UIU File: 2003-011 (Format Finalized for Quality-Control Testing)


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UIU File 2003-011: Case File "Finite Deagle"

Summary: A suspect (Anthony Boggs) being investigated by the UIU for criminal activity which appears to have been directly-aided by an anomalous object or ability is located by UIU Agent ███████ in the city of Mansfield, OH with the help of reports from local police spotting the suspect's stolen vehicle. Following a confrontation outside of a gas station, the suspect opened fire on UIU Agent ███████, killing him, and took hostages within the business.

Over the course of the five-hour standoff, during which there were several exchanges of gunfire from both sides. Once the now-deployed FBI HRT-Delta unit became suspicious of the suspect's lack of ammunition-usage, they suspected him to be empty and assaulted the building. At the conclusion of the assault, the suspect was eliminated and the hostages were rescued by HRT-Delta.

The following investigation concluded that over 900 rounds of ammunition had been fired from both parties, with over 3/4's of that amount being fired by the suspect. The suspect's weapon, a .50 caliber Desert Eagle, was confiscated by the UIU and a cover story was disseminated to local law enforcement and the media blaming the incident as a robbery-gone-wrong.

Current Works:
(Note: Some of these works are to be published as part of the "War On All Fronts" canon)



Programme Hy-Brasil-1 will take place on the island nation of Hy-Brasil, which sits approximately 100 kilometers west of Ireland. This region was scouted by the Sool-2 Mission Work Group in 1978, and once again in 1985.


  • Acute food insecurity following the disaster of June 13th, 1988.
  • Inadequate and destroyed basic services.
  • Major displacement related directly to the June 13th disaster.
  • Major infrastructure damage including collapsed buildings, shattered flood barriers, and limited transportation routes. Predicted raise of 10%-15% of already-occurring exodus in following months.
  • Major failure of government forces to protect citizens from crime in the affected areas.


Mission calendar places deployment of MCF relief workers to be set upon Hy-Brasil starting December 2nd, 1988.

Mission Dossier: Hy-Brasil

The humanitarian disaster within Hy-Brasil cannot be overstated, nor will any words within this dossier truly show the horrific conditions that have been inflicted upon these innocent people. While the island has stabilized considerably compared to the days immediately following the June 13th disaster, it is in every meaning of the words suffering a crisis beyond anything we at the Manna Charitable Foundation have faced in our brief history.

Hy-Brasil is an island nation of a harmonious people whose history has been plagued with trials of fire, whether from outside forces or from dictators within. Now, the nation must face its greatest trial yet, attempting to rebuild a prosperous kingdom from ashes, and the Charitable will be there. These people, who were amongst the greatest of the abnormal world, have been struck down akin to the least of His children.

On June 13th, an enraged-and-enormous abnormal creature attacked the island of Hy-Brasil, inflicting moderate damage to both the people and infrastructure of the island. This abnormal creature was destroyed by the Global Occult Coalition in an unfortunate battle along the coast of Hy-Brasil shortly after its appearance, during which the GOC inflicted catastrophic damage to the island - which has since been claimed by the group as, "Unfortunate but necessary collateral damage in the effort to destroy a Threat Entity." Due to this seeming indifference to the suffering inflicted upon the residents of Hy-Brasil, there is becoming an increasing tension between the GOC and the Charitable.

Since the June 13th disaster, much of the population is suffering from extreme displacement from their homes and an ongoing food crisis. Search-and-rescue operations to procure loved ones' remains from collapsed and/or unstable structures have yet to begin. Refugee camps and shelters currently in-place represent significant security risks to those housed there, and local government forces are struggling to stem the uptick in crime rates within these areas.

At this time the situation on Hy-Brasil is deteriorating fast, and the Charitable's next steps on how to respond will be critical regarding the ongoing recovery of the indigenous people there.

It is our job to share all of God's miracles with the least of His children, and God-willing we will save the people of Hy-Brasil from this trial that has besieged their lives.



Mission Work Group(s)

The Theresa-7 & Zakaat-4 Mission Work Groups are the only dedicated MWG's assigned to this program.

The Theresa-7 MWG is composed of:

  • Four Executive Members.
  • Seven Trained Volunteers on yearly rotation.
  • Twelve Volunteers on yearly rotation.
  • Two Urban Search and Rescue Specialists.
  • One Health and Prevention Specialist.
  • Two Rescue and Intervention (Security) Specialists.

And is equipped with:

  • One adapted transport and utility semitrailer.
  • One dedicated MSU.
  • Two pickups trucks of different make.
  • Non-disposable medical equipment and gear.
  • Three months of medical supplies, including disposable and normal-abnormal materials, adjusted to the predicted rate of activity.
  • Training material (bibliography, practice material; normal-abnormal assets related are listed in complete equipment manifest).

The Zakaat-4 MWG is composed of:

  • Eight Executive Members.
  • Sixteen Trained Volunteers on yearly rotation.
  • Forty-three Volunteers on yearly rotation.
  • Six Infrastructure and Development Specialists.
  • Four Food Security Specialists.
  • Three Psychological Health Specialists.
  • Nine Rescue and Intervention (Security) Specialists.

And is equipped with:

  • One adapted transport and utility truck-hitch trailer.
  • Four adapted transport and utility semitrailers.
  • Three dedicated MSU.
  • Three pickup trucks and five four-wheel drive vehicles of different make.
  • Four MRE's (Meals Ready-to-Eat) per-inhabitant for initial distribution.
  • Two MCU already equipped with folding chairs and tables.
  • Training material (bibliography, practice material; normal-abnormal assets related are listed in complete equipment manifest).

Abnormal Assets

One abnormal asset has been deployed with the Theresa-7 Mission Work Group:

  • Second Global Occult Coalition Donation, to ensure quick and efficient extraction of bodies still emitting life signs from inside any collapsed and/or compromised structures.

Two abnormal assets have been deployed with the Zakaal-4 Mission Work Group:

  • First Prometheus Labs Donation, to provide a discreet mobile storage unit which will be used to hide medical and food equipment that are considered to be "theft risks."
  • Second Vesta Donation, to ensure a quick recovery in disaster victims' mental health and to contribute to the psychological recovery of memory-scarred children so that they may continue to live their normal lives.

Discontinued Works:

These tabs are for writing projects I have worked on which are no longer being considered for publishing. Aside from my own desire to keep these as something of a memoir, I will be keeping these with data listed at the bottom of the documents as to why the project was dropped.

This is not here to shame anyone for turning me down or criticizing me, rather as a writer I believe it is important for me to document my mistakes and failures so as to better myself and my works in the future, so I will keep the documents amongst these tabs as a reminder of what I've tried in the past and why it didn't work.

Hopefully, with luck, this will help me regulate myself and my works in the future.