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Item #: SCP – XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Photograph taken from SCP-XXXX's interior - Ground floor

Special Containment Procedures: Due to the fact that SCP-XXXX is very close to civilian population and in order to not expose the Foundation's operations, the perimeter of SCP-XXXX is to be guarded by unarmed security personnel dressed as regular security guards. Posters warning of carcinogenic toxic waste around SCP-XXXX are to be plastered on building blocks in a 1km distance away from SCP-XXXX to discourage civilians from entering. Security personnel need to patrol in groups consisting of no less than 3 guards at any given moment. This also applies to any researchers and Class D personnel (unless ordered otherwise).

Citizens attempting to approach the perimeter SCP-XXXX are to be warned by security personnel. Individuals caught trying to sneak inside or forcibly enter SCP-XXXX are to be detained immediately and moved to ██████ for interrogation. Foundation personnel that exhibit irrational or unusual behaviour need to be detained and transferred to █████ for emergency psychiatric evaluation. During any of the aforementioned events, it is imperative that security personnel never stay alone and always operate within groups of at least 3 people.

Following the events of SCP-XXXX-1-A's exploration, nobody is allowed on the 5th floor of SCP-XXXX-1.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a condemned industrial building located in [DATA EXPUNGED]. The factory's history was well recorded and the Foundation's efforts to expunge and falsify all available information has been completed in 20██. A cover-up story has been propagated with the help of the local press, warning civilians of toxic waste inside the factory grounds. While it was operating, there weren't any reports of unusual activity in SCP-XXXX. It is therefore believed that SCP-XXXX has acquired its anomalous nature some time after its closure. A number of unexplained disappearances in the area around SCP-XXXX has led to its discovery by Field Agent █████.

Photograph taken from SCP-XXXX's interior - 3rd floor

SCP-XXXX seems to “call” individuals through unknown means. Examining the lists of unresolved missing persons cases documented by local police in the area, it is surmised that individuals who live secluded lives are especially vulnerable to SCP-XXXX's call. It has been later discovered that anyone can fall prey to this effect. However, the closer a person gets to SCP-XXXX, the quicker that person succumbs to its effect and the greater its potency is. Citizens who were apprehended while attempting to enter SCP-XXXX display erratic or abnormal behaviour and they appear to be looking for something and become fixated on this search. The same effect also manifested in Class D personnel who were ordered to roam freely inside of SCP-XXXX. When asked about their condition, the afflicted individuals reply that they are looking for “him”, without being able to describe who “he” is or the reason for their obsession. While it is unknown how SCP-XXXX communicates with its victims, it has been deduced that personnel in groups of 3 people or more are immune to this effect while inside SCP-XXXX.

Class-B amnestics have proven to be extremely effective in combating SCP-XXXX's effect, however a very large percentage of individuals who have been cured express an unexplained feeling of loss (like that of a loved one) and appear unusually unmotivated. It has yet to be determined whether SCP-XXXX can influence the same individuals again. As a security precaution, all personnel afflicted by SCP-XXXX will be treated with amnestics and then be reassigned elsewhere. Civilians will also receive amnestic treatment, then be returned to their homes and secretly monitored by the Foundation.Throughout the years after SCP-XXXX's containment, 34 affected citizens have been apprehended before they could enter the site's perimeter. Surveillance of their homes is still ongoing.

Inside SCP-XXXX, there is an elevator shaft with the elevator missing, hereby designated as SCP-XXXX-A (see SCP-XXXX-A Discovery Incident). SCP-XXXX-A seems to be infinitely deep, but only when observed from the top (5th) floor. Examining the elevator shaft from any of the other floors shows absolutely no abnormality – light and objects may pass between floors normally. However, dropping any light source down this shaft from the top floor indicates that SCP-XXXX-A is impossibly deep, as the light disappears after a few seconds and no sound from hitting the bottom is ever heard. Upon its discovery, it has been confirmed that individuals who display unusual behaviour due to SCP-XXXX exposure voluntarily jump into this pit. Individuals cannot be recovered once they jump in it and must be presumed dead.