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Item#: 7305
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
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Special Containment Procedures: SCP-7305 is to be housed in a dual-chamber humanoid containment unit at Site-17, modified to include significant sound isolation. The two chambers are designated as follows:

Primary — This is to be SCP-7305's living quarters.
Secondary — This is to be SCP-7305's classroom.

The primary chamber is configured in a similar fashion to that of a children's daycare. Furnishings include plastic slides, blocks, and hiding places. This chamber's walls, ceiling, and floor are covered with childish cartoon-like drawings and stickers (including rainbows, clouds, suns, smiley faces, and so on) notably around music (notes, guitars, drums, treble clefs, and others). At the primary's chamber back stands a wood stage raised about 1 meter from the ground, accessible by small stairs, with small red curtains and dark-painted walls, ceiling, and floor.

The secondary chamber is smaller than the primary and is furnished with the following:

  • One small carpet, chair, and table for each instance
  • One portable standing whiteboard with markers
  • One A/V system
  • One teacher's desk and chair

Instances of SCP-7305 are authorized to roam within Site-17 areas accessible with Security Clearance Levels 0 to 1 under Dr. Al's supervision, except when Dr. Al is not present on the site. In this case, they need to be contained in their containment chamber. Despite this, Level 2 (or above) personnel can still visit SCP-7305 within its containment while accompanied by a guard. SCP-7305 is also not to be brought near any personnel offices or any anomaly containment chambers.

Tracking devices have been installed on all instances of SCP-7305 and are not to be removed except with the approval of Dr. Al and another Level 4 or higher Site-17 security or MTF personnel.

In the event of a significant incident at the facility of Site-17, SCP-7305 instances have learned to quickly return to their containment chamber and hide until Dr. Al comes back to them.

Description: SCP-7305 is a collective of four five spherical creatures.

Apart from their color, their appearance is the same, consisting of a spherical and soft body 50 cm in diameter with a small face in the middle including two small eyes, and a small mouth. They also all present what would appear to be a significant auditory system with large horizontally slanted ears up to 15 cm in length on each side of the head. They also have another pair of smaller ears (10 cm long) below the others. Within instances of SCP-7305's ears are long, delicate fibers.

In the appearance of SCP-7305 instances, only the color changes:

  • SCP-7305-A is pale yellow.
  • SCP-7305-B is pale brown.
  • SCP-7305-C is pale red.
  • SCP-7305-D is pale pink.
  • SCP-7305-E is pale blue.

SCP-7305-E is smaller than the other SCP-7305 instances (its body is about 20 cm in diameter), and its ears are not fully grown and developed, which may explain its difficulty in producing sounds compared to the other instances of SCP-7305.

SCP-7305 instances can produce a large variety of sounds including musical instrument sounds from all the musical instrument classification categories. They can modify the pitch, volume, equalization, and diverse other sound parameters of these sounds to create different versions of these, notes, and melodies.

Instances of SCP-7305 can also reproduce a sound after hearing it only once. They seem to have a large memory capacity, which makes them capable of producing all the sounds they know or have heard at any time.

Each SCP-7305 instance seems to have a favorite type of sound for general purposes and everyday communication. Here is a table presenting all sound profiles of each SCP-7305 instance and several examples of instruments according to their favorite instrument category.

SCP-7305-A Bowed string instruments Violin, cello, erhu, …
SCP-7305-B Wind instruments Saxophone, pan flute, clarinet, ocarina, …
SCP-7305-C Idiophone percussion instruments Xylophone, marimba, steel drum, …
SCP-7305-D Keyboard instruments Piano, organ, synthesizers, …

Likely due to its younger age, SCP-7305-E does not seem to have a preferential sound profile like the other instances of SCP-7305. For the moment, the sounds it uses for communication and general purposes are often high-pitched by instruments from all categories, such as the flute, the violin, the xylophone, or the theremin.

SCP-7305 is docile and poses no threat to humans at any time. The friendly company of human beings or other creatures seems to be vital to them. Without the company of another individual for several hours, SCP-7305 instances will become sad or anxious. They will feel significant emotional distress and lose their desire to produce many sounds. They will remain more and more silent over time.

Addendum 7305-1: Discovery:

Addendum 7305-2: SCP-7305-E's birth:

Addendum 7305-3: Classes and on-stage performances orchestrated by Dr. Al:

Note: SCP-7305 instances have a significant ability to learn quickly.

Class #1 - Music theory class:

Class #2 - General learning class:


Hey there! You're interested in SCP-7305 and want to know more about these classes? Feel free to take a look at some video files I've created during this project by clicking on this link!

— Dr.Al

SCP-7305 Musical Performances:

Addendum 7305-4:

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