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Item #: SCP-4959


Clearest known photo of SCP-4959 seen through MTF Mu 9-04’s headcamera upon day of discovery (Note the interruption of the video feed).

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures:

SCP-4959 Is to be contained in its containment cell in Site 06-3 Section D at Site 88. This is a 9m X 9m X 9m chamber composed of soundproofed concrete 1m thick. The door to SCP-4959 's chamber is 50cm thick and also soundproofed. No light, openings or windows of any kind are to be featured in the cell. Any holes or cracks are to be filled in immediately. is to be kept in darkness at all times. Contact with SCP-4959 is prohibited, on the exception SCP-4959 that it is allowed only for Dr. ██████’s ████████ █████████, and research purposes. Should containment be breached, the entirety of Section D is to blackout, self seal and undergo a state of lock-down until SCP-4959 has been re-contained. All instances of SCP-4959-1 are to be held in the hospital ward at Sector 9, where they may undergo therapy. All instances of SCP-4959-2 must be terminated.


SCP-4959 appears to be a tall humanoid creature, measuring approximately 3.7m (12ft) tall. It's hands are abnormally large, with the average finger measuring around 43cm (17 inches) long. In it's regular state, SCP-4959 wears nothing but a white loincloth, comprised of what appears to be weaved hair. SCP-4959's facial features consist of a flat, "reptilian-like" nose, quite large eyeballs, (which are incapable of blinking) and an incredibly large mouth that measures almost 1m in width, which appears to be incapable of opening. It is also notable that it rarely changes it's facial expression (grinning slightly). Tests on SCP-4959 have revealed that it possesses none of the circulatory, lymphatic, endocrine and digestive systems present in most organisms, though it appears to function without needing them. How this is possible is as of yet unknown. SCP-4959 emits a sound that appears to be heavy breathing, which it does so through its nostrils. This sound is known to create feelings of stress, anxiety and paranoia to the listener, hence the soundproofing of it’s containment cell.

The anomalous effects of SCP-4959 are as follows:
When in close proximity to SCP-4959, one will hear the heavy breathing that it emits. Upon observing any physical part of SCP-4959, the viewer enters a permanent state when, upon blinking, they see the face of SCP-4959 instead - The face appears consistently whenever one shuts their eyes. The viewer is at this point referred to as SCP-4959-1. The use of the foundation’s amnestics do not stop these effects. Extensive surgical research has shown that all instances of SCP-4959-1 actually have the image connected to their retinas. Dreams of SCP-4959-1 all seem to have been replaced with scenes and scenarios of SCP-4959. (See Interview Log 02) The effects imposed on the instances of SCP-4959-1 usually cause paranoia, insomnia and schizophrenia - some have requested euthanasia, some are driven to suicide. However, this effect does not work with photos and video recordings of SCP-4959. Instead, they appear distorted - cameras begin to glitch and lose power in it's presence. To this date, ███ instances of SCP-4959-1 are held by the Foundation.

SCP-4959-2 are instances of humans who have come into physical contact with SCP-4959. Through touch of SCP-4959, the victim receives messages communicated telepathically from SCP-4959. It has demonstrated that it is capable of telepathic speech in over 60 different languages. SCP-4959 can only sustain telepathic contact with its victims when they are touching. After contact, the victims will proceed to experience extreme seizures; this phase usually lasts 30-60 minutes. If this does not kill them, SCP-4959-2 recovers, and attempts to murder the closest person to them by strangulation. 100% of these cases involve SCP-4959-2 uttering the words: "I'm sorry, but he told me to," repeatedly. SCP-4959-2 instances seem to be extremely resistant to pain. It is assumed that physical contact with SCP-4959 puts people into a sort of "trance" in which their pain receptors are cut off from the brain (See Interview Log 01).