Baronjoe 2

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The tape is inserted into the video player and everyone in the theatre room become silent, ready to document a new iteration with their pencils and notepads, in case the camera doesn't record it. Their eyes become focused on the screen and await to hear the president speak. As usual, the tape starts and he comes to podium and talks. Oh, the things he starts to say and his hooded companion is present this time.

The strength of the United States is no match against the hunger of the boys and girls left to consume the flesh of their fallen siblings that are rotten and filled with maggots. Left to drink only their own blood with the skulls of their parents as their cups.

So much depravity in our flat poisonous world. In Tennessee, twelve out of thirteen men will be sodomized before the age of two and be left out for hungry ticks to drain them of their life from under their skin.

There he goes again.

Nonsense continues speaking, pencils are taking notes and eyes continue observing the screen. Then, the president begins to receive his cuts which gush out blood yet he continues to speak. As if he doesn't feel a thing. Some of the researchers's faces show discomfort at the sight of the blood flowing from the cut but continue watching. Everything appears normal.

We have received a shocking report of the lack of faith in America. It has left a god shaped hole in our world.

We as a nation must develop our relationships with the elderly that roam the darkness. The forgotten, the spiteful, the wise, and idiot gods that are of the unknown unknowns that we are yet to know. We must aid the many Kings that rule greater things than our insignificant pit of a world. We must tear down these walls between them and us. Be a part of a kingdom above the living.

Last week, Congress has passed a bill allowing the rape of seven brides whose wombs are due to break the skies and the earth. Our relation with the Scarlet King has improved since and may we all burn for eternity as the seventh begs while suffering on a bed.

Applause from the unseen crowd in the video ensures as the president stands silently at his podium and receiving deeper cuts than before. A sense of fear fill the room and the exists become blocked by guards after receiving an order on their head pieces. They order everyone in the room to keep calm and continue watching. There they go again watching the screen once more and the president continues his speech.

The seventh bride is our cross to bare. Our future. I'm sorry.

Distorted laughter responds and his left eye is gouged out as the black hooded figure faces the side of the president very close.

There you go again. I see you.

Meanwhile, I received word that the Ambassador of Alagadda has brought tribute from the Hanged King, the heads of our enemies and their virgin daughters. My tribute in return is twelve gazers that dare see under the veil of the abyss for the Ambassador's amusement which await back at his home. Long live the Hanged King. I see you.

The president loses his eyes and heavy breathing is heard behind the camera.

Making America great again.

A roar of applause erupts along with laughter. The cuts get deeper and the president lose his arms. His cut up face displays clear misery. The hooded figure now stands behind the president who continues to speak but in a dead language. The maddening words fill the minds of the cowering researchers's which repeat again and again. The words were of an unknown language yet they could understand the sentences and the repeated phrase. The phrase particularly they hear clearly. I see you.