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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX-A and -B are to be kept at Armed Containment Area-78, which has been created for the purpose of containing both SCP-XXXX-A and -B. The coordinates to the facility is to be known only by Level 4 personnel. Mobile Task Force Alpha-07 ("Knights in Shining Armor") is to remain stationed on-site.

The living quarters housing SCP-XXXX-A and SCP-XXXX-B is to be accessible only via elevator that is activated remotely. From the elevator is a corridor where Security Team Skynet is on guard and operated by Artificially Intelligent Conscript E-321. Level 3 personnel and above are only permitted entry beyond this point.

SCP-XXXX-A is to be fed only vegetarian meals daily as SCP-XXXX-B is to be fed an entire cow once a week. Physical contact with SCP-XXXX-A is prohibited. SCP-XXXX-A may make requests that is to be approved by Project Director Wright.

The Hardall family (GOI-3XXX) may be able to contribute in Foundation efforts at maintaining containment. All contributions are to be evaluated by Project Director Wright before implementation.

POI-3XXX, if encountered, is to be immediately terminated and the facility is to engage lockdown procedures. Failure to confirm termination of subject and lost of contact with MTF Alpha-7 is to lead to the deployment of MTF Nu-5 ("Hammer Down").

Description: SCP-XXXX-A is a human female that stands 1.6 meters tall and weigh 58.7 kilograms. It is somewhat pale-skinned, has black hair, and brown eyes. It is of Daevite origin and descends from royal Daeva lineage. It does not age and is accompanied by SCP-XXXX-B.

SCP-XXXX-B is a large adaptive organism of slightly varying appearance and size. It consistently takes the form of a quadruped with bone plating covering various areas of its body with an elongated head. X-ray imaging has shown the presence of a reptile-like bone structure and several unknown organs. DNA analysis reveals it to comprise of 34 human individuals, making up 75% while the rest is [REDACTED].

It always accompanies SCP-XXXX-A, and serves as a protector and servant. It would alter its form to perform various tasks for SCP-XXXX-A, either on command or on its own accord.

SCP-XXXX-A and -B came to the Foundation's attention when the Hardall family (GOI-XXXX) approached the Foundation. They have contacted The Administrator, and requested -A and -B to enter Foundation custody to ensure the safety of -A.

Addendum 01: The following interview was with the matriarch of the Hardall family.


Ms. Allison Hardall

Interviewed: Ms. Allison Hardall

Interviewer: Dr. Albertson

Foreword: Interview took place in an estate of the Hardall family the Foundation was aware of that was agreed upon for the interview to take place.

<Begin Log>

Dr. Albertson: Hello, Ms. Hardall. I would like to thank you for agreeing to this interview.

Ms. Hardall: You're welcome.

Dr. Albertson: Anyway, can you please tell me about how SCP-XXXX-A came into your family's care?

Ms. Hardall: It was a long time ago and depends if you are familiar with the history of the Daeva.

Dr. Albertson: I am somewhat familiar with the Daeva civilization. Please explain nonetheless.

Ms. Hardall: Well, it was back at a time of war. The Blood Empress of the Daeva was facing an enemy unlike any other that dared try to conquer her domain, the Grand Karcist Ion. One day, in the midst of night, the Empress's eldest daughter Lovaatar was no where to be found, and it brought fear to her and her court. She feared for her legacy for she had only one daughter to carry the future of her people.

So she had to send the young princess into asylum.

Dr. Albertson: Then I presume that is when your family comes in?

Ms. Hardall: Yes.

Dr. Albertson: Before you go into that, may you please tell me about SCP-XXXX-B?

Ms. Hardall: The guardian? Well, it was made by the Empress from the corpses of her brave fallen sons that went to battle.

Dr. Albertson: Alright, please continue.

Ms. Hardall: So they transported her north into Europe where my family ruled. We had aided in the Daeva in the past, and the Empress could surely trust us. We had knowledge of hidden places, and of defenses.

Dr. Albertson:

Addendum 02: Details of Security Team Skynet

Security Team Skynet, Armed Containment Area-78

This document is Level 4/Skynet classified. Unauthorized access is to be reported to RAISA immediately.

Security Team Skynet is composed entirely of machines operated automatically by Artificially Intelligent Conscript E-321 (Eddie.aic). Some units of the team originate from GOI-1115 ("Anderson Robotics") that the Hardall family acquired to serve as security. The following units that comprise Security Team Skynet are:

  • 9 Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droids (For information on Peregrine Series Humanoid Utility Droids, please view SCP-1360)
  • 2 Aplomado Series Facility Defense Units
  • 1 Giant-class unpiloted combat drone
  • 4 Ceiling mounted turrets

The Peregrine units have received the following modifications that was requested in the initial order.

  • Advanced Firearms Skill Set
  • Advanced Unarmed Combat Skill Set
  • Medium Thaumic Incendiary Incantations Skill Set

One Peregrine unit (Unit #1) had received a later modification that replaced the right forearm with a gauntlet lined with copper. Gauntlet is able to deliver strong electrical currents when activated.