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The following item is classed as Thaumiel and requires Level 4 clearance.

Unauthorized access to this file will activate memetic kill agents.

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Thaumiel

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Sites XXXX-A, B, and C

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Personnel File #17
Code-name: Oni
Field Agent: MTF Nu-13 ("Rasczak's Roughnecks")

Level Two
Background Information
Kawehi is a third-generation Foundation employee alongside his twin, paraentomologist Lei Keahi. He has served his entire twelve-year tenure on Nu-13 ("Rasczak's Roughnecks")1, operating out of Area-12.

Kawehi has been instrumental in the containment efforts for SCP-███, and was on-scene for the eradication of an SCP-████ outbreak at Lunar Area-32.


Personnel File #48658
Code-name: Firebug
Specialist: MTF Tau-5 Samsara
Level 4 Asset: Clearence N/A
Background Information
One of four augmented humanoid replicates, created for the purpose of testing esoteric technology and for dealing with situations in which a high casualty rate is expected.

The current Onru is Iteration #72 and is the only living member of the SAMSARA squad. Agents Irantu, Nanku, and Munru were killed on their previous deployment - their new shells have yet to be printed - though are expected within the month.



DATE: 07-11-2010

SUBJECT: Alejandro Felipe Marquez, Officer of Internal Affairs, New Jersey State Police

REASON: Attempted to investigate records improperly sealed by the Foundation following Incident 2253.1.

SUMMARY: Agents Henson and Thomas were dispatched to Marquez's home in Jersey City to administer Class-C amnestics and remove evidence of contact from Marquez to Thompson and Dean.

RESULT: Success, amnestics dispensed and evidence destroyed. Records properly sealed.

NOTES: Sgt. Diana G█████████ and Mr. A█████ K██████ S██████ disciplined for incorrect sealing of police records.

SCP idea
You know, I see a some potential in this. What about this: Have the Clown and his brother be two characters illustrated in the book telling the joke. Have the book titled something like "Normy and Dormy the Clowns' Book of Jokes!" or something where the jokes are offensive and/or unfunny (like really dark jokes that really lack build up) and they don't get it. No one is laughing and they don't know why. Have it be that the text starts to alter now to be direct with the Foundation for why they aren't laughing. You could go form there something sad or horrific or both.