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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid


Still image of a landscape within the radius of SCP-XXXX taken by recovery teams.


Map of recorded aircraft crash sites within SCP-XXXX.

Special Containment Procedures: The area surrounding SCP-XXXX in a 1km radius is to be fenced-off and patrolled regularly as a strict wildlife reserve. All non-autonomous aircraft are to be denied access to pass over SCP-XXXX. Local authorities have agreed with our conditions and are willing to accept our influence in this area.

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a 25km radius of dense boreal forest in Far-Eastern Russia. The epicentre of SCP-XXXX is 243 km from the nearest sustained human population in Yakutsk, and encompasses 157km² of landmass. Vegetation within the zone of SCP-XXXX is limited presumably due to the climate, and relatively little edible flora is available causing a negative affect on wildlife. Notably, deer and bear populations within SCP-XXXX halved respectively within two years between 197█ and 198█, apparently due to overhunting.

Forests within SCP-XXXX are characterised by a dense population of pine, spruce, birch and poplars, separated by frequent streams and fast-flowing rivers. Winter temperatures within the zone of SCP-XXXX range between -17° and 4°.

The area within SCP-XXXX is affected by an anomalous magnetic and slight temporal distortion, which can cause an intense loss of general coordination, balance and direction in humans. Effects on wildlife are similar to that on humans, however birds and fish are observed to be more directly affected by the magnetic distortion which is seen to disrupt migratory patterns.

All instances of manually-driven aircraft entering the zone of SCP-XXXX including bushplanes and commercial airliners have been observed to spontaneously lose altitude. Aircraft caught crossing SCP-XXXX will break-apart approximately after 6 minutes of sharp descent following striking contact with the treeline. Presumably, pilots will lose control of their aircraft and accidentally crash.

Survival rates of these crashes are high, despite the violent nature of most descents. Most survivors are observed, like the animal population, to become 'stranded' within the zone of SCP-XXXX due to a complete loss in navigational ability. Survivors who attempt to leave SCP-XXXX usually take a path that leads in a circle, therefore in most cases preventing exit.

Records of some survivors written as diaries have been recovered with extensive efforts, documenting the situation of the area within SCP-XXXX. All accounts of survivors written within SCP-XXXX share the reporting of an apparent primitive indigenous population living within SCP-XXXX. Descriptions of this population is vague, consisting of up to 500 individuals and centralised around three separate factions. Relations between factions are reported to be extremely hostile, including the widespread practice of human cannibalism. It is suspected that acts of cannibalism between factions are performed out of necessity or desperation due to the lack of large wildlife within the region.

Addendum XXXX-a | Recorded Entries of Michael Lister

Addendum XXXX-b | Notice from Dr. Reed

Notice from Dr. Reed addressing Dr. Marshall

Is this what the human race condenses down into? When there's nothing left to eat?

Sorry. I feel sick working on this project. Drop napalm on the fucking place, I don't care. Just don't let this continue.