Baronjoe Tales
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Dr. Wondertainment stared off from his balcony. He rested on a velvet chair, and was drinking hot chocolate. He was watching the snowflakes fall as it blanketed his city of pure imagination.

Christmas was getting close, and Dr. Wondertainment smiled. He was very excited for it is such a wonderful time of the year. His many, wonderful employees were hard at work to bring another year of joy. He could hear the workshops from the balcony assembling the toys. Shame that his investors and associates were only concern about the coming profits.

Nonetheless, Dr. Wondertainment had something special planned this Christmas. Not long ago, he had a thought of his dear collectors, the Foundation, and those under their care. He had came to a realization that Santa never visited them! It was unheard of to Wondertainment. Santa was always there for him, and why not for the other special boys and girls? Everyone deserved Christmas!

Well, he planned to change that. He had his Robo-Santas (really, there were Robo-Dudes painted red and white with fake white beards) load up gifts onto his Wonder-Shipment Vessel.

Soon he needed to get ready to go. He rose from the chair and went inside into his office. It was decorated with velvet wallpaper, large bookshelves, and on the walls hung various paintings. At his desk, was a white folder that had his iconic W logo stamped on, which he picked up. It had various reports of those within the Foundation's care, and he still had a few left to look through fully. He planned to finish reading up on them when he's aboard the Wonder-Shipment Vessel.

With the folder under his left arm, he exits from his office to a hallway. There was various statues made of chocolate that lined the walls. He would break a piece off, but he didn't have much time. As he walked, one of his assistants, Reggie the Ragdoll, exited from a loud buzzing room and greeted him.

"Hello, Dr. Wondertainment! I was just coming to see you!" Reggie said enthusiastically. He was short and wore a brown suit. He had buttons for eyes, one red and the other purple. His mouth was represented by a red line of string. In Reggie's hands was a clipboard he never leaves without. Such a wonderful assistant.

Reggie told Dr. Wondertainment that everything was ready, and both walked into an elevator. Wondertainment whistled along with the elevator music as Reggie spoke to him once again.

"By the way, have you finished writing the letters to accompany the gifts?" Reggie asked.

Wondertainment stopped whistling. He didn't actually finish the letters for he written only one and it was in his pocket. He was too busy creating the gifts, and thinking of the smiles he was going to make.

"Uh," Wondertainment said hesitantly, "not yet but I'm close. Does the vessel have paper?"

"Yes." Reggie responded.

"Okay, I'll finish it on the way." Dr. Wondertainment said with a nervous smile. He hoped it wouldn't be much of a problem, and he considered himself as a miracle worker. In his line of work, he makes nothing but miracles.

The elevator finally opened into a large hangar. The Wonder-Shipment Vessel was docked ahead and surrounded by engineers. They looked like Dr. Seuss characters and wore purple hard hats with the Wondertainment logo on the side. They gestured to Wondertainment and he waved back.

He boarded the red oval-shaped vessel, and passed many of his Robo-Santas through the white corridors. He arrived at the bridge, and set himself on a velvet chair. Reggie awed at the sight of the many flashing lights and consoles. A few Robo-Santas gotten themselves into position to pilot the vessel.

After a brief moment, everything was found to be in check and soon they began to take off. Dr. Wondertainment dug into his pocket and pulled out the first note he made. It was for a girl he felt a bit of concern for. He did for all but he trust they are all taken cared of at the Foundation. He folded it as Reggie walked up with an envelope for him to put it inside. While Reggie provided a pen to the Doctor, a Robo-Santa pushed a cart stacked with paper and envelopes in front of them.

"Thanks, Robo-Santa." Said Dr. Wondertainment while he wrote who the first envelope is addressed to.

"YOU ARE WELCOME, HO HO." Replied all the Robo-Santas present in unison.

The Wonder-Shipment Vessel began to the process of take off. Meanwhile, Wondertainment asked Reggie a question.

"The ship has a sacks too, right?" He asked while he opened the folder containing information of contained anomalies.

"Yep. We got bags of chocolate ship cookies." Reggie replied while doodling on his clipboard.

"Excellent! Time to go to work. I wish I didn't procrastinated on it."

"Were you playing with your pet rocks project again? I told you that the procrastination concept was likely to be bad for business, according to your associates. Also, most parents would not like their kids- " Reggie said before being interrupted.

"No, it wasn't that. It was natural procrastination. Now enough distraction, buddy. We have gifts to deliver!" Exclaimed Wondertainment joyfully as the ship soon took flight and headed off to the Foundation. Truthfully, Dr. Wondertainment pondered on the real reason. Procrastination was not the sole reason. The issue was that despite being confident mostly, he felt unsure of what he was going to write. He deliberated on how sincere he wanted to be. Some of those within the Foundation have sad tales. It briefly reminded him of the ways of the world before he pushed the thought away. He preferred to keep an optimistic view. Deep down he hoped he can provide some comfort. After all, Christmas is one of the most comforting times in his opinion.

The Vessel flew across the night sky and Wondertainment got busy before they arrived to the Foundation.

On Christmas day, multiple presents was delivered to various Sites via a large unknown aerial craft. The presents were addressed to various SCPs, and were from Dr. Wondertainment as evidenced by notes left behind. Below is a list of items recovered and the accompanying notes.

SCP Present Description Recovered Note
SCP-999 Six large sacks containing mostly M&Ms and various candy. Sacks refill when emptied after four hours. "Enjoy!"
SCP-134 SCP-134 received three gifts. Two of the gifts are plush toys; one depicts a cartoon character whose design is of a star, and the other is of the "Hello Kitty" mascot in a star costume. The former has a tag which identify the character as "Starro the Shooting Star". The third gift is an instance of SCP-16961. SCP-134 states it is able to see these gifts, and see the function of SCP-1696 instance. "You have the most beautiful eyes." NOTE: Letter was in print and SCP-134 was able to see the words, along with understanding them.
SCP-734 A silver badge with a design reminiscent to Mobile Task Force emblems. The design belongs to no known Task Force. "You are going to do great things."
SCP-2396 An unknown cereal product produced by Dr. Wondertainment called "Ms. Sweetie's Sugary Sweet Spheres". Testing of the item is on-going. "Hello, Sweetie. Its been a while. I hope you been well and sugary sweet. Isabelle says hi along with everyone in the candy department. I want to present to you the first box of a new line of cereal we are making after you. You suggested it long ago so I got it to come true! You have the honor of having the first bite. Love, W."
SCP-053 A plush toy depicting SCP-682. "Hello! I know you like the Lizard, but know he can be a big meanie. It is nice you want to be his friend but there is many others who want to be your friend. I promise. It is not your fault. Since it is Christmas, enjoy the fluffy toy. Be safe." NOTE: A second note was found and addressed to the Foundation. "Please keep her safe as always. She wants friends and at her age she would not know much of what to look for. The Lizard is a… sad, angry thing."
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