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4mepablo 08/31/2019 (Saturday) 23:11:42 #14548292

My son Jimmy was a big gamer.

I don't know how many people on this board are old enough to remember, but back in the latter half of the 90s, video games were catching on. Super Mario 64. Ocarina of Time. Those were some of his favorites. He would always teach me how to play them, and I actually got into them pretty well. Sometimes I would get mad at him, tell him that he should be spending more time outside playing baseball or throwing frisbees or whatever the other kids did. But I could tell he was only truly happy in the world of video games.

I still remember the day he died. He had some sort of psychotic episode, ran away from home and climbed up to the top of an apartment building and wouldn't come down. It took me five hours to find him. Witnesses told me the entire time, he was screaming. It lasted for another hour until he jumped. He was 16.

What brings me to this forum is something I found today. I'm moving out of our old house in three days. Without my wife and Jimmy, this place is just old ghosts that should be buried. When I was going through his old room, I saw something out of the corner of my eye that I had never seen before. Hidden behind a bookshelf was a hole in the drywall. It looked like it had been here for a while. I saw a tiny piece of plastic dangling out, and I tugged on it, revealing a baggie with a small thing in it. A Game Boy cartridge. On the front was the standard Pokemon Blue cover. On the back, the word "DELPHI" was scribbled in black pen. It was Jimmy's handwriting.

IIRC, Delphi was an ancient Greek city, the home of Apollo's oracle. Jimmy had never expressed the slightest knowledge of Greek history in the sixteen years I knew him. Something about this feels off. I'm going to put the cartridge in Jimmy's old Game Boy and see what happens. The turn of the century brought so many technological innovations that revolutionized gaming, allowing us to experience things we had only seen in our wildest dreams. What if one of these innovations brought something it shouldn't have along? What if these bits of pixels and code had the ability to break the human mind?

God damn it, I need to find out what happened to my Jimmy.

4mepablo 09/01/2019 (Sunday) 01:01:23 #14548293

I was right.

When I put the cartridge in and booted up the Game Boy, it wasn't the Pokemon Blue title that I saw. It was something else entirely.

A couple moments of nothingness hung in the air. Then, six tiny letters popped up in the middle of the screen. "DELPHI", they read, rendered in the most minimalist way possible, nothing more than a couple black pixels stitched together.