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TimAllenClone081 8/03/11 (Wednesday) 15:27:31 #11327767

So I was looking online for some good conspiracy theories or stories relating to World War 2, and I didn't find anything that fits what I'm looking for. Anyone know any creepy stuff? No creepypasta, please. Also, thank you in advance!

Nem03366 8/03/11 (Wednesday) 15:28:21 #11327770

Like Die Glocke? It is a Nazi superweapon that disappeared and no one knows a thing about what happened to it.

warbaron1910 8/03/11 (Wednesday) 15:34:06 #11327787

@Nem03366 Die glocke is such a normie topic. Everyone knows that story to some extent. Although, I hate how no one discusses the most interesting bits about it but I am tired of hearing it when it comes to WW2.

@TimAllenClone081 Let me tell some real interesting stuff. Have you ever heard of the Black Ghost?

My grandfather once told me this story after much reluctance. He was a doctor that took care of injured soldiers from the Eastern front. He was later in Russia to help care for the injured soldiers coming in from the Battle of Stalingrad. He was in a hospital far away from the fighting but one could still hear the conflict going on in the distance. It was there he would hear mentions of a "ghost" by a few of the bullet-rend soldiers that would come through the hospital he was stationed at.

At first, he paid no attention to the mention of the "ghost" since he chalked it up as just a wounded soldier going hysterical or being in shock. Overall, my father heard lots of crazy stuff said by soldiers on the verge of death.

The time he really paid attention to the Ghost was when a soldier came into the hospital that was badly disfigured. The soldier's left arm was all broken apart as if it rotten away. His legs were twisted in various directions, and they also looked rotted. The skin on his legs all over was darkened and on his left leg one could see his femur bone. Worst of all, he had no eyes. My grandfather best described it as if they were "burnt off."

The poor guy screamed in constant agony, he begged to die. He would sometimes yell "It'll come!". The soldier was kept sedated to keep him quite. He was making everyone uncomfortable than they already were. They kept in the section of the hospital for those that were most likely not going to make it after amputating his arm and legs.

While my grandfather was busy tending to other patients, a small group of soldiers came to the hospital. There were six of them and wanted to see the man mentioned earlier. My grandfather directed them to where he was and they proceeded to that section of the hospital.