Object Class - Euclid

Special Contaiment Procedures - Object is to be kept in a removable glass case that is 2.5 centimeters(1 inch) thick, and 25 centimeters(10 inches) in length, width, and height, this removable glass case should have no base, and will be kept on a pedestal made of steel that is 1 meter (3 feet) in height. Object should be kept at Site-88 in Section C. At no point should a person who is addicted to smoking should enter within 5 km (3 miles) of the object, due to its anomalous properties, experimenting should be given approval by a staff member of level 3 or higher.

Description - Object was contained in 2013 when Dr. (Idk how to do the black boxes) died abruptly. Object appears to be a standard issue Smokin Joe's cigarette box, with highly anomalous properties. Tests indicate there is no biological substances within the object.

Object is sentient, with the Native American on the front of the box speaking to staff personnel when asked, object is highly compliant to questions. Object does not know its origin, it says it just "woke up" at a point in time, it is presumed the object was created in a factory somewhere in the US

When a person who is addicted to smoking enters within 3km of the object, the object will teleport to the person and replace the current cigarette box the person has. The object will produce a cigarette after one is consumed by the person, therefore making an "infinite cigarette box". If person has brand of cigarette other than Smokin Joe's, object will become the brand of cigarette the person uses until the person is dead, when person is dead, object will revert back to a standard issue Smokin Joe's. When a cigarette produced by the object is smoked by the person the cigarette will produce a substance that is highly similar to that of the substance of SCP-035, and this substance will quickly head to all organs usually hurt by smoking. Substance will kill the person smoking within a few hours, and will eat through the body, inside to out, when this process is over, object will recall the cigarette, and object will seem sleepy, and will "sleep". Object will then awaken, seeming "energized" and "happy".