with both Site-93 and ██████████ ████ located centrally at a distance of approximately 30km.
The hill beneath ██████████ ████ is observed to have raised significantly and visibly pulsates in a slow rhythm. Many details are obscured by a heavy downpour of red liquid over the area and several stationary structures superficially resembling tree roots can be seen descending from the cloud cover over both the village and Site-93. Numerous spatial reality shifts can be seen affecting the village, causing various structures to briefly occupy the same space simultaneously before returning to their previous locations, with materials partially fusing together as a result. Team remains silent for an extended period of time as they observe.

[6:51PM] ST-Alpha: Jesus Christ.


Initial approach was hampered by SCP-7000's effects. Rainfall composed of blood had turned the ground to a bog, forcing the abandonment of the teams vehicles. Geometric anomalies also were reported, though avoided. As a result, the team circled the Site several times before achieving entry, where they found the site to be running on emergency generators and unmanned. Numerous tracks were reported emerging from Site-93 toward the village, but it was determined that the site be investigated prior to the town.


Interior of Site-93's administrative wing, east corridor.

Investigation into the site revealed that the containment wing had suffered numerous breaches, though the majority of its occupants remained in their cells. Inhabitants of the containment wing were segregated into different wards composed entirely of ██████████ ████'s inhabitants or of affected Foundation personnel. A large portion of those secured within their cells had entered into psychotic or catatonic states due to SCP-7000's effects. Some had become partially fused with the walls and ceilings of the cells, with most apparently being victims of spatial positioning shifts, and two others seeming to ‘melt’. Civilians remained largely catatonic or non-hostile, but a small number of effected Foundation personnel proved aggressive and made attempts to assault the team. While the team was largely able to avoid confrontation with the afflicted individuals, they were forced to engage a pair of conjoined Foundation staff members, resulting in the deaths of both members and Survey Agent ███.

Of those Foundation personnel contained within Site-93, seventeen individuals (including Dr. Németh) proved to be lucid though under the effect of SCP-7000. These individuals were released from their cells by the survey team, where they explained that the worsening of SCP-7000's effects had disrupted the site's communications, and that the Foundations current understanding of the anomaly was entirely incorrect. When questioned about the status of the remaining Foundation staff, Dr. Németh explained that the worsening effects of the anomaly had caused them to experience windows of insanity or complete catatonia, and that they had last been observed heading towards SCP-7000.

Following a debriefing from the remaining lucid Foundation staff on the true nature of SCP-7000 and the necessity of performing rituals to properly contain it, it was determined that a ritual was to be conducted over SCP-7000 in order to avert a potential K-class scenario. The survey team aided the site's survivors in restraining ██ individuals from various containment cells and in gathering supplies needed to perform the ritual and to reach SCP-7000 safely. Once properly outfitted the group proceeded to exit the Site and approach the village by standard transport.

As the group approached the village, large numbers of rats were encountered swarming the area. This, combined with the steep incline of the terrain, deep mud and poor visibility as a result of blood coating the vehicles windscreen caused progress to slow significantly. Approximately 200 metres from the southern gate of the village both vehicles became stranded during travel, as rats entered the exhaust and engine bays and caused obstructions to engine components. Flame suppression units were used to clear a path for the group to safely exit the vehicle and approach the village. The approach was slow as flame units were required to continuously fend off attack from rats, which displayed extreme aggression and no regard for their own safety, often charging suicidally into the flames in an effort to harm the group.

Despite the onslaught of rats, particularly during passage through the gatehouse, the group successfully entered the village suffering only superficial injuries. Within the village the presence of rats was much reduced. Local reality within the village appeared more heavily affected by SCP-7000 than the surrounding area, with multiple structures seen intersecting and fusing together at random, and geometric anomalies or gravity anomalies present. Numerous Foundation personnel were sighted within the village, slowly moving throughout the area in a counterclockwise route, in hysterical states and frequently clawing at their own and each other’s faces. Attempts to communicate with these individuals were unsuccessful, with the affected persons ignoring outside stimuli and incessantly shouting incomprehensibly. Evidence of incomplete corpses previously consumed by rats were present close to the point of entry.

Survey Team Body Camera Log-Alpha

DATE: 4/5/2000
NOTE: Only partial sections of footage remain, all portions have been included during their relevant times.


[7:53PM] Cameras field of view displays the interior of ██████████ ████. Visibility is poor due to a downpour of blood emerging from the clouds overhead, though intermittently improved by bursts of flame being used to disperse groups of rats. The rats can be seen crawling over various structures in huge numbers, and several Foundation staff are in frame babbling incomprehensibly.

[7:59PM] Large root-like structures can be seen hanging from the cloud cover overhead, appearing to be composed of fungal coated porous stone. Sections of these structures can be seen breaking away and falling to the ground throughout the recording.

[8:09PM] As the group moves through the village a significant earth tremor rocks the area, forcing the group to stop and ST-Alpha to fall to the ground. From this angle a spatial shift can be observed affecting a small courtyard in front of a building.

[8:12PM] Two trees and seven Foundation personnel can be seen to visibly "Flicker", appearing to repeatedly share the same space in the center of the courtyard before returning to their original positions.

[8:14PM] The earth tremor subsides, the spacial event eases, resulting in both trees and six of the individuals caught in the event becoming fused together, with undifferentiated human bodies having been stretched and torn by the spatial shift to match the form of the trees. While most of these individuals were observed to have died immediately, one individual15 can be seen to have only partially fused to the tree, remaining semi-mobile suspended from the trunk at a height of approximately 3 metres. The camera looks away.

[8:15PM] There is the sound of a firearm discharging four times rapidly.


Following the central path of the village, the group continued towards SCP-7000 over the course of twenty minutes. Flame units saw continuous use fending off groups of rats and hostile humans devoid of reason, with one individual in particular having to be terminated with small arms fire while attempting to assault Dr. Németh with a bear trap. As the group approached SCP-7000 in the center of ██████████ ████, progress once more slowed due to difficult terrain. Spatial shifts shifts had rendered multiple routes of access impassable due to destructive spaces, vacuum, or gravity anomalies, and flooding from SCP-7000 introduced caustic mud to the route.

Remaining Survey Team members were noted to have entered into a state of panic upon visual confirmation of SCP-7000, halting progress as established Site-93 personnel calmed them. At a distance of 60 metres a ground tremor shook the area, driving the investigation to take shelter against a civilian16 structure’s stone walls. SCP-7000 proceeded to release copious amounts of caustic fluid, with a thick and extremely dark appearance, along with the deceased and nude bodies of ███ Collete, █████ Grundie and ██████ Alexander. These agents had previously passed away on-site and been cremated. Each cadaver was observed to have broken jaws and damaged limb joints and eyes.

Prior to the earth tremor subsiding, a large portion of fungal coated porous stone detached from one of the aerial structures above the area and landed within the town square, adjacent to SCP-7000. Later inspection of the stone showed it to be composed of a similar material to SCP-7000 itself, previously having been of locally-common granite. The force of this impact caused the bodies emerging from SCP-7000 to be swept into a mass of mud and debris against the wall opposite the group.

Survey Team Body Camera Log-Alpha

DATE: 4/5/2000
NOTE: Only partial sections of footage remain, all portions have been included during their relevant times.


[8:27PM] The field of view is initially obscured by Agent Gavin ██████████, but moves to show a wave of mud, timber and stone debris and the corpses disinterred from SCP-7000 impact a wall approximately 6 metres from ST-Alpha. The footage shakes in time with the earth tremor, and is lit by a gout of flame off camera as ST-Alpha rises to his feet. SCP-7000 can momentarily be seen in the background atop a hill with the village walls behind it. The camera turns as ST-Alpha helps Research assistant James Thomson to his feet.

[8:28PM] ST-Beta is then seen rushing into frame and discharging her flame suppression unit in the direction of the mudslide. ST-Alpha turns rapidly, bringing his own weapon to bear as a mass of mud, timber debris and the corpses from SCP-7000 approaches, gradually taking on a vaguely infantile humanoid form approximately 4m tall. Dr. Németh can be heard directing the group into the smithy, shortly followed by muffled screams from within.

[8:31PM] The mud entity approaches the group, swinging an appendage and visibly knocking ST-Alphas weapon from his hands, impaling itself on a length of iron. ST-Alpha can be seen retreating to the smithy, with the entity in pursuit. At this point the bodies of ██████ Alexander and ███ Collete can be clearly seen in the center mass of the entity. Eyes are absent and mouths appear locked open, with green vapor and fluid flowing freely from the orifices and other wounds. The camera rapidly turns as ST-Alpha enters the smithy, ST-Beta closing and bolting the door behind him.

[18:14] The interior of the smithy is lit as Agent Gavin ██████████ directs small arms fire toward a large, flailing mass of rats in the corner of the room, causing many of them to scatter. The partially consumed form of Assistant Director ████ ████████ can be briefly seen beneath the rats, much of the flesh of his arms, back and thigh visibly having been consumed leaving bone visible in places.



Junction in ████ ████████'s back alleys leading towards the village warehouses.

After treating minor injuries suffered during the quake, the group proceeded to circle behind several buildings, seeking a route to safely traverse to approach SCP-7000. Mud entities appeared at this point to pursue the group, hampering traversal of terrain. Their movements were slow, but the presence of the entities posed a complication.

It was determined that the best course of action would be to approach SCP-7000 from the north, and to set more severely injured parties to a shed-type structure atop a hill closer to the anomaly, where preparations would be made before performing the prescribed ritual. This route through the village's back alleys proved both expedient and dangerous; the density of structures along the route impeded the flow of caustic mud, but allowed for multiple hiding spots for remaining groups of frenzied rats and individual unsound human hostiles. Flame suppression units were used extensively to clear pockets of rats, and small arms fire was used to dissuade four to five hostile Foundation staff from pursuit.

From the north wall of the village, the group proceeded to approach SCP-7000 through the town square park area. At this point flame suppression units depleted, though the dwindling numbers of present rats were susceptible to small arms fire and flashbang grenades. Due to the burden of equipment required for the ritual, aiding injured or catatonic personnel in their travel to the site chosen for the ritual, and difficulties with terrain, 26 meters of travel took 40 minutes.

While the bulk of the group was reaching the top of the hill, the area was shaken by another earth tremor coinciding with a spatial shift. Relative gravity along the slope of the hill began to steepen, causing mud and debris to flow rapidly, making ascent actively hostile. It is believed that an underground spatial shift created a void behind the group, which opened a sinkhole at the base of the hill; mud, blood and debris were observed to circle the sinkhole as they were pulled in, forming a whirlpool of sorts behind the group as they attempted to ascend.

Survey Team Body Camera Log-Delta

DATE: 4/5/2000
NOTE: Only partial sections of footage remain, all portions have been included during their relevant times.


[8:37PM] Camera's field of view displays ST-Delta pushing a restrained foundation member up the hill towards the remainder of the group. the view is distorted by blood raining on the camera lens. Mud and debris flows towards the camera as is slides down the hill. ST-Beta can be seen grabbing the restrained individual and hauling them up the hill and turning to ST-Delta as a mass of wreckage sweeps into ST-Delta, pulling him down into the mudslide.
ST-Delta can be heard screaming and swearing as he is dragged down, with his hands repeatedly attempting to cling to an anchor point. As he descends, the rest of the group can no longer be seen, and the motion of the mudslide jostles ST-Delta onto their back, facing the sinkhole. As they approach the sinkhole, ST-Delta can be heard praying in panic.

[8:38PM] Upon reaching the base of the hill, ST-Deltas camera can be seen circling the sinkhole repeatedly, with debris battering him repeatedly before motion stops. ST-Delta can be heard screaming and is visibly attempting to claw his way out to solid ground, but mud continues to flow on top of him. The camera jolts and ST-Delta screams again as he steadily descends into the sinkhole, causing the recording to end.


Site-93 Recovered Footage:

Site 93 Perimeter Camera-C


[8:44PM] Camera view is a static view of the village of ██████████ ████, with the battlements of the outer wall in the foreground and the entry square of the village behind it. The village beyond stretches up a hill, topped with a cluster of buildings in the center. Several stationary structures superficially resembling tree roots can be seen descending from the cloud cover, partially obscured by heavy precipitation of blood.

[8:47PM] Upon the detection of unusual movement, the camera automatically focuses on a humanoid figure emerging from the cloud cover at speed. The figure is visibly flailing, and as it falls its legs collide with one of the aerial structures. The figure falls towards the camera for several seconds before it is able to be seen clearly as being ST-Delta.
ST-Delta can be seen screaming as he falls for a period of 27 seconds before impacting the stone flooring in front of the camera, dying on impact. The body can be seen to have suffered multiple burns prior to landing, and was noticeably disfigured.

Once safe, the group proceeded to prepare ritual components within a civilian structure adjacent to SCP-7000. ██ of the ██ restrained Foundation personnel were anointed with intricate patterns drawn in blood taken from Assistant Director ████ ████████ before being [DATA EXPUNGED] in seven groups. Other components were arranged into a Class-H probability device by Site-93 personnel; members of ST-Alpha and ST-Beta moved to confiscate the device, but prevented from doing so by lucid Site-93 staff. ST-Alpha and ST-Beta members were then crucified upon an improvised breaking wheel within the shed structure under the supervision of Dr. Németh. Dr. Németh then left in the direction of SCP-7000.

Survey Team Body Camera Log-Alpha

DATE: 4/5/2000
NOTE: Only partial sections of footage remain, all portions have been included during their relevant times.


[9:03PM] The cameras field of view shows the town center, with SCP-7000 in center frame, with the camera approaching the anomaly. Numerous medieval stone and timber buildings can be seen behind SCP-7000, and the footage appears to be lit by numerous fires off camera. Blood rain continues to fall, and large quantities of green tinted black sludge can be seen gushing from SCP-7000, covering the entire area. A large, vaguely humanoid form possessing numerous arms can be seen attempting to emerge from SCP-7000 but seems unable to breach the surface of the sludge emerging from the well. Ritualistic chanting can be faintly heard from off camera, but is largely drowned out by the screams of ST-Alpha and ST-Beta. The camera continually jostles as ST-Alpha struggles.
[9:43PM] A technical issue appears to affect camera equipment at this point, and the recording is set to 00:00. It remains nonfunctional. The following transcription is in relation to the point from 9:43 PM local time.
[00:00] Static.
[00:07] The lucid Site-93 staff can be seen dragging restrained personnel towards SCP-7000. Each restrained individual has been stripped of their clothing and appear have had their mouths crudely surgically altered. Their state is unclear due to camera angle and lighting.
[00:08] Those persons orchestrating the ritual are then seen to place each prisoner against the base of SCP-7000, with their arms draping over one another in a complex embrace involving twisting and the dislocation of shoulders, chanting continuously. The rainfall is no longer consisting of blood, but instead a thin black liquid.
[00:13] SCP-7000 floods. The sludge spills forth from SCP-7000 flows over the captives, visibly burning and melting their skin as it flows over them. She skin and flesh of the captives is seen to mix with the corrosive sludge, taking on a consistency similar to melted wax, spreading over the area. The figure within the well thrashes and flails all the more intensely, but remains unable to breach the surface.
[00:16] Static.
[44:44] Video resumes. SCP-7000 remains at the center of the frame, now entirely coated in a web of organic material, presumably the melted remains of the captives. Green fluid can be seen flowing freely along this material in small channels, giving off a sickly vapor. Masses of squirming black tendrils or worms can be seen coating the ground but avoiding the web of organic material descending from SCP-7000. The village buildings surrounding SCP-7000 now appear to be constructed of the same black stone as the well itself, with their windows lit from within with flickering light. Black fluid, bright red blood, mud and clearish oil-like fluids are seen rising into the air, resembling reversed rains. The ritual chanting is now the only audible sound in the recording.
The scene is periodically illuminated by flashes of brown lightning, revealing a colossal, indistinct, shadowy vaguely serpentine figure moving within the clouds with multiple arms descending towards SCP-7000.
[00:57] A loud scream can be heard, and the ritual chanting falters as the entire frame shakes, revealing that ST-Alpha and ST-Beta's muffled screams can be still heard, growing increasingly mixed and distorted. Dr. Németh's voice can then be heard resuming the chant, as the rest of the survivors join her.
[01:01]They can then be briefly seen rising into the air surrounding SCP-7000 in a circle, each person being visibly altered and mutilated, with [DATA REDACTED] among the spatially warped and flayed skin stretching out behind them. ST-Alpha and ST-Beta can then be heard emitting a grunting, gasping sound as a large, jagged shard of black stone is violently thrust from below the frame, with a length of organic tissue connected to its end leading into SCP-7000. The organic tendril pulls taught, and the camera begins to approach the well, before being cut off by static.
[00:00] Static.
[9:28PM] Footage implies the camera is rolling, no longer being worn. Footage shows the town square displaying significant damage. the smithy partially collapses on screen before the camera rolls against the dead body of an unidentified Foundation researcher. Local reality appears to have returned to baseline levels, and there is no sign of the survey team or the Site-93 survivors.


Within two hours of loss of contact, an additional set of survey teams along with an armed escort were sent to investigate the initial teams. These later teams discovered the village to be in significantly worse condition than the initial team had encountered. Unknown processes led to the complete desertion of the village, with various structures in different states of disrepair. The remains of approximately 150 deceased Foundation personnel were found across the town, with more complete remains damaged by corrosive liquids, self-inflicted injuries to the head, or bearing evidence of consumption by rats. Subsequent autopsies discovered geometric brain anomalies and gibberish lettering recently etched into teeth and bones via unknown means. Four bodies were found with the gastrointestinal tract and aorta packed with dry rock matching local sources, and six discovered with injuries consistent with deep-sea decompression. None of these ten bodies had any recognizable patterns that would lead to an explanation of why they suffered similar anomalies.

Of those found within ██████████ ████, only Site Director Svarog Pilecki was found alive within a cafeteria freezer unit half submerged in the earth. Though suffering severe self inflicted facial wounds and bruising trauma Director Pilecki was able to resume duties, but possesses no memory of the incident.

Examination of deceased rats in the village prior to disposal showed them to be malformed, with scabrous fur, abnormal growths on their skin and copious amounts of both human and rat flesh in their digestive tracts. Judging from rodent populations in recordings of this event and eyewitness reports, a single-digit percentage of rodent corpses were recovered, in comparison to what should be expected.

Site 93 itself (e.g., the Foundation-built modern facility) was found to have been comparatively unaffected. Site staff and village inhabitants sealed within bunkers and containment cells were shown to have a 72% survival rate, and were able to debrief the survey team on the true nature of SCP-7000. Repair and expansion of the site commenced rapidly, and began its journey towards a more independent role in the Foundation.

Basically its an old well in france or poland or something, and anyone who knows about it becomes consumed by the knowledge that there is something awful in the well, and they need to do rituals to keep it from getting out
said rituals are almost always going to be nasty or creepy, and usually done around the well
including human sacrifice and stuff
containment procedures would by necessity have to include these rituals too
when they investigate the area, the well is in the middle of this old medieval town. the town is built in a spiral around the well, so it's both in the middle of the town, and also at the end of the only road
a lot of the houses have altars and ceremonial stuff in them, but no texts as to what is down there, maybe a painting of it, I dunno
and basically, looking down the well, it's full of this black and red oil, that rises the more people know about it without doing whatever rituals come to their minds
Basically the well is a portal
on the other side is something legitimately awful and lovecraftian
the anomalous effect is really a defense mechanism of the universe
people see the well and they are imbued with the knowledge of what to do to stop this THING breaching into our universe
unfortunately, those rituals and rites are awful, as they are tied to this very monstrous THING
and the longer the well goes without the rituals being done, the more the oil inside the well rises, and the closer it comes to breaching
furthermore, I imagine that the closer it comes to breaching, the fuckier the local reality gets
you can FEEL its presence, people slip through the cracks, smaller things slip through
people go mad
become anomalous or are transformed themselves
also, the oil is likely anomalous in itself and could be used for experiments

RogayToday at 2:28 AM
I think that's a really cool idea, I think maybe you could even have the Foundation think it's a hoax at first until it's Almost Too Late

BalthazaarToday at 2:29 AM
I'm always into "Almost too late"
how do you mean tho?
Also, the rituals would be mostly awful

RogayToday at 2:29 AM
Like they don't believe what's going on, it's not awful, they think it's just people being superstitious and try to stop them from doing it any longer
maybe they think it's a more benign anomaly than it really is

"Flay your face off and drop it in the well while reciting something"
Oh I like that
It gives me the chance to describe what happens when things cut it close
I can describe the whole hill the town is built on bulging like a pregnant belly, the insane townsfolk gibbering as some stitch each other together or are meged with the walls
and as tree roots descend from the (permanantly there) clouds
how they can feel a huge presence "Pushing" on their minds
they can feel that something has seen them
rituals I can see being like
sacrifice your child and throw them in the well
concieve a child against the well
do the macarena around the well until you die of exhaustion
Pee in a jar and throw it in the well
Should I reveal what it is down there?
Because atm I'm kind of imagining something like
not physically big, but like, powerful and gamechanging
231 esque

RogayToday at 2:35 AM
It's always scarier if you don't show your hand

I was thinking maybe they recover SOME stuff from the town
diaries and stuff that vaguely describe it
all we have is a name
which I dunno what it is
Or what it's theme will be
But I imagine containment would be like
1 ritual per week by mandate of the ethics comittee
Obviously you'd want to keep the area as non anomalous as possible, but also with how terrible and cruel the rituals can be the ethics comittee would probably put their foot down and demand that they leave the time between rituals as long as possible
and like
amnestics and counselling for effected people, who will obviously know about it simply by working with it
what if there's a thing at the end and its a new revision
or an addendum
and it does the old "Refers to the reader by username" trick and tells them that they need to do a certain ritual NOW
Since every time someone ignores a ritual it comes a little closer
would there be a way, scriptwise, to randomize the ritual it tells the user to do

Archived Special Containment Procedures:
No more than 200 individuals may be aware of the existence of SCP-7000 at any given time. Should individuals outside Site-93 learn of SCP-7000, they are to be amnesticised terminated and an investigation into how they learned of it is to be launched.

The village of ██████████ ████, surrounding SCP-7000 has been isolated, and it's inhabitants contained for questioning and research into the nature of SCP-7000. Site-93 has been established on the site of ██████████ ████, incorporating existing structures. It is to be stocked with D-Class personnel for testing purposes and a containment wing for manifested sub-anomalies.

Research into artifacts and documents pertaining to SCP-7000 is to be conducted on site. No ritual activity is to be performed with SCP-7000.

No personnel above level 3 Clearance beyond Site Director Pilecki may be involved in the containment of SCP-7000.

Ritual activity may be conducted with SCP-7000 at the discretion of Site Director Pilecki.

Ritual activity is to be performed with SCP-7000 on a monthly basis.

Ritual activity with SCP-7000 is to be conducted on an as needed basis.

Site-93 is to withdraw from numerous Foundation structures as detailed in Document 7000-Containment-56876, and all lines of communication with SCP Foundation Structures are to be heavily monitored. Outside visitation is prohibited.

Site-93 is to be surrounded by several perimeters for the purpose of preventing GOI or political access.

Level 4 or above personnel entering Site-93 are to be detained. Should they have become effected by SCP-7000 they are to be executed.