Benjamin Brogain's WIP

Sound of the sick

Item #: SCP-
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures:
SCP- is to be contained inside standard cell with soundproofing foam in the Euclid objects containment wing of Site-64. A microphone is to be placed next to SCP- inside of its containment cell, which will be monitored by a sound recognition software. Any change in SCP- s audio loop is to reported immediately to Site-64s active advisor. Any testing is currently suspended under the order of Dr. ████. Personnel who have come into contact with SCP- are to be recognized as a memetic cognitohazard and to be terminated on sight as to prevent the spread of SCP- s effect and progression to conversion to SCP—1.

SCP- is an unframed oil painting depicting a caucasian male figure placing a firearm in his oral cavity. SCP- has shown to be extremely resistant to extreme temperatures exceeding 1371 degrees celsius, puncture damage, tearing, and any non-anomalous means of destruction. Chemical analysis has revealed the paint used on the canvas is composed primarily of human blood and [DATA EXPUNGED]. Carved in the canvas board are 6 unidentified symbols, stylistically similar to the Georgian alphabet. SCP- was first discovered in 19██ after multiple reports of similar murder/suicides in the town of ███████, MA. By currently unknown means, SCP- constantly emits a high frequency loop of audio. Due to the anomalous properties of this audio loop, there is no current way for human subjects to listen to the contents without being affected. If a subject is exposed to SCP- multiple symptoms manifest instantly, including:

1. A 60-70% percent decrease in serotonin production from the gastrointestinal tract and a 50% increase in production of dopamine
2. Development of a severe form of Obsessive-compulsive disorder, resulting in all cases, a compulsion or ritual to spread the information of SCP-s audio loop via verbal communication.
3. A severe state of anxiety

When the subject has not completed the ritual, adrenaline levels will increase substantially. If more than 5 subjects have been affected, the subject will develop extreme intrusive thoughts of self termination. After 5 hours of the onset of these suicidal thoughts without completion of the act of suicide, the subject’s internal body temperature will rise to around 80 degrees Celsius and expire. 50 minutes after death, the subject will begin a physiological metamorphosis. Changes include

1. Muscle tissue increase to 200% of its original mass.
2. Skeletal structure will begin to deteriorate and be expelled through the oral cavity
3. Heart, liver, and pancreas,and intestinal failure occurs
4. Destruction of 85% of brain and nervous system tissue
5. Digestive enzyme production will increase
6. A formation of a new organ used for propulsion of stomach acid and [REDACTED]
7. Reanimation of the subject

The new subject is now to be referred to as SCP—1. SCP—1 will actively seek out any human in order to physically expose them to SCP-. SCP—1 has shown to be extremely resistant to physical damage, as most originally vital organs have been rendered useless with its new physiology. Immolation has shown in field cases to be the most effective technique of termination.
Addendum 1: So far, 3 instances of non-contact transmission of SCP- symptoms have occured. This has led researchers to believe that SCP- is capable on non-auditory transmission of its memetic information. Reclassification to keter is pending.