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Item Number: SCP-██

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-██-1 is at all times located in an ordinary maintenance garage. Regular maintenance consisting of cleaning and disposing of insects is to be performed on SCP-██-1 by an experienced auto mechanic, either Janitor ███ or Dr. [REDACTED]. It is unknown if using regular, non-anomalous parts will neutralize the effects of SCP-██, so replacing parts is not an option at current times.

SCP-██-2 can be used as the main transportation vehicle of [REDACTED], a front of the Foundation specializing in capturing safe, nonliving anomalous items, such as those seen on Log Of Anomalous Items. See Protocol-██. No maintenance is required on SCP-██-2, and no living organism should enter the back of SCP-██-2 aside from when testing.

Description: SCP-██ refers to two identical plumbing vans of an unknown make which appear to be from the 1970's. The trucks are white, with a five-foot thick blue stripe spanning both sides of the back, stopping at the cab and the back door.

SCP-██-1 is in a heavy state of disrepair. The windshield, right headlight, and both taillights are all busted. The ceiling of the cab is fallen in and rotted, and all tires are popped. Despite this, the engine and all mechanical parts that allow for SCP-██-1 to run are in perfect working order1.

SCP-██-2 is in perfect condition and functions just as a regular van.

The anomalous effect that drew the Foundation's attention was that any damage done to SCP-██-2's exterior is instead done to SCP-██-1. Upon recovery of SCP-██, Foundation personnel noticed a more pronounced and helpful dangerous interesting property. Any item put into SCP-██-2 via the back door will be trans-located to the back of SCP-██-2 seemingly instantaneously. Following Event-██-1 during recovery, no Foundation personnel other than D-Class may enter SCP-██-2 at any time.