Item #: SCP-███-J

Object Class: Unknown Very bad poo poo i think.

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-███-J must be contained in a… a uuhm… sealed room, wich is at least 3 inches… no, 3 light years tall and 2 seconds wide.

Description: SCP-███-J Is a moving intergalactic piece of shit. At least I think. It was recovered in a meteorite that crashed onto the earth. It is most likely from an alien that did a corrosive poo poo into the meteorite, and put a brain in that same poo poo, that then crashed onto the earth, at least I think so. So uuhm if you make visual contact with walking poo poo your brain starts to forget things. Very bad poo poo. Poo poo looks like an ordinary poo from an alien, but it is blue of color. It is moving because the poop at the bottom is working like tank tracks, or an escalator. The poo poo is dangerous to touch because it's expl-Corrosive. yes.

Test 1 with D-████
D-████(he is russian, accept his english): "NYET NYET GHELP DO GYNOT PUT GME IN DIS ROOM NYET PLEASE NYEEET!!!"
SCP-███-J: *still being a piece of shit*
D-████: "Gwy is dat tingk gmoving? NYET! NYEEET! GHELP M-"

Class D-████ was never found again, for unknown reasons. The people watching the test forgot everything. I think.