SCP Involved: SCP-912

Personnel Involved: Site-52 Director ████ ████████, Site-52 Security Officers, Agent █████, Dr. ███████, D-9360


Location: Site-52

Description: On ██-██-████, Experiment 912 D, pre-approved by Dr. ███████ and supervised by Agent █████, was in-progress at Site-52's Indoor CQ Firing Range. This experiment, as outlined by Dr. ███████, was merely another monthly examination of SCP-912's firearms skills involving its overall accuracy, weapons handling, and recoil control.

At approximately ████:██:██, Site-52's interior alarms went off, followed by an intercom message to on-site personnel stating that one Class D personnel - in this instance, D-9360, a Caucasian male with an ongoing record of non-compliance with Site-52 staff - had managed to escape the Class D cafeteria armed with one (1) plastic knife. This escape attempt followed a minor altercation between three other Class D personnel in the cafeteria, which had caused enough commotion to distract the group's Security Officers - who were ordered to intervene and defuse the situation. It was during this time that D-9360 had been able to sneak out one of the cafeteria exits, an exit which should have been guarded by the now-intervening Security Officers, and then was able to flee the room. The unauthorized opening of the cafeteria doors had been made aware to Site-52 Control via the doors' electronic security module, upon realization of which the on-site security personnel triggered the escape alarm.

Following the alarms, Agent █████ (wardrobed as an ██PD Sergeant) immediately ordered SCP-912 to lay down its rifle and fall into rank, to which SCP-912 complied. Agent █████ then proceeded to exit the Indoor CQ Firing Range with SCP-912 in tow, leading it to its containment cell. Once Agent █████ and SCP-912 reached the containment cell door, Dr. ███████ intercepted Agent █████ and SCP-912, ordering Agent █████ to cease re-containment procedures. Agent █████ did as ordered, with SCP-912 simply standing behind her at parade rest.

Dr. ███████ then suggested that this containment breach of Class D personnel be used as an experiment to test SCP-912's suspect acquisition capabilities in the field. Under protest, Agent █████ eventually agreed that the data provided by this incident could be invaluable to further understanding of SCP-912's target-tracking capabilities as well as its potential to be further-utilized by the Foundation against non-compliant Class D personnel and hostile Groups of Interest.

Agent █████, still garbed in an ██PD Sergeant's uniform, immediately ordered SCP-912 to stand at attention, to which it complied. Agent █████ then briefed SCP-912 on the containment breach, informing it that, "an armed suspect has breached police custody and is attempting to flee." Agent █████ followed up by providing SCP-912 with a physical description of D-9360, including race, body type, a brief description of the Class D uniform, and D-9360's serial designation. She then informed SCP-912 that, "the suspect was to appear for his trial soon, and should be apprehended alive if possible." Upon Agent █████ informing SCP-912 that it was dismissed, SCP-912 returned her orders with a silent salute before immediately walking back in the direction it had come. At this time, Dr. ███████ and Agent █████ proceeded directly to Site-52 Control, where they could monitor SCP-912 on the site's surveillance cameras.

As recorded on Site-52 CCTV Surveillance, SCP-912 - without being given any information as to D-9360's whereabouts (aside from him still being within the Site) - immediately and directly proceeded down several hallways to D-9360's position.

It is unknown how SCP-912 was able to deduce D-9360's exact location without any specific location details, and how it was able to do so without direct-line-of-sight - a requisite previously-thought to be necessary for SCP-912's target acquisition capabilities.

SCP-912, having spotted D-9360's match of the previously-provided description, commences standard "arrest" procedure. SCP-912, with its right glove holding its baton in combat position, proceeds to approach D-9360 from behind - D-9360 having been facing a separate hallway intersection, apparently deducing which to proceed down.

D-9360, presumably having heard the clunking of SCP-912's boots, turns around to see SCP-912 approaching him. D-9360 - seeming to believe that SCP-912 is a Site-52 Security Officer - attempts to deceive SCP-912, hiding the stolen eating utensils behind his back and stating that he had, "gotten lost on the way back to the cells." SCP-912 shows no signs of understanding nor interest in D-9360's words and continues its approach. Once within a few feet of SCP-912, D-9360 rushes SCP-912, pulling up the plastic knife and thrusting it to where its "throat" would be.

SCP-912 proceeds to swing its baton into D-9360's ribcage with such force that several noises resembling cracking bones can be audibly heard on CCTV footage. D-9360 cries out in pain, being thrown into the southmost wall of the hallway by the force of the swinging baton. D-9360 does not move, inhaling sharp breaths as SCP-912 moves to D-9360 and tosses him onto his torso face-down, pulling a pair of PlastiCuffs from its vest and immediately securing D-9360's arms. It is noted that at some point during this process, D-9360's right elbow is broken by SCP-912 as it breaks the arm backward at the joint in order to secure D-9360.

It is at this point that D-9360 loses consciousness and Agent █████ (having left the control room upon seeing D-9360's incapacitation via CCTV) arrives at SCP-912's position, ordering it to stand down - to which SCP-912 complies.

Dr. ███████ relays to Site Director ████ ████████ that the situation is contained, with SCP-912 escorted back to its cell, a mere fourteen (14) minutes after the incident began.

After-Action Report: All Site-52 staff and Class D personnel accounted for, with no casualties aside from D-9360. No SCP's breached containment during the incident (SCP-912 excluded).

SCP-912 sustained no damage during the incident, with the attempted stabbing by D-9360 either having missed entirely or having left no visible markings on SCP-912's balaclava.

Following his removal from the "arrest" location by Site-52 Security Officers, the on-site medical clinic informed Site-52 Security Officers that while D-9360's injuries were indeed recoverable, it would take months of physical therapy and medication to fully recover from injuries sustained by his encounter with SCP-912. With D-9360's record of non-compliance with Site-52 staff on file in addition to injuries sustained, Dr. ██████████ recommended immediate termination. D-9360 was terminated by Site-52 Security Officers shortly thereafter.

All three Class D personnel who had initiated the altercation in the cafeteria which led to D-9360's escape attempt were interrogated to investigate if they had knowledge of D-9360's intentions to escape Foundation custody. The three Class D's eventually revealed D-9360's actions to apparently be the first step of a now-failed escape plan. With no other Class D personnel determined to be involved and the three from the altercation administered Class-C amnestic drugs, this escape risk is considered eliminated.

Dr. ███████, for reasons unrelated to this incident, has been moved from Site-52 to Site-███ to assist in research and testing with SCP-████. He is currently under internal review by the O5 Council in relation to whether his actions - exploiting a Class D personnel's containment breach to pursue his personal research goals with a Safe-class SCP - were justified actions overall.

Agent █████ has been placed under similar review by Site Director ████ ████████ for her actions, specifically for following the orders of a superior against following standard re-containment procedures.

Documented Notes following Incident 912-1-A:

"While I do understand that my actions were unorthodox, I do not believe that they were wrong. The data gathered showing how SCP-912 was able to immediately locate D-9360 opens up questions about whether or not it has an anomalous ability to track its 'suspects,' and if so, how far this range may reach in order for it to do so. I do believe that this is a critical anomaly that needs more investigation and testing, given just how many new paths this opens to assisting the Foundation's goals. Imagine if we could track humanoid SCP's or Groups of Interest targets using such an anomalous property - like an anomalously-enhanced Bloodhound which maintains combat capabilities and was impervious to hostile attacks! I humbly ask that the O5 Council transfer me back to SCP-912's research roster as soon as possible so that I may continue studying these newfound anomalous properties." - Dr. ███████

"The use of a Safe-class SCP to capture and secure an escaping Class D is not a bad idea in-and-of-itself, but I do take extreme offense to Dr. ███████'s unprofessionalism and blatantly-risky actions, particularly of his not informing of myself nor asking for my blessing before the actions were taken. With that said, it should be noted that I do believe that his actions have since provided us with critical data into the discovery of a previous-unknown anomalous property which SCP-912 exhibits - specifically, its ability to seemingly track targets' exact positions without location details. While I may not agree with Dr. ███████'s methods by any means, his motives for finding a way for the Foundation to utilize an already-controllable SCP to further our mission is very much admirable. I wish to personally note that while the man's actions are certainly liberal at-best, he does have the Foundation's best interests at heart." - Site Director ████ ████████

"What Dr. ███████ seems to be failing to grasp is that the rash deployment of an already-militarized SCP to gather field data on a whim - especially without the prepared knowledge or approval of Site-52's Director or the Council itself - in the midst of a containment breach no-less, is completely against every possible safety protocol that has protected the Foundation up to this point! If it were up to me alone, I would immediately see that Dr. ███████ be terminated for his actions during this incident, and that his subordinate Agent █████ be terminated as well for her willful ignorance of Foundation protocol - where she instead chose to follow the orders of a researcher not even half-as-old as the protocols she was disregarding!" - O5-██

"SCP-912, after years of going unthought-of by anyone who wasn't directly working with it, is now under the spotlight. This Safe SCP has been successfully used by Foundation personnel (albeit unqualified personnel) to track, locate, and secure an enemy of the Foundation. Yes, this time it was only a single Class D armed with a plastic knife, but next time it may not be. If Site-52 falls under attack by hostile GoI personnel, it is likely that the Foundation could very much need another deployable SCP, such as 912. I see a lot of understudied potential in SCP-912, and see further research into its anomalous tracking properties as critical to the Foundation's goals of utilizing controllable and loyal SCP's against our enemies. With more study and time, SCP-912 could even become an interest of MTF Alpha-9.” - O5-█