blobfish homeland

The following document was recovered near to the body of Dr. █████ following his unexplained death. The context is currently unknown.


There is little reason for me to write about this other than for clarity and for records. As a member of the O5, you are not expected to read what I have written. However, I have documented my thoughts on the matter so that you can.

I feel the lackless, emotionless language we use here part of the reason we cannot freely express our situation anymore. As such, I have taken liberties. I will surely kill myself in the coming hours, but I cannot help it, since I will have collapsed from an overdose by then. Before I die, however, I feel I need to make my full will and intention perfectly clear:


That was when I joined. I've spent 68 years here. I have more experience of this place than some of you have at breathing. Somehow, I feel as if I might of myself brought-about its end. Regardless, I certainly watched it fall.

The Foundation is wrong.

1. The Foundation is misguided. You may expect it to behave similar to a prison system, as it is stretched by the same limits of containment, albeit on a different scale. However, the purpose of a prison is to isolate specific individuals from the rest of society. In terms of a prison, the prisoners are regarded lower in human priority to the rest of the public.

This is not entirely the case with the Foundation, which behaves like a wildlife reserve. The fundamental purpose of the Foundation is not to isolate individual objects, but to keep them existing. This is a pointless cause, and becomes increasingly harder with time. Objects that are secured by the Foundation are regarded higher than human life, regularly examined using expendable human test subjects (in the form of D-Class personnel) and frequently prioritised over the civilian population; contained and preserved at the risk of thousands of individuals. This leads to my second point:

2. The Foundation is reckless. As you will surely know, many objects stored here at the Foundation are fully-capable of causing a global catastrophe. However, this is rarely questioned, and the effort to preserve the existence of objects capable of such destruction is grossly prioritised over the risk that these objects pose.

3. The Foundation frequently risks the lives of its employees with very little cause. There is no reason to expend so many D-Class personnel, hire so many armed guards, or risk the lives of research staff working on dangerous projects. In this sense, the Foundation would prefer to pause time and examine a bomb rather than defuse it.

The Foundation died 68 years ago.

1. The Foundation is dead. Its original motif, and purpose, are long forgotten. There is no reason it should still exist, but it does regardless, continuing its perpetual risk to our society we live in.

2. The Foundation is no longer the same Foundation. The frequent use of amnestic agents is part of this effect. I cannot tell if the name I go by was, in fact, my real name. I accept it because that is what I have been told. The extensive censorship of documents, classification of objects and people and teams has created a distance to the Foundation. Objects, at times, do not seem to exist as more than a work of fiction in some forgotten cell somewhere under a mountain.

I have donated everything I can to its cause, not because I wanted to, but because I have done. I do not remember spending 68 years here, and from start to finish, I cannot fully clarify where it has changed. I just know it has.

3. The Foundation will never end, but it has already died. This is not the Foundation I used to be part of. This one is confused, misguided, and essentially broken. It runs like a machine stuck inside a closed loop, repeating without clear purpose but maintained by ideas set years ago in the past. It won't end, but it's already lost.


The Foundation is cowardly.

This has been the case for many years. The Foundation frequently erases its existence from the public domain. I have already declared the acts taken by the organisation unjust, and it is aware of this. Why else would it hide from democratic infringement? Because it would be illegal under the eyes of the public. Whatever it does must be hidden. Whatever great leap in science it takes must be suppressed and choked. The Foundation makes itself nothing.

The Foundation is broken.

I'm sure you, as an employee, may be aware of this, yet rarely come to think of this. The cost of containing a stacking number of dangerous objects is strenuous, and has collapsed many times in the past. Most of the Foundation's basic work is outsourced. It is collapsing, and everything inside is bursting out from the seams. When, not if, the Foundation breaks once more, everything will come out. Everything.

Why the hell do you think I'm doing this? I can barely see already. At least I can finally die.


They tell you lies. Don't listen to whatever they say. Why else would these groups exist? The Serpent's Hand? The CI? They're a counter-movement we should all support. Whether it keeps them alive or inprisons them - it hasn't taken sides. The Foundation is an enemy to everyone. Burn the Foundation. One day it will burn you.

Hell, I'm almost up. I don't think I can stand. When they find me, I will be dead. Make no allowance. Founding member? Hah. I am the Foundation, goddammit. It lives in all of us, but it lives in me the most. I was there in the beginning. I made this hell, and I watched it fall. Let them censor this, if they can. I made the idea, and I spoke inside my head freely. I wrote these words to remind us. I wrote to remind us all.

Dr. █████ was found collapsed and dead from severe alcohol inebriation, apparently suffering a stroke. This document is now archived. Further access is prohibited.