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That of the God Eater - 8:1


Chapter 8: That of the God Eater

Before our grand Majesty was king, before He came into Creation, others ruled with untold might and there was one that stood out. In a terrible, unseen place beyond the reach of mortals, a goddess of flesh ruled, devouring countless lesser gods and conquering many worlds. She is known under many names but the oldest and most common is Yaldabaoth, her true name.

She bore herself six children to rule over her many conquered realms, and to spread her influence. Her history far beyond is lost and known only to her and her children.

The King was born

[…] The King with two of his lords, Lord Goran and Lord Anshee'ba, traveled out of the Darkness Below. They soon arrived at the Great Abyss, and there they met Her Undulating Vastness, Yaldabaoth.

Yaldabaoth was surrounded by her six children, the Archons, whom she towered over. She then spoke to the King of […]

The Daevite Followers - 4:1


Chapter 4: The Daevite Followers

In a time long ago, the ones called the Daeva ruled. Among them, there were a few who admired and prayed to the King in secret, from high priestesses to slaves. This was a sin in the eyes of their Empress to praise anyone than themselves. This forbidden following was started by a young, tired slave that tended fields all day.

His name was Tar and one day while he worked among his fellow slaves, he noticed his master leaving from the watchtower that saw the whole field. The few guards that were present followed the master at his command, leaving a lone slave whose job was to supervise along with a single guard. Tar was both brave and ignorant. He would sometimes steal food that only the master ate while he and his peers were given only dry pieces of bread. He saw this as an opportunity.

Once the master was out of sight and those that watched were not looking, Tar, much to the pleas of the others, left his position in the field toward the master's house. After almost being caught, he managed to enter the home through a back entrance where female servants were only allowed to enter. It lead into the kitchen and that is where Tar wanted to be.

He found fresh fruits, vegetables, and even wine. He gleefully devoured and drank, forgetting that he didn't have all the time in the world. The master's mistress found him drunk and was immediately struck. The master also returned and came questioning. They too struck Tar.

Then, he was taken out and beaten by guards in front of the other slaves. Despite the pain inflicted, it was not Tar's true punishment. His real torment was far more cruel. With the dark arts practiced by the Daeva, Tar was made immobile, his limbs severed and turned to four venomous snakes. Tar was hung by a hook within an altar deep underground. It was there his wounds was to be bitten by the snakes, their venom boiling his blood which brought great agony. He also was made to never die; punishing him for five years.

After two years of constant agony, a miracle happened. Tar was visited by Lord Anshee'ba within his mind as he suffered while unconscious, which was Tar's only escape from his torment.


The Factory

| Press any key.

| Factory Terminal #127
| Research and Development
| Login: Dr. Hamgullet
| Password: ••••••••

Welcome, Dr. Hamgullet.

< Messages
< Memos
< Auto Cleaver Control

To messages… Hmm, what do we need… Ah, I remember.

| Factory Terminal #127
| Research and Development
| Dr. Hamgullet
| To: M'thaxir, Supply Management Director
| RE: Order

The following materials are to be delivered to me as soon as possible.

  • 200 rats
  • 1 large tank of water to hold 10 gallons
  • 100 pounds of meat
  • 50 pounds of sugar
  • 2 packs of Dr. Wondertainment's Custom-Pet