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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Neutralised

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX refers to a deceased adult male, recovered from █████ business unit, Caracas, a manufactory producing consumer smoke alarms. SCP-XXXX was found dead within the quality control room, in which select products are reviewed by managers to determine if faults are present in the production process. The room was locked from the inside, and barricaded by heavy filing cabinets, chairs and a table.

SCP-XXXX was described by staff at the manufactory to have been found after incessant alarm noise and screaming was heard originating from the quality control room. Records of the room made by recovery teams have been listed below:

  • SCP-XXXX found deceased upon a chair in the centre of the room. Fabric and cushioning appear to have been removed from the chair with a screwdriver found nearby.
  • An array of fire alarms, power supplies hacked into the mains socket near the entrance door. All triggered and alarming, producing an extremely loud resonance.
  • All lights within the room switched on and turned to maximum brightness.
  • Radio device in corner of room switched on and turned to highest volume, found on ███ FM on a classical music station.
  • SCP-XXXX appears to have attached several electrodes to himself, powered by mains voltage passed through a series of dampening resistors to produce an electrical stunning device.
  • SCP-XXXX appears to have taped his eyes open with thick insulation tape.
  • Photographs of SCP-XXXX's family have been placed on a coffee table in front of him.

Post-mortem examination of SCP-XXXX suggests cause of death was due to exhaustion, specifically, lack of sleep.

Events prior to SCP-XXXX's death remain unexplained. SCP-XXXX was noted to have returned to the manufactory on Friday 12th December 2018 at 20:05 (according to security footage), and was later found by staff after extensive efforts to enter the fortified room on Monday 15th (3 days later) at 7:20 after hearing extremely loud noise and vocalisations expressed from the quality control room SCP-XXXX was found in.

Item #: SCP-1966-J

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1966-J is understood to be mostly harmless, however is observed to spread rapidly among the civilian population, and should a more hazardous strain arise, could become a severe threat. Investigation is ongoing into methods of suppression.

Description: SCP-XXXX-J refers to a highly-transmittable memetic-obsessive effect currently understood to exist within a contained area of England. Individuals affected by SCP-XXXX-J will experience a variety of symptoms, including erratic mood changes, sudden loud applauding (often in public spaces), strong addiction to mild alcoholic substances, excessive support of hopeless chances, and indefatigable obsession with the hope of victory for the English men's football team in "the next" FIFA World Cup.

SCP-1966-J is observed to spread rapidly in 'English' environments, including bars, inns, alehouses, pubs, and any public area capable of supplying vast quantities of alcohol to large crowds, with regular outbreaks occurring within the football season. SCP-1966-J is expected to be airborne, and is so far understood to transmit following loud vocalisations from previously infected carriers. The infection is also understood to spread through dominant genes, causing consistent infection of offspring.

Following infection, neurological and physiological changes are irreversible, such as the ability to survive the consumption of 20 bottles of single-malt whiskey within 3 hours, and to remain consistently awake without need for food or water throughout the entirety of the world cup season. Individuals who surpass this stage without fault are noted to restructure their speech pattern considerably, reducing the number of syllables within each sentence and suffering from unexplainable and unprovoked exuberant repetition. Examples of shared repetition observed in large groups of infected subjects include "we'll win next time" and "he has to go, the manager has to go."

Infected individuals will degrade into an irritable yet dangerously optimistic state following the certain loss of England early into the world cup, similar to those affected to Bipolar syndrome. Infected subjects will then proceed to gamble innumerable sums of money against other infected subjects chancing whether "Brazil will bloody win this time". Infected subjects will repeat this cycle annually, which is noted to have repeated identically over 80 occurrences, excluding one anomalous result in 1966 in which England, did, somehow win.


ORIGINAL: 1916 | SCANNED: 1985


LAST EDITED: 02/11/1918


A naturally-occurring population of SCP-3328 during growth on the Passchendaele battlefront, January, 1916.

ITEM #: SCP-3328

OBJECT VARIETY: Euclidean Neutralised

SPECIAL CONTAINMENT PROCEDURES: Action must be taken to prevent SCP-3328 from propagating. All structures such as posts and fences surrounding populations of SCP-3328 are to be removed.

[EDITED 02/11/1918] SCP-3328 was officially neutralised during the artillery bombardment following the third offensive of the Ypres during October, 1917. Exact time of destruction is unknown (presumably unintentional), but no further instances have been found to date.

DESCRIPTION: SCP-3328 is an animate construction of barbed-wire, first reported in Passchendaele, January, 1916. Instances of SCP-3328 are known to exhibit features similar to floral life, such as the ability to reproduce and self-propagate, and are observed to reside in battlefields notorious for high casualties, presumably due to the lack of competing vegetation and abundance of edible material.

SCP-3328 will naturally convolute and enmesh over all supporting structures such as posts and fences already existing within the militarised zone [No-Man's-Land]. SCP-3328 is observed to propagate rapidly, establishing frequent 'entanglements' and rendering large areas of land impassable within days. Populations of SCP-3328 are especially established in areas where barbed-wire has already been installed. Existing barbed-wire may provide structure for SCP-3328 to hang to, or provide concealment. This suggests that SCP-3328 may use its appearance as camouflage and a deterrence to prevent it from being walked over or disturbed.

SCP-3328 is animate and capable of gradual movement. This is recognised to occur through slow contractions of the wire, presumably due to magnetic properties, allowing SCP-3328 to tighten and shift in position over time, however it is incapable of long-range movement or travel. Despite this, SCP-3328 will entangle and envelop individuals who pass through it. This method is similar in procedure to devices such as snare traps, and will constrict individuals to the point at which they expire from exposure or bloodloss. SCP-3328 is observed to target individuals who are already wounded or unable to resist, and at times refrains from engaging larger groups to prevent discovery.

Document 3328-1 | Senior Report: ██/██/1916, Addressing Loss of British Mark V Tank

Senior Report::: ██/██/1916. Cpt. Johnson. 32nd.


Reporting to confirm the loss of a British Mark V Tank near Ypres, exact location unverified and pending.

Vehicle found without crew, abandoned 200 yards behind advanced trenchline. Deemed unrecoverable due to the amount of barbed-wire enmeshed around it. Cause of breakdown appears to be due to compression of the tracks following severe entanglement in the wire. Most extreme case so far recorded.

Chassis degraded extensively. Recognised as abrasion from the wire. Most of the metal has degraded. Parts of engine could be recovered, but current internal state is unknown. Wire wall appears to have been drawn over the vehicle, hindering access to the hatch. Recovery would require extraneous effort regardless.

Suspected A.W.O.L crew. So far not found. Keep aware. Further investigation advised.

Document 3328-2 | Access; Recorded Telegram(s): SUBJECT: Equipment & Animal Losses

FROM: C. O. 122nd Infantry

TO: The Commanding General 36th Division (Attention Captain Speene)

SUBJECT: Equipment & Animal Losses

1. In compliance with Memorandum, Headquarter 36th Division,
January ██, 1916, to C. O. 122nd Infantry, the following account is submitted:

Cpt. Venkat suggested report into the loss of supplies in the region. Results conclude that the disruption is not due to shelling, and disproves any notion of such degree. Supply carts have been recovered from within the wire line still attached to their horses. Many of the animals are decomposed and have been abandoned, and the drivers are nowhere to be seen.

The loss of so many animals due to the fences suggests that they are no longer an asset to us. They are too close to the tracks. I assume the animals had fallen from the embankment and entangled themselves in it. Regardless, you surely understand the risk of running wire next to horses. I propose we move the wire backwards several yards to avoid further disruption in the supplies.

FROM: The Commanding General 36th Division

TO: C. O. 122nd Infantry (Attention Captain Stevens)

SUBJECT: RETURN #1, Equipment & Animal Losses

1. In compliance with Returning Order, the following account is submitted:

Sent half a fireteam to cut it back and re-stake. Are these your men? They didn't report back to me - I assume they reported to you. Regardless, the wire has moved back several yards. Tell one of the corporals they left their rifles down here. We're low on supplies as you've said.

Apologies for the notification, Officer.

Document 3328-3 | Transcribed Aviation Message, Ypres, Centre ████, 4:22P.M.

::::::::::::::::::::::::: PIGEON FORUM :::::::::::::::::::::::::


TO: C. O. 144th INFANTRY




- YPRES. 144th 1st BN.




Document 3328-4 | Notification of the Foundation

for conditions of acceptance, see over. Non-returnable.

Sent: 05/01/17
Received: 12/01/17

To: Field Marshall, Doughlas Haug

From: Cpt. White (BEF)

I understand you are an entrance to the so-called Containment Foundation, so may you pass this to whoever it needs to be given to.

The wire has been causing us trouble for some time. We tried to keep it quiet but people kept going missing. Now we all know, and people who are scared cannot be controlled. I've seen the wire move myself on too many an occasion and every time denied it, but I watched it kill the cavalry brigade as they went to search for help, and I know for certain it is real.

We found some of the bodies miles out in No-Man's-Land. We think it drags them out there for some reason. It took us a while to realise that supplies weren't reaching us. We pushed too far into enemy territory, and we occupy their trench right now. The wire is behind us as we speak. We are stuck here. Those who tried to find help are dead. We cannot retreat.

When some of us realised supplies weren't arriving we tried to clear it. Nothing worked. Wire cutters can't get a grip on it. It just keeps getting closer to the trenchline. Every day, it's another foot nearer. We have no hope of clearing it now. Someone suggested we contact you.

We cannot retreat. Do you understand? Please act immediately. I don't know how long it will take until it enters the trench with us, and we will be forced to invade the next one.

- Cpt. White (Member of British Expeditionary Force)

Secure, Correct, Protect

Addressing Cpt. White:

Sir, the Foundation is not authorised to issue removal or destruction of an object.

We may be able to offer containment services, however, although our assets are currently intervening in more pertaining matters than the one you described.

We will dispatch when possible, which may be in the coming weeks.

- Dr. Kapeer


NOTE: 122nd/144th infantry companies were decommissioned following extensive casualties after an unplanned and unauthorised attack on the next German trenchline.

It is expected that SCP-3328 was the cause, and has since been prioritised.

Threat Entity Database Entry

Threat ID:

UTE-9839-Templum-Ebbinghaus "The Blackbox"

Authorized Response Level:
0 (Threat Indeterminate)


UTE-9839 represents a non-descript object, inferred to be within a rapidly expanding zone last measured as 20km in radial area, originally situated within Călimani National Park, Romania. The area has since widened to include civilian populations, such as the evacuated town of Neagra, now a designated Zone-of-Alienation by the Romanian Government and Military Police, specified Zone-622, and is currently understood to inflict perception-alteration properties on individuals within its area.

The object at the centre of Zone-622 known as UTE-9839 is unknown in shape or dimensions, expected to be the source of the sensory-debilitating effects of Zone-622. Understanding of UTE-9839 would provide insight into the unexplained existence or purpose of Zone-622, and considerable efforts to recover UTE-9839 are currently underway.

The exact mechanics of the sensory-debilitating effects of Zone-622 are unclear, however individuals affected by these properties express similar narratives after exit from the zone. These include:

  • Mild amnesia, and slight loss of subconscious memory. Affected individuals take 1-3 days to regain coherent speech.
  • Some examples of unconsciousness or development of a mild comatose state.
  • Poor eyesight. Partial loss of smell/taste.

Symptoms described above share resemblance to post-traumatic amnesia, often associated to be caused through severe neurological trauma. It is expected that this neurological trauma caused by exposure to Zone-622 is subconscious, occuring within a 1-2 hour period after entry, during which all sensory functions gradually decrease in condition. Effects are often mild, but cases of repeated or prolonged exposure to Zone-622 (exceeding 24 hours) have demonstrated severe capabilities:


FOCUS : UTE-9839

[Extract #1 | Mikkael Caine | 67]

Elderly individual, pastoral farmer, former resident of Neagra. Recovered from Zone-622 while ensnared within a barbed wire fence used to pen cattle. Subject presumed to have been exposed to Zone-622 for 4 hours. Impairments include complete loss of sight and pain. Subject expired from bloodloss after extraction to hospital.

[Extract #2 | Stelian Vianu | 43]

Shepherd, former resident of Neagra. Recovered from outside Zone-622 after exiting zone on foot. Subject expected to have been exposed to Zone-622 for < 1 hour. Impairments include loss of balance. Subject suffered numerous injuries including bruising and fractures while attempted to leave the zone, presumed to have been caused by falling due to the loss of balance. Subject was the first to notify authorities of the situation within Neagra and the expansion of Zone-622. [See transcript extract of emergency call below].




[4/3/18] (00:00 - 06:22)

Police Emergency Line Transcript Following Expansion of Zone-622


Involved: [040-24█-2███] (Stelian Vianu), [040-50█-1███] (Operator)

[Start: (00:00)]

[040-50█-1███] (00:00) "Emergency, which service?"

[040-24█-2███] (00:03) [incoherent]. [shuffling].

[040-50█-1███] (00:07) "Emergency, fire, police or ambulance?"

[040-24█-2███] (00:10) "[incoherent]- hello?"

[040-50█-1███] (00:13) "Hello. This is emergency services. What service do you require?"

[040-24█-2███] (00:18) "I- [pause] I don't know what you mean."

[040-50█-1███] (00:22) "Fire, police or ambulance?"

[040-24█-2███] (00:25) "I don't know. I don't know. Police. Just call the police."

[040-50█-1███] (00:29) "Ok. Just connecting a request for police. What's-"

[040-24█-2███] (00:32) "I- [Pause]. I don't know- nobody can hear me, some of them have gone blind-"

[040-50█-1███] (00:36) "Who? Who's gone blind?"

[040-24█-2███] (00:40) "Everyone. Everyone in the town and from the fields."

[040-50█-1███] (00:42) "Blind?"

[040-24█-2███] (00:46) "Yeah."

[040-50█-1███] (00:47) "Ok. Do you know why?"

[040-24█-2███] (00:50) "No. No I don't- I don't know why."

[040-50█-1███] (00:55) "And you're calling from… Neagra, right? Is this the town?"

[040-24█-2███] (00:58) "Yeah. Yes. We need help. I can't speak to them. They won't hear me."

[040-50█-1███] (01:02) "We're sending police right now. There's just a delay. What should I tell them to expect? What's happened?"

[040-24█-2███] (01:10) "I was at home and then I heard the cars start crashing outside. There was a white flash, and a shuddering, but I can't hear it now. Everyone's gone blind or deaf. I don't know- I don't know how-"

[040-50█-1███] (01:17) "When did this happen?"

[040-24█-2███] (01:20) "What?"

[040-50█-1███] (01:22) "When did this happen?"

[040-24█-2███] (01:26) "No- no. I can't hear you. Speak up."

[040-50█-1███] (01:30) "Sir, when did this happen?"

[040-24█-2███] (01:32) [Pause].

[040-50█-1███] (01:39) "Are you still there? Have you left?"

[040-24█-2███] (01:43) "Yes, I'm leaving now."

[040-50█-1███] (01:47) "What?"

[040-24█-2███] (01:50) "I said I'm leaving now. It's not safe here. Send the police."

[040-50█-2███] (01:57) "What?"

[040-24█-2███] (02:02) "I said send the police."

[END 02:02]

Stelian Vianu was recovered from Zone-622 after exiting by foot, suggested to be the last remaining sensitised resident of Neagra. Operator [040-50█-2███] was found to have been exposed to the effects of Zone-622, and sustained minor yet permanent hearing loss from the duration of the call. Incident may prove UTE-9839 emits a resonance capable of inducing these effects, which was capable of transmitting across the landline.

The subconscious neurological trauma experienced within Zone-622 will result in the entire 'desensitisation' of individuals following 5-6 hours of exposure, in which subjects will lose all sensory function; including sight, hearing, smell, taste, balance and pain. This process is irreversible after exit from Zone-622, despite individuals having suffered no physical damage to sensory organs. Individuals who have become desensitised are incapable of the most basic influence or understanding of their environment, and are without assistance observed to expire within 24 hours from accidental injury.

It is suggested that Zone-622 inflicts these properties on subjects through application of specific stimuli on the senses in order to incapacitate them. The most accepted hypothesis implies that Zone-622 is capable of emitting a resonance which induces these effects, with the use of sound-waves to disrupt or entirely block certain neurological processes while within the zone. It is expected that UTE-9839 may be the source.


FOCUS : UTE-9839


Quiet infrasonic resonances have been recorded to be emitted from Zone-622 continuously. These sounds remain at a consistent frequency of 18.97 Hz to a degree of accuracy seemingly unaffected by environmental factors (wind, pressure, echo.) Measurements taken from the forest and Neagra give the exact same reading, regardless of conditions.

18.97 Hz is noted to be remarkably close to sound waves emitted by the eyes and facial muscles. Frequencies of 18.98Hz are already known to cause vision disorientation due to vibrating of the eyes, however the resonance emitted by Zone-622 is incapable of cause any physical damage to sensory organs.

Tracing of the sound leads to the epicentre of Zone-622, suggesting that the alleged object UTE-9839 situated at the centre of Zone-622 is the source. Investigation pending.


The exact purpose of this perception-alteration influence is unknown. As the zone expands, it is noted that the time until total desensitisation delays. Measurements have concluded that the relationship between these two factors maintain so that time until total desensitisation is equal to the time it takes to reach the centre of Zone-622. Early hypothesis suggests that the perception-alteration influence has two theorised purposes: to prevent human interaction with or understanding of an object (UTE-9839) within the epicentre of Zone-622, or remove human influence from the area.

Rules of Engagement:

UTE-9839 is interminable due to our lack of whereabouts or understanding of the object. If the exact nature of UTE-9839 is determined, further means of liquidation may be approved. Research efforts are currently underway; the proposal of co-operation with the SCP Foundation is currently pending review.


Zone-622 was originally discovered by Romanian Police in 2012, but began rapid expansion in early 2017. On March 4th, Zone-622 expanded unknowingly into the rural town of Neagra. Reaction from the authorities was slow and hindered, despite previous knowledge of the existence of Zone-622 for many years in the nearby wildlife reserves (notably Călimani National Park), existing in folklore but mostly nameless in the public domain.


SENDER: █████ ███████ (TEL: ███-███-████)

Neagra has been isolated for 3 days. Many of the residents who have not exited through coincidence are now unknowingly dying from dehydration. They cannot communicate with us. Rises in the local bear population are suggested to be due to the abundance of a human food source. The birds are eating them as they stand.

The Foundation is nonetheless closer to finding it's so-called 'blackbox' which they claim will supply the answer to all of this. Meanwhile evacuation is occurring but not at a sufficient speed. We do not have a large enough workforce to undertake this operation. I am requesting more assistance for the evacuation process. We lost several teams who entered the town of Neagra before we were made aware of its indescribable effects. We current understand that while within the zone we are operating within a narrow timespace, suggested by the GOC to last 2 hours before all primary senses are lost. This means each man can withstand 2 hours within Neagra before we need a replacement. Volunteers are hardly abundant. Please, send more personnel. The people in there are being eaten as we speak.

Evacuation of Neagra was ceased on 9/12/18 (5 days after the alienation of Neagra) after reports confirmed that 70% of residents were deceased. The highest cause of death was due to mauling, presumably from bears or other animals from the local area.

pt.1 police transcript, guy finds a bunch of dead mauled bodies, town & forest full of unresponsive people, stays within the zone too long, sees the gavel for like a second, stops talking, radio continues for 5 more hours silent.



[8/3/18] (00:00 - 58:38)

Recording Transcript of GOC Intervention Expedition Into Zone-622.

Involved: 93320001/431 (Pvt. Lewis Kolawski), 76760225/431 (Pvt. Franko Ardinez), 01065219/431 (Cpt. Alfred 'Alfie' Anderson)

[Start: (00:00)]

Anderson (00:00) "Yeah- area is dead. Most of the bodies… still in early putrefaction."

Ardinez (00:06) "You see anyone alive?"

Kolawski (00:10) "There were some still left in the forest. Shuffling into the trees and waving their arms around. I don't know why. It's not like they can feel them or anything."

Anderson (00:18) "You saw some of them still alive?"

Kolawski (00:21) "Yeah, the forest is full of them."

Ardinez (00:24) "Shouldn't- [pause] shouldn't we be evacuating them?"

Anderson (00:29) "Not our mission, Ardinez. I don't want to touch them either, if I'm honest with you."

Kolawski (00:33) "[Pause] …why are they still alive in the forest?"

Anderson (00:36) "Waiting for dehydration to kill them? Or the bears. Exposure killed the ones on the streets. The trees must've offered some protection. Still, dead or alive, it's not a life worth living."


Kolawski (25:42) "-mauling, his arm. His wristwatch. Parts of… [pause] yeah parts of his hair and scalp inside the stomach. I reckon the body is nearby."

Anderson (25:50) "Where is he?"

Kolawski (26:01) "[Incoherent] -over here. Reporting to confirm the finding of Paule Aldulescu's body. I haven't got a certification in forensics, but we can't perform a necropsy on this."

Anderson (26:12) "Does he have a recording device? Anything to suggest he found the blackbox?"

Kolawski (26:16) "[Pause] -no sir."

Anderson (26:32) "State?"

Kolawski (26:34) "Sir?"

Anderson (26:35) "What state is he in?"

Kolawski (26:38) "Most of his clothes are missing, along with his… [pause] …cause of death, probably crushing of the skull. He's dead, sir. That's the most important-"

Ardinez (26:47) "Man, this is disgusting. Should we be filming this?"

Anderson (26:50) "Look out for any more. Collect anything you find of the body. Check the stomachs of any grizzlies you find."

Ardinez (26:59) "He's dead, alright? Why the hell are we piecing his body back together [incoherent] -jigsaw. He wasn't carry a recorder. He didn't find the blackbox. We really shouldn't be-"


Anderson (44:44) "How long until we scuttle?"

Ardinez (44:47) "15 minutes. Maybe less than-"

Kolawski (44:50) "Hey, you see that?"

Anderson (44:55) "Christ, he's still alive."


Anderson (48:01) "Stop- Lewis put the rifle down!"

Kolawski (48:05) "You said it yourself! It's not a life worth living!"

Ardinez (48:10) "So you're going to kill all the survivors?"

Kolawski (48:13) "They're not survivors, Frank. They're dead already. Are you just going to leave them?"

Ardinez (48:17) "He was saying something."

Anderson (48:20) "Lewis, he knows where the blackbox is. He saw it. He saw it, you heard him. He was talking about a gavel."

Kolawski (48:26) "A gavel? You're telling me he's been muttering this whole time, just waiting for someone to hear him? Bullshit."

Anderson (48:30) "Lewis put your rifle down!"

Kolawski (48:33) "I didn't hear him speak! He didn't hear himself! How the hell could he speak? How the hell could he-"


Ardinez (57:00) "We've lost him. I- [pause]. I can't see anymore."

Anderson (57:05) "Yeah. Shit- how did this turn itself-"


Ardinez (58:14) "Slow down."

Anderson (58:14) "[Unresponsive.]"

Ardinez (58:22) "Alfie, slow down."

Anderson (58:22) "[Unresponsive.]"

Ardinez (58:29) "Alfie come back- where the fuck-"

Anderson (58:32) "Frank? Frank!"

Ardinez (58:34) "I'm here. I can't see you."

Anderson (58:37) "Frank!"

Ardinez (58:38) "Can you hear me? [Pause]. Alfie! [Pause]. Alfie can you hear me?!"

[END 58:38]

Assessment-Division-███ were recovered alive from Zone-622 by supporting teams, however had suffered severe sensory loss and entire desensitisation. The recording device offers insight into the situation within Zone-622, but is inaccurate regarding the current situation following the death of the last official resident of Neagra.

Following failed attempts to enter Zone-622 and locate UTE-9839 by joint effort of the Foundation and GOC, CI intervention was inevitable. Due to the involvement of multiple dangerous factions, attempted neutralisation of UTE-9839 was performed.

Quartermasters Division-AOD : #4 — [10-05-18]/[29-05-18]

Item Designation Title Qty
1 +1Gen-NAPE Incendiary Device (Napalm Bomb) 3
Notes: Used as an alternative to explosives to prevent significant disturbance and altering of the public to the existence of Zone-622. Device burnt sections of woodland outside of Zone-622 and required efforts to control, however it appears that the fire did not spread within Zone-622 as observed through smoke tracking. Results are pending review whether UTE-9839 was successfully destroyed there has been no movement of Zone-622, suggesting that the cause still remains.
2 +1Gen-BLU82 BLU-82B/C-130 "Daisy Cutter" 1
Notes: Levelling & clearance explosive. Device failed to detonate once inside Zone-622. Currently Out Of Stock, suggest using a similar device.
3 +1Gen-MOAB GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast (MOAB) 1
Notes: Employed for frequent use against Large Scale Aggressors (LSAs). Explosive device also failed to detonate, and appeared to land in a river inside the zone and was carried downstream. The device was recovered and examined. It appears the timer on the detonator had been reset immediately upon entry of Zone-622, causing the device to detonate approximately 30 minutes after exit from Zone-622 [REMOVED]. Conclusions suggest Zone-622 may be a protective barrier against human intervention.
4 +1Gen0-1MTW 1-Megaton tactical warheads (Grandma's List and Safety Pin) 2
Notes: Warhead dropped on UTE-9839 to no effect. The device was recovered partially-defused, as the connection between the fission projectiles failed to provoke a reaction. Reasons unexplained. The device was disassembled and returned safely to storage. It is concluded that UTE-9839 cannot be influenced through external devices. Current understanding of UTE-9839 prevents us from taking appropriate action. Recommend contacting external sources for assistance on this matter.

The Foundation was unsupportive of both nuclear tests, indicating that removal of UTE-9839 may hinder further access to Zone-622. Events have recently escalated, and the Foundation has temporarily discontinued cooperation with the GOC. It is expected that due the breaking of this alliance the CI may attempt to intervene with the Romanian Government. The GOC is currently pending review whether they should take responsibility over UTE-9839, or abandon the project.