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Item #: SCP-5138
Object Class: Euclid
Special Containment Procedures: SCP-5138 is to be contained in a standard humanoid containment chamber in sector b site-██ with basic humanoid necessities but due to the nature of SCP-5138 a feeding tube is attached to the stomach of SCP-5138. Three times a day one level 3 researcher with a guard is to inject essential nutrition's to SCP-5138. It is also to be given Tylenol pills every day. Every 4 weeks SCP-5138 is to be given, "Restoril.” After six hours two D-class personnel with surgical gloves and walkie-talkies are to remove SCP-5138's “skin.” After removal of the rotting skin. SCP-5138 is to be applied with a new batch D-class personnel have an option to use class-A amnestic after. Requests from SCP-5138 are to be approved by level 3 personnel or higher. To date SCP-5138 has requested: 1. A journal with a pen(granted)
2. Burger with fries[Liquid form] (granted).
3. A portable radio (granted)..
Under no means necessary SCP-5138 is to be injected with any types of coffee.
Description:SCP-5138 is a humanoid resembling a stranded muscle structure of a 25 year old male with a Boston accent. When pressed on its origins, the subject expressed annoyance at the fact.SCP-5138 has said that standard movement/eating is painful. SCP-5138 regularly changes its skin every 5 weeks due to rot. Attempts to elongate the rotting process with Embalming have been successful. After removing its skin normally SCP-5138 seeks out a person who will now be referred as SCP-5138-1.SCP-5138 seeks out SCP-5138-1 and kills the subject with any means possible. After the death of SCP-5138-1. SCP-5138 begins to skin the subject.SCP-5138 will start by removing the organs, skeleton and muscles of SCP-5138-1.SCP-5138 will take about three, or four hours normally.After removing the organs, skeleton, muscles SCP-5138 will put on the skin of SCP-5138-1 often copying the voice of SCP-5138-1.SCP-5138 will atemmpet to rejoin society to minimal success.SCP-5138 does not pose any memory of these events and is not hostile until a another event. Normally SCP-5138 is writing/Listening to its diary/radio. In one occasion SCP-5138 began crying after therapy session seventeen. During the discovery of SCP-5138 pictures of the hospital ████████ was found next to the anomaly. When shown to SCP-5138 the anomaly has refused to explain the picture any further. Investigation of ████████ is currently ongoing.
Addendum: Due to nature of containing SCP-5138. Dr Renard has approved of using dead class D personnel to use as “skins” for SCP-5138. Footnotes
1. SCP-5138 was discovered in the butcher shop ████████ boston's freezer to " make the skin rot less.”SCP-5138 was suffering from hypothermia, and the staff and manager of ████████ where administered class-C amnestics
2. Research team ████████ have discovered pictures of SCP-5138 in the hospital ████████ Boston.Due to the potential of SCP-5138 instences in ████████. Team ███ are currently situated near ████████.Investigation currenty ongoing.