bigoldidiot (Fighting for our Country)


Object Class- Safe

Special Containment Procedures All instances of SCP-XXX that are found on non-SCP Foundation computers are to be backed up on Flashdrive-4805 (see Dr. █████), before being promptly deleted from the computer. Viewing of the documents is restricted to Level 4 personnel and up.

Description- SCP-XXX instances are random military field reports that appear at random times on random days on United State government data hard drives that claim to be copied from hand-written reports. No person has ever been found to add these reports, and most of them are nonsensical. All of the instances so far take place in times either just before, or just after World War Two.

Investigation into the places these reports describe come up empty-handed, finding no evidence of human contact.

These reports often describe impossible feats for the time, such as using weaponary that was not available at the time the document takes place, and using terms that were either not invented or commonly used at the time-frame.