berzerko 2

Item #: SCP-?

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-? is to be locked at all times. The entrance to SCP-? is to be monitored by foundation personnel stationed in nearby apartments. A high level security system has been installed inside of SCP-? that will notify all foundation personnel assigned to SCP-? in the event of a security breach. Anyone found attempting to break and enter SCP-? are to be apprehended and detained. The building has been declared condemned due to a cockroach infestation as a cover story, and the perimeter is to be surrounded by 8 ft. tall chain link fencing.

Personnel approved for research are allowed access to the interior of SCP-? for a maximum of one hour at a time. Cameras and microphones placed in each room are for purposes of testing on live subjects. Any materials produced during testing from living organisms are to be destroyed via incineration. D-class testing is hereby prohibited.

Description: SCP-? is a two story apartment building located in the █████ ████ apartment complex in Tampa Florida. The outside of the building matches that of the surrounding buildings, having been renovated via cooperation with the owners of the apartment complex in 19██. The interior houses basic furniture and appliances, such as a living room, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen with various appliances, and a CRT television screen with VCR and DVD player attached. When removed from SCP-? these objects show no anomalous effects. The walls of SCP-? are decorated with posters and framed pictures of pornography. The content of which ranges from scantily clad men and women to still frames of explicit films. Like other furniture and appliances present in SCP-?, they show no anomalous properties. These posters and photos have been covered.

When organic matter is introduced to the interior of SCP-? a transformation of molecular structure occurs. Organic matter is transformed into a matter of plastics and rubbers, the most prominent of which being medical grade silicone. However, a living specimen undergoes a much more specialized transformation. A living organism's whole body is transformed into solid silicone gel, while openings into the organism are turned into shallow tunnels that close off. Dissection reveals that a fully transformed organism retains no original internal anatomy.

The duration of this process varies with the size of the organism. Small organisms such as lab mice are fully transformed over the course of 2 days, while a human subject at around six feet tall takes around 3 weeks. The approximate beginning of transformation is unknown, but is hypothesized to be between 1 and 3 hours of exposure.

The transformation of human subjects shows additional anomalous properties. Body features are exaggerated, such as breasts enlarging in female subjects and genitalia enlarging in male subjects. The type of silica gel that the subject is made of is softer, and more durable. Tests on this material shows no abnormalities.

The process of transformation has been described as feeling "extremely uncomfortable". Subjects report abdominal pain, headaches, cold sweats, dehydration, and in select cases feelings of loss of time or disassociation. Those inside SCP-? for extended periods of time become less intelligent, more sluggish, and gain a significantly higher pain threshold. Subjects often expire due to organ failure, heart attack, or significant brain damage.

Addendum ?-01:
Letter to Site 53 Director ████ from researcher Tom ██.

Dear ████,

I've decided to contact you regarding the testing of SCP-?. I know this SCP is technically out of your jurisdiction but you're the closest person I know that makes decisions on these sorts of things. The issue is that the "test subjects" that come out of SCP-? I believe are being mistreated. I would rather not name any personnel, but some have been taking souvenirs. We've tested on ten different lab mice and we've got 6 left. But I'm not here to complain to you about rats, honestly I couldn't care less if people were stealing rubber rodents. What I'm concerned about is the- in my opinion- over testing with D-Class subjects, and what happens to them.

In my time on this SCP I've seen five different people go into SCP-?- without the intent of coming out. All were female, and this got me asking some questions. Questions like, "Why do we need female D-class specifically, and what are we testing so much for?". So, I went and checked the records of all the D-class we've sent in, and a pattern shows up. A D-class is requested, they go in, a couple weeks pass, they come out, and the "result" of the test turns up missing. I think it's clear what's happening, and pardon the unprofessionalism, but it disgusts and horrifies me. They're dead bodies. There's no way around that; part of the natural progression of SCP-?'s effects is that the subject dies. The foundation may treat the D-class as guinea pigs, but this is over the line.

Regards, Tom

On 2███ site 53 director ████ █████████ added Addendum ?-01 to the special containment procedures regarding SCP-?.

"Due to the misconduct of foundation employees assigned to SCP-?, all current and future test subjects presented to SCP-?'s anomalous properties are to be destroyed. No circumstances are to involve removal of test subjects from research laboratories or SCP-? testing associated areas. Furthermore, testing involving D-class has been prohibited until further notice. All current personnel associated with the project have been relocated. I hope the future of the SCP's containment can be more professional."