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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Specimen is to be held captive inside a specialized Humanoid Class-C compartment at Humanoid Contaiment Site 06-3. SCP-XXXX can only be accessed per prior approval of in-site manager Dr. ████ ██████ and of 2 Level-03 or higher Staff.

SCP-XXXX must be contained inside a cell with the following characteristics:

  • 2 High-speed cameras of at least 200FPS (Frames per second) framerate with a movement tracking sensor. Until further research both cameras have to be insulated with a graphene-manganesean alloy.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a humanoid sapient creature of unknown origin. SCP-XXXX is 1.65m tall and weights 40 ± 2 Kg. SCP-XXXX shares physical traits with animals pertaining to Amphibia class - Urodela order, such as a basal tetrapod body covered in moist composed of [DATA EXPUNGED] with 2 upper limbs with 4 fingers each, 2 lower limbs with 5 toes each, a 90cm long tail and a cylindrical trunk with several depressions on the skin parting from the coastal grooves to the extreme of the tail. SCP-XXXX appendages lack fingerprints but manifest numerous autonomous thermo-reactive scales.

SCP-XXXX also presents 2 sets of eyes (search the name for eyes en el puto costado, y los ojos negros). The nostrils possess cuticulae doors so chemical info controlled and suspect to have vomeronasal organs based on cyan hue stretching from the nostrils to the corner of the mouth along the nasolabial groove.

SCP-XXXX is tripedal, using its tail to maintain rigid vertical movement with speeds reaching as to 60km/h. SCP-XXXX can also move as a quadruped against non-horizontal surfaces using its moisturized appendages as seen in Experiment Log-XXXX-2, doubling its vertical speed.


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