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Item#: XXXX
Containment Class:
Secondary Class:
Disruption Class:
Risk Class:

Assigned Site Research Head Assigned Task Force
Site-47 Dr. Scotts Tau-24

Special Containment Procedures: Investigation into the nature of SCP-XXXX is to be conducted immediately. Appropriate containment procedures are to be developed in accordance with the findings of an investigation.

Description: SCP-XXXX is recently discovered anomaly. Little is known about it, except for the fact that it terminated Junior Researcher Laura Packel on 07/03/2023.

Addendum.XXXX.1: Video Log

DATE: 07/05/2023

NOTE: On 07/05/2023, Researcher Packel failed to attend her required work hours at the Foundation for two days, and she also failed to communicate with site staff during that time. Concerned by this, site management deemed it appropriate to deploy Mobile Task Force Tau-241 ("Private Eyes") at Researcher Packel's home as part of a wellness check, as Tau-24 was otherwise unoccupied by other assignments that day. Footage begins as Tau-24 is stationed at the front door of Researcher Packel's residence. The events of this log were recorded on the squad members' body-mounted cameras.



Researcher Packel's home.

Command: Mics are hot, private eyes. Are you ready to begin?

T24-1: You ready, West?

T24-2: As ready as I need to be. Let's get this over with, Clyde.

T24-1 Let's get it done, then. Command, anything we should keep in mind as we investigate?

Command: We're basically going in blind, so just basic details about Dr. Packel. 44 years old, married, Foundation staff for eight years, works in the Toxicology Department2, no children, stuff like that. I don't know how helpful that will be.

T24-1: Let's find out, then.

T24-1 approaches the door near to him. He steps forward, and it appears as if he is about to attempt to breach the door with his foot.

Command: Wait. Hold on, 1, remember that we knock first.

T24-1: <mumbling> Killjoys…

T24-1 knocks on the door several times with his fist. There is no response from within the house for 37 seconds. T24-1 knocks on the door several times with his fist again. The squad waits for another 15 seconds. There is no response from within the house.

T24-1: To hell with this.

T24-1 proceeds to successfully breach the door via a kicking motion, allowing for the squad to enter the house.

T24-2: Good job, you didn't get your foot stuck in the door.

T24-1: Man, that was three years ago! Give me a break!

T24-2: Alright, alright.

Command: Okay then private eyes, enter the building.

The squad enters the residence. They enter a living room that is furnished with two sofas, a wall-mounted television, potted plants, and other common household items. On the other end of the room, there is a long hallway with several rooms attached to it, and, to the squad's right, there is a stairway that connects the building's first and second floors.

T24-2: <yelling> Ms. Packel! Ms. Packel! Are you home?

T24-1 takes several breathes through his nostrils.

T24-1: Augh. Not good.

Command: What is it, 1? Rot?

T24-1 Not quite. More vomit, if anything.

T24-2: Definitely not good. Where do we go?

Command deliberates for nine seconds.

Command: Where is the smell coming from?

T24-1: Seems like upstairs.

Command: Then follow your nose.

T24-1: Shit, man, we're already getting straight to the point with this?

T24-2: I'm not excited either, Clyde, but I'd rather spend 15 minutes here, not 50.

The squad moves up the stairs to the second floor. They enter into a hallway and cease movement. The floor is carpeted. The hallway is sparsely decorated, and there are several different rooms connected to it. The hallway does not appear to be atypical.

T24-1: Yep, the smell's stronger. It's still not clear where the problem is, though.


T24-2: Hold on Clyde.

T24-1: What is it?

T24-2 quickly moves towards the end of the hallway. As he ceases movement, he bends down and takes in several breaths through his nose. He begins to move down the hallway.

T24-2: The smell's from over here, and it's stronger near the ground. I just gotta find where it's from.


T24-2: I think it's-


T24-2 looks into the room to his right.

T24-2: Well, shit.

T24-1: What?

T24-2 enters the room to his right. T24-1 also enters the room soon after.

T24-1: Let me see tha-woah, Jesus.


A photo taken from T24-2's body camera footage.

The squad has entered what appears to be a severely damaged guest bedroom. There are several black stains on the furniture, walls, ceiling, and floor. All of the furniture appears to have been moved from its typical locations, including a bookcase, which has fallen over, causing the books it previously contained to fall to the floor, and a bed, which has been pushed onto its side. There is a door on the opposite end of the room.

T24-2: Looks like we've figured out what happened.

Command: Not quite yet, let's look into this.

The squad navigates through the disorganized room, with each member following the wall on opposite sides of the room. When T24-1 has reached the window on his side of the room, he looks downwards.

T24-1: Je-shit. Clyde, come over here.

T24-2 approaches T24-1, climbing over several pieces of furniture. T24-1 comes within close proximity of T24-2, and he looks at what T24-1 had discovered and, presumably, desired for him to see.

On the floor, located in a relatively clear area of the disorderly room, is the body of Researcher Packel's husband, Carter Packel. There are several large circular wounds located on his abdomen, which later examinations proved to be 6 inches in diameter. The corpse is largely coated with its own blood, and what appears to be the black substance that covers several other surfaces in the room. A shotgun is located next to the body.

T24-2: Well, we've found what we were looking for.

T24-1: Evidently.

T24-1 crouches down and begins to inspect the body.

T24-1: I can see four wounds. Poor son of a bitch got stabbed clean through, I can see the floor through the holes.

Command: Knife wounds?

T24-1: No, and not any usual puncture weapon. They're circular injuries, I could fit my fist through them.

Command: Interesting. Any guess on the time of death?

T24-1 lifts the corpse's arm. The body has almost entirely moved past the stages of rigor mortis.

T24-1: Not recent. He probably died about a day and a half ago3, judging by the beginning of the bloat.

T24-2: And the smell. It's definitely strongest here.

T24-2 notices a spent shotgun shell that is located nearby the body. He walks into close proximity and picks it up.

T24-1: What do you got, West?

T24-2: Spent shotgun shell, 12 gauge. I can't see anymore of em', so it looks like he only fired one.

T24-1: But it doesn't look like he killed whatever was after him.

T24-2: Or, maybe, he was a responsible gun owner and locked it up somewhere. He may have only had time to load up one shot. In fact…

T24-2 walks back to the body. He picks up the shotgun on the ground, and he inspects the chamber.

T24-2: Nothing in the gun itself, Clyde.


Command: And what about the black stuff on the walls?

T24-2: He might've splattered it around with his one shot.

Command: Interesting. Anything else?

T24-2: Nothing that you can't see.


Command: Take a sample and move on, private eyes.

T24-1 rises from his crouched position and approaches a wall. He uses his tongs to scrape a small amount of the black substance into his evidence bag4. Both members of the squad then individually enter the room that leads into what appears to be the master bedroom.

The room is furnished with furniture typical of a master bedroom, with a dresser, a computer desk, a few drawers, etc. A queen-sized bed is located near the upper wall, and there is an open window adjacent to it. The squad approaches the bed, and ceases movement when they are directly adjacent to it.

T24-1: Well, we've figured out what we've come here for.

Lying in the bed is the corpse of Researcher Packel. There is a large circular hole bored through the blanket. Only her head is visible, as the rest of her body is obscured by the blanket. The location on the bed where Carter Packel presumably slept is disturbed, as the blanket has been moved in such a way as to expose the bed's sheet. There is an open firearm case located at the foot of the bed.

Command: Poor, poor woman. But we have a job to do. What can you tell me, private eyes.

T24-1 takes hold of the blanket and throws it to the side, unobscuring the view of the body. Researcher Packel appears to have decayed for a similar time as Carter Packel5, suggesting a similar time of death. There is a large, circular wound located on her abdomen that is in the location that corresponds with the hole bored into the blanket. She appears to be extremely dehydrated and malnourished, to the point that it would be impossible for her physical state to have deteriorated to such a state between the last time she was seen alive and this moment in this log. T24-1 takes a deep breath before speaking, and his voice is somewhat wavering.

T24-1: The cause of death is almost certainly different to that of her husband. It doesn't look like there was a struggle, too, she just lay there and took it.

Command: Any idea on the cause of death?

T24-1: No fucking clue. She's all skin and bones. Her eyes are mostly rotted, but I can tell they're super sunken in. I can count every rib on her chest.


T24-2: She doesn't really even have breasts anymore.

T24-1: I was too modest to say it, but yes. Was she anorexic?

Command: She came in at a healthy weight a week and half ago at the site health check-up. Even then, she couldn't survive at this weight anyway.

T24-1 crouches down to examine the open firearm case. There is an empty space where a firearm should presumably be located, and one empty space adjacent to seven other spaces occupied by shotgun shells. He does not speak for five seconds.

T24-1: It's fair to say this is were Mr. Packel kept his shotgun. He must've woken up, opened the case, loaded up, and ran to the other room, leaving his wife behind in bed with whatever fucking psychopath did this.

T24-2: <quietly> What a brave man…

T24-1: He probably didn't kill the perp, though. There's no other body here.

T24-2 moves to the open window. He positions his head out of the window as he examines the exterior of the home.

T24-2: The wall is all torn up on this side of the house. Was there a storm?

Command: Not recently, but it would be good to look into the maintenance records of this house. Any final thoughts?


T24-1: The murder weapon must've been very unorthodox to make these sorts of wounds. It has to be sharp, but also large and wide. We'll want to do a sweep around the area. I have nothing else to add.

T24-2: The wall is screwed up in a line on this side. The wood is all scratched and torn in a small area that leads up to this window. That's all I've got right now.

Command: Thank you, private eyes, you've been very helpful. The mission is concluded, so please return to the front door of the house. We'll let the clean-up crew take it from here.


Note-The autopsy of Researcher Packel found her body to largely contain a viscous fluid that is composed of muscle, blood, dissolved organs, bodily fluids, and digestive fluids that is identical to that found on the guest room wall.

Addendum.XXXX.2: Interview Log

DATE: 07/07/2023

NOTE: On 07/06/2023, Researcher Packel's death was declared as having possible anomalous influence by the Site-47 Personnel Mortality Board6, and therefore placing the investigation under the jurisdiction of the Foundation7. Mobile Task Force Tau-24 was selected to conduct the investigation. During the events of this log, the members of Tau-24 posed as civilian law enforcement as to best gather information from interviewees. The events of this log were recorded on the squad members body-mounted cameras.


Video footage begins as both members of MTF Tau-24 walk up to the door of the house neighboring the home of Researcher Packel. The house is located approximately a fifth of a kilometer down the road from Researcher Packel's home. The squad members arrive at the door and knock on it. They are dressed in black suits, as is standard attire for direct, intentional interaction with civilians.

T24-1: So tell me, West, I just want to make sure. We know Packel's work history and nothing more?

T24-2: Just use your best judgement. Nothing a cop wouldn't know.

T24-1: I know, just wanted to make sure.

The squad waits for another two seconds before the door is opened by an older woman. Her name is Samantha Rodriguez.

Ms. Rodriguez: Hello?

T24-2: Good afternoon, Ms. Rodriguez. I hope you're not busy.

Ms. Rodriguez: No, no, not at all.

T24-2: Good. May we come in?

Ms. Rodriguez: Of course. Here, come in.

T24-2: Thank you so much, ma'am.

Ms. Rodriguez turns to enter the house, and the squad members follow her into a sitting area near the front door. They all sit down on chairs, Ms. Rodriguez sitting opposite of the squad. Ms. Rodriguez then turns her head away from the squad as to call out to her husband, Carlos Rodriguez, from another room.

Ms. Rodriguez: <in Spanish> Carlos, bring out some coffee! Some suit men just came in!

Mr. Rodriguez: <in Spanish> Suit men? Like from the government?

Ms. Rodriguez: <in Spanish> Yes!

Mr. Rodriguez: <in Spanish> My God! I hope nothing bad happened!

Ms. Rodriguez then turns back to the squad.

Ms. Rodriguez: You guys might want to dress down when you come knocking on people's doors. It's a bit of a scare.

T24-2: It's just professionalism, ma'am, nothing to worry about.

Ms. Rodriguez: I'm not worried, I just want to know why we're sitting down right now.

T24-2: Yes, about that. I assume you know your neighbors, the Packels?

As Ms. Rodriguez begins to speak, Mr. Rodriguez approaches her and the agents and provides them all with a cup of coffee. He then exits the room.

Ms. Rodriguez: Of course, they live just down the road. Their house has been all cautioned off, and the police8 are all over the place. What happened?

T24-2 takes a sip of his coffee.

T24-2: Well, we have some unfortunate news, Ms. Rodriguez. The Packels have passed away, presumably on the night of the fourth.

Ms. Rodriguez is visibly shocked by this information, and she does not speak for six seconds.

T24-1: You can take a minute if you'd like.

Ms. Rodriguez: No, no, I'm fine. It's just…that's terrible!

T24-2: We're very sorry for your loss.

Ms. Rodriguez: Don't be, I'm just having trouble wrapping it around my head. What happened?

T24-1: That's the problem, we don't know. But we suspect foul play. But you can help us. Will you help us?

Ms. Rodriguez fiddles with her coffee cup.

Ms. Rodriguez: <wavering> Sure, anything!

T24-1: Good. We just have a few questions.

T24-2 takes a sip from his coffee cup.

T24-2: To start, where were you on the night of July 4th?

Ms. Rodriguez: Just at home. We don't celebrate on the Fourth, we just watched TV before going to bed at 8:30.

T24-2: Mmm. And did you see anything?


Ms. Rodriguez: No.

T24-2: Nothing at all? No bumps in the night?

Ms. Rodriguez: Not at all. It was a very quiet night, bar the odd firework being set off.

Pause. T24-2 takes a sip from his coffee cup.

T24-2: Alright. Did the Packels have any enemies? Rivals? Any neighborhood quarrels?

Ms. Rodriguez: Oh no, they were a lovely couple. They helped organize last year's Halloween trunk-or-treat, they helped their other neighbors, the Sateson family, clear a branch that fell on their lawn last week They were even finally trying for a baby. I couldn't imagine anyone wanting to hurt them.

T24-2: Did they ever talk about problems at work?

Ms. Rodriguez: Carter starting fighting with his supplier at the store just at the end of last month over late shipments, but it definitely wasn't bad enough to kill over.


T24-1: And Laura? Rival companies9 safety concerns10, anything?

Ms. Rodriguez: Well, Laura was always so quiet about her work life <Ms. Rodriguez weakly laughs>, so I barely even know what she did. I know she works at some pesticide company, and they put her on some big project to develop a new one about eight months ago.

Pause. Both T24-1 and T24-2 take sips from their coffee cups. They both then glance at each other, nod their heads, and rise from their seats. Ms. Rodriguez rises from her seat immediately afterwards.

T24-2: Thank you, Ms. Rodriguez, I believe we've gotten all that we need.

Ms. Rodriguez: You're welcome!

Ms. Rodriguez and the squad members walk towards the front door.

Ms. Rodriguez: I hope you catch the lunatic who did this.

T24-1: We'll do our best, ma'am, every word you've said today will be used to bring the killer to justice.

Ms. Rodriguez: I pray that they do. Have a good day!

T24-1: Goodbye.

The squad members turn to exit the house. They open the front door.

Mr. Rodriguez: Wait.

The squad members turn to face Mr. Rodriguez, who is standing in a doorway on the other end of the room that connects to the kitchen.

T24-2: Yes?

Mr. Rodriguez: You wanted to know if we saw anything on that night?

T24-2: You did?

Mr. Rodriguez: No, no, but I've seen things on other nights. The upstairs bedroom connects to a bathroom, and there is a window there that faces out towards the forest next to the house. Now that I'm older, well…I have to use the bathroom more at night. And every few weeks, at night, I see something on the edge of the tree line. It's almost pitch black, I couldn't make anything out to you, but it's big, too big to be a deer. It would have to be a bear, or someone who is somehow that huge. Don't ask me anything else, because that's all I know, and really care to know.

T24-2: And how long have you been seeing this?

Mr. Rodriguez: About eight months.

The squad members turn to each other. They both nod their heads.

T24-2: Thank you, Mr. and Ms. Rodriguez, you've been very helpful.

The squad members exit the building. They close the front door behind them. Mr. and Ms. Rodriguez continue to speak, although the sound is muffled due to it travelling through the door.

Ms. Rodriguez: <in Spanish> Carlos! Did you plant those flowers in the back like I asked?

Mr. Rodriguez: No.

Ms. Rodriguez: <in Spanish> Then out with you! Quickly, quickly!

Mr. Rodriguez: <in Spanish> Alright, alright, I'm sorry, I was only trying to help find a murderer, definitely less important than our flower bed!

<[[END LOG]]>

Addendum.XXXX.3: Video Log

DATE: 07/07/2023

NOTE: The following is a direct continuation of the events of Addendum.XXXX.2. However, due to the contents of this log, it has been categorized as a separate addition to this document.


T24-1 and T24-2 are standing at the front door of the Rodriguez household.

T24-1: So, West, a big ass monster roaming the woods, eh?

T24-2: He didn't say he saw a monster.

T24-1: Bears don't live this far south.

T24-2: I'm usually with you, Clyde, but you're jumping to conclusions here.


T24-1: Call it a hunch. It's at least starting point to catch this crazy fucker.

The members of the squad begin to walk down the steps that lead up to the Rodriguez household to their vehicle parked on the side of the road.

T24-2: Hell, in this line of work, I'd expect-

Behind the squad members, Carlos Rodriguez screams loudly, and he continues to scream and yell Spanish-language expletives for several seconds.

T24-1: Fuck.

The squad members quickly turn back towards the house. They begin to run, quickly opening the front door of the house and entering it. They quickly navigate to the back of the home, where they enter the family room with a sliding glass door connecting the room to the home's backyard. The squad then enters the backyard through said door, with Samantha Rodriguez following close behind them.

Mr. Rodriguez is laying on the lawn of the backyard. He has suffered several circular wounds to his abdomen and arms, which are deep enough that the ground is visible through said wounds. He is breathing heavily and groaning.

Directly in front of the squad at the other end of the backyard is the rear end of an unknown entity. It is quickly fleeing the area into the forest at the end of the backyard. Due to the shakiness of the squad members' body cameras, position mostly obscured behind the tree line, and the short height of the entity, no clear features can be made out other than its pair of hind legs and extended rear end. It presumably had crossed the backyard to assault Mr. Rodriguez, as evidenced by a path of trampled grass and flowers in the flower bed leading to its location.

T24-2: <yelling> Stop! Kern County Police11!

The members of the squad begin to run towards the entity as it attempts to exit the area. The squad is located approximately 10 meters away from the entity when visual contact with it is lost. However, they continue to pursue it in its general direction of movement.

Ms. Rodriguez: <in Spanish, faintly> My God! Carlos, my life, my life!

Mr. Rodriguez: <in Spanish, faintly> I saw it in the trees, I saw it in the trees…

T24-1: <yelling> Stop you fucker!

T24-1 draws his pistol sidearm from his belt-attached holster. He fires several shots in the general direction of the entity. A distant, high-pitched shriek is heard immediately after he fires his fourth shot, but this does not appear to inhibit the entity's movement, as the squad continues to run in its general direction for four minutes before ceasing. The squad members then regroup to be within a close proximity of each other.

T24-1: <exhausted, exhaling> I think…I think I hit him, West.

T24-2: <exhausted, exhaling> That was extremely irresponsible, Clyde…but I hope you hit him, too.

T24-1: No more running?

T24-2: No more running. This is pointless. Let's get back to the site.

T24-1: We have a hell of a scene to deal with when we get back to that house. The bastard probably killed him.

T24-2: Yeah…yeah, I know. Let's just get out of here before he doubles back on us.


Note-As the squad members retraced their steps back to the Rodriguez home, they discovered a large, thin piece of solid organic matter primarily composed of chitin12 DNA testing produced inconclusive results. The object has been placed in Site-47 Organic Matter Cold Storage. Ms. Rodriguez was amnesticized and afterwards informed that her husband had passed away from a gas leak in their home.

Addendum.XXXX.4: Video Log

DATE: 07/09/2023

NOTE: As a result of the events of Addendum.XXXX.3, MTF Tau-24 was assigned to investigate the forest outside of the Rodriguez and Packel homes for evidence of the whereabouts of the entity sighted in Addendum.XXXX.3. No significant evidence was collected before the events of this log. The squad was scheduled to search the area from the hours of 12:00 to 21:30. The events of this log occurred around the time of 21:15 as the squad awaited extraction by a security detail. The events of this log were recorded on the squad members body-mounted cameras.


The squad is located in an almost entirely unlit forest at night. They are approaching a fallen log, which is the point of extraction. A very quiet sound of rustling leaves is heard at a distance, but the cause of this sound is at this point unknown.

T24-1: <muttering, repeatedly> My fucking feet, my fucking feet, my fucking feet…

The squad members take seats on the log, and they place an electric lantern directly in front of them to provide light. T24-1 vocalizes a contented, exasperated groan.

T24-2: I got the picture half a mile ago Clyde, tone back the language.

T24-1: I was walking for nine hours, give me a break!

The sound of rustling leaves begins to become increasingly louder and more distinct. T24-1 retrieves the evidence bag attached to his belt. He begins to search through the bag.

T24-1: <sarcastically> Oh, let's see what we've got for a day's work. Weird looking leaves, weird looking leaves, that one deer skull that could be because of anything, oh, my favorite-

T24-2: Quit your bitching, Clyde. I've been walking just as much as you have, and am just as tired.

Behind the squad, in the direction in which the sound of rustling leaves is heard, a much quicker and more distinct sound of rustling leaves and footsteps is heard. T24-1 turns to look in the direction of the sound, and the form of a raccoon is visible approximately 50 meters away due to T24-1's flashlight. The animal is running for an unknown reason.

T24-2: I wonder where he's off to.


T24-1: I'm sorry, West. Maybe it's the day's work that's gotten to me.

T24-2: I understand.

T24-1: I'm sure you understand, West, but I don't think you really get it. I'll be frank with you, now that we don't have to act professional for anyone. This job toughened you up, for good and bad. You can sleep, but you don't put all your energy into the case, and the fact is that what we're doing now is failing to stop people from being killed.

T24-2: You can't take this job personally, Clyde. You go crazy if you do that.

T24-1: I know. I'd bet the victims would want us to be crazy in stopping our guy, too.

T24-2: We can't do any better than our best.

T24-1: What really is our best?


T24-2: Our best is to take into account the facts of the case, apply plausible theories, keep ourselves-

T24-1: There's that toughening up again.

T24-2: Hmph.

Neither squad member speaks for seven seconds. T24-1 then straightens his back and begins to look around the area from his seated position, which suggests that he has taken notice of the increasingly loud sound of rustling leaves.

T24-2: What's wrong?

T24-1 rises from his seated position and places his hand on his holster.

T24-1: You hear that, West?

T24-2: What?

T24-1: Something's creeping up on us.

T24-2: We're in the middle of the forest, it could be-

T24-1: The psycho who killed three people, I agree.

T24-2 shakes his head. The sound of rustling leaves ceases. The feed is silent for 16 seconds.

T24-2: Take your hand off the gun Clyde, it's probably-

The sound of a twig snapping is heard from a large bush directly behind the squad members. T24-1 then quickly draws his pistol sidearm and fires four shots into the bush. T24-2 quickly rises from his seat to take hold of T24-1's arm.

T24-2: Christ! Fuck, Clyde, calm down!

T24-1 ceases firing, and, as he does so, he begins to breath heavily.

T24-2: Jesus, you need to get some sleep.

T24-1 nods his head in response and lowers his firearm. Neither squad member speaks for six seconds.

T24-1: I'm going to kill that fucker.

T24-2: Well, let's worry about that-

A deep, strained voice is then heard from the bush. It does not pronounce the words it speaks well, and it periodically vocalizes clicking noises while speaking. The entity that the voice originates from is not visible due to the darkness and relatively thick vegetation cover of the area.

Unknown Voice: Relax, I'm not <click> here to kill you.

T24-1 quickly raises his firearm and fires every shot left in his current magazine into the bush. T24-2 draws his own firearm, but does not fire it.

Unknown Voice: <click> Finished? I said relax. I'm not even in that <click> bush.

T24-1: <loudly, authoritatively> You sure as hell sound like you are!

Unknown Voice: I'm not. I just want to talk.

T24-1: <loudly, authoritatively> Really? Then why not come out and talk to use man-to-man?

Unknown Voice: I don't <click> think you want me near you.

T24-1: <loudly, authoritatively> Why? Scared I'll shoot you again?


Unknown Voice: That still hurts like hell click.

T24-1: <loudly, authoritatively> I hope it does!

T24-2 places his hand on T24-1's shoulder. T24-1 glances back at T24-2, looks back at the bush, and lowers his firearm. T24-2 lowers his firearm.

T24-2: Alright. What do you want to talk about?

Unknown Voice: It's not really me <click>, I'm more the messenger.

T24-2: For who?

Unknown Voice: I'm not at liberty <click> to <click> say. However, I can tell you that we'd like you to join us <click> in the sewer. You'll find us down the <click< big drainage pipe that's open in the north side of the big hill about five miles north of <click> here. You'll know it by the abandoned outhouse at the <click> top. Come at six P.M tomorrow night.

T24-1: You want us on your territory? Alone? Yeah, right.

Unknown Voice: Don't worry, we're <click> keeping it peaceful. No weapons, no funny business. Just you two.

T24-2: And if we don't?

Unknown Voice: Well, let's just say your Foundation <click> will have some…secrecy issues. See you <click> tomorrow night.


Unknown Voice: And, as you think this over tonight, remember. We could've killed <click> you at any point today…but <click> we didn't.

A sound of rustling leaves is heard as the entity exits the area. It is not seen in the video footage. Neither squad member speaks for 18 seconds. Vital monitors show that T24-1's body is experiencing a rise in temperature, and T24-2's camera footage shows him gritting his teeth.

T24-1: I'm going to blow his head off when we show up.

T24-2: Temper, temper. Let's get some rest.

T24-1: Fine, I'll get some rest, and I'll tell you the same thing tomorrow.

The squad members both take seats on the log. Both hold their sidearm pistols in one hand. T24-2 rubs his forehead with his other hand.

T24-2: <muttering> I'm getting too old for this shit…


Note-The squad members were successfully extracted twenty minutes after the events of this log.