Item #: SCP-4278

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4278 is to be kept in a locked containment 1,500 m underground at all times. When personnel must enter SCP-4278's cell, no more than 2 may enter at any time and the door is to be relocked behind them. Due to the fragility of SCP-4278's anger and fear management, absolutely no weapons of any kind are to be brought inside the cell. Security personnel positioned outside the cell are to be armed in any case of containment breach or termination of SCP-4278. All personnel entering the cell must be accompanied by a doctor that has gained SCP-4278's trust to prevent spikes in fear.

Description: SCP-4278 is a humanoid creature approximately 1.9 meters in height. Subject is moderately built, having most of its muscle mass in its arms, probably from its tantrums caused by fragile anger and fear management. Skin is a dark tan with hair on the top of its head, and dark red eyes. It has a Safe-class companion (identified as SCP-4279), a bird native to SCP-4278's former territory, but scientists have yet to identify the exact species.

Subject can burst into tantrums of anger or fear if provoked or in a serious to extreme state of distrust or confusion. When bursting out in anger, subject has been observed to pull whole chunks of material out of walls, floors, ceilings, or any structure in his near vicinity and throw it around aimlessly. If caught in a random anger tantrum, SCP-4278 will not target any living thing to destroy, but if provoked into a tantrum, subject has been seen to maul its provoker. In fear tantrums, SCP-4278 has been observed to rip material out of any structure in his vicinity and create a shielding dome of protection around himself, or throw things around as to scare off anyone of anything the subject does not trust. Any death caused by mindless anger tantrums or fear tantrums are thus considered accidental.

When in an anger tantrum, the subject unleashes a scream that starts at the highest frequency of sound known to man and descending down to the lowest frequency of sound known to man over the course of 60 seconds. This scream has been known to cause the explosion of body parts, shatter walls, floors, ceilings, and any structure in a vicinity of 500 meters. The subject then proceeds to aimless throw chunks of material in every direction unless provoked into anger, in which the subject will [DATA REDACTED] the provoker (further identified as 4278-1) until it is deceased.

In a fear tantrum, SCP-4278 will let out a growl for a recorded 15 second before letting out a siren-like scream for 60 seconds before removing material from its environment to create a shield around itself. If subject does not sense any hostile entities in its vicinity, it will deconstruct the shield and return to a docile state. If the subject does sense a hostile entity in its vicinity (further identified as SCP-4278-2), it will attach materials to one of its two arms to make an arm-held shield while it [DATA REDACTED] SCP-4278-2 until it is deceased.

Due to unstable and unpredictable habits, subject is to be approached only by personnel it trusts in order to reduce the risk of tantrums.

SCP-4278 was discovered in a remote location in east ██████████████ when locals reported massive chunks of material ripped form buildings and nearby natural structures (see Incident Report titled Document 4278-1).