SCP-4247 during activation

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4247 is located on an undisclosed island in The Bahamas archipelago now named as site-██ . SCP-4247 is to be kept under constant surveillance. Any activation's or unusual activity is to be reported to Site Command and O-5 Council. SCP Foundation Personnel should stay at least 200 meters from the lighthouse to avoid another incident "View Incident Report Incident-4247-1" When SCP-4247 becomes into an activated state all SCP personnel should evacuate the island and all SCP Foundation research and defense vessels in the activated location should vacated the location. Under no circumstance should any Foundation Personnel or Civilian entities should enter the lighthouse without permission of the O-5 Council.

Description: SCP-4247 is an early 1900s era lighthouse built by the British Navy when The Bahamas was under control of the British Commonwealth. The island the lighthouse sits on is now under possession of the SCP Foundation