A Summoning
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter of at least twenty kilometers is to be maintained around SCP-XXXX at all times; no personnel shall be allowed into the perimeter without the authorization of Head Researcher Doctor Harriet Culpepper.

Description: SCP-XXXX is an explosion that takes place at random intervals, located in Lancashire, United Kingdom. The blast magnitude varies wildly between instances, ranging from virtually undetectable in the case of SCP-XXXX-104 through -117 to several megatons, as seen with SCP-XXXX-3. The epicenter of the explosion is consistent throughout all instances.

The magnitude of the explosion appears to correlate with the frequency of explosion; the longer the period between instances, the higher the magnitude of the explosion.

SCP-XXXX instances are not visible to the human eye; however, multiple eyewitness accounts report of a strange entity being visible from the epicenter of SCP-XXXX, hereafter referred to as SCP-XXXX-A. Such accounts show very little consistency; descriptions range from a man wearing a white cloak, screaming, to a hulking flesh-coloured entity of no discernible shape, to a tall pillar made from copper. SCP-XXXX-A does not appear on recording equipment or in photographs.

Addendum: Instances of SCP-XXXX of note:


Date: 1518

Casualties: 3

The first known instance of SCP-XXXX is recorded only in the diary of Father John Taylor, priest of the local church. He reports hearing a large bang so forceful it shattered the church windows. Upon investigating the source of the blast, he found the bodies of three local men referred to only as Joseph, Simon, and Edward and the burning remains of a book. Taylor blamed the explosion on “witchcraft”.


Date: 1535

Casualties: 76

After a minor explosion in 1520, again recorded in Father Taylor’s diary, SCP-XXXX displayed no activity for fifteen years. Once again, Taylor (no longer practicing) writes the only contemporary account of the incident: he describes a great invisible force knocking men down in the street and flattering houses, describing it as “a curse on these protestants heathens.” Taylor himself reported a broken leg from the impact, an injury that would kill him several weeks after his last entry.

Only one other account exists, that of a villager called Edward Thorne. Following his arrest for stealing a loaf of bed, he faced the assizes and mentioned “the face of the devil” which he saw during the destruction of his village. He describes seeing at the epicenter of the blast “a swarming mess of gnashing teeth and nipping claws and a thousand other impossibilities”. He ends by saying “it was not of this world; it was surely never made to live on God’s earth”. The results of Thorne’s trial are not recorded.

As of the present, SCP-XXXX-3 remains the most devastating of SCP-XXXX instances.


Date: 1956

Casualties: 0
The anomaly came to the attention of the Foundation following the account of Thaddeus Darby, a local farmer, who reported repeated localized explosions from his farmstead and angrily complained of “unlicensed weapons tests” killing his sheep. Upon further examination, he reported repeated dreams of a “shapeless entity” telling him repeatedly to “cut the cord, burn the book”. This phenomenon has not been recorded at any other instances and researchers doubt it is related to the anomaly.

The Streep-Hunter Hypothesis
Shortly after SCP-XXXX was discovered, Research Head Doctor Edwin Streep and Assistant Research Head Doctor Scarlett Hunter former the Streep-Hunter hypothesis, purporting that the magnitude of SCP-XXXX instances is directly related to its frequency. Therefore, they argued, instances should be artificially induced prematurely to prevent large-scale explosions. However, attempts at this repeatedly failed.

Doctors Streep and Hunter were later reprimanded for attempting to find the book mentioned in John Taylor’s diary, believing that it was the same book referred to in Darby’s dream. Despite multiple attempts to locate it, both reported to their superiors that all attempts failed.

SCP-XXXX has shown no activity for the last fifty years.