BlueJones Broken Masqurade Tale: Coffee Mornings

Excerpt from the Oregon Journal
May 30th, 2013


ho is Vincent Anderson? — Since Korea, several companies have lost interest in Asian countries and major players have taken a hit in the stocks. However, the sudden rise of para-technology jumped ahead of any competitive tech firms like Microsoft and Apple, with the company known as Anderson Robotics leading the charge on Wall Street.

A designer and manufacturer of robots with custom-made AI, Anderson products range from use in the home with the domestic Kestrel units to their security-minded big brother, the Merlin-Series Aerial Drone.

The company, now a global giant in para-tech sales, stands where it does today due to the joint efforts of founder and CEO Vincent Anderson and his partner Albert "Phineas" Frostman in 1994. Since the Veil broke, Anderson and his company have pressed on with their products and taking the stock market by storm.

Vincent Anderson, called by many as the face of Three Portlands Para-tech districts, has so far been unavailable for interviews as well as the other administrators.

With the rise of para-technological companies and the former giants of the technological world getting into the para-tech business, can Anderson Robotics remain at the top?

The Dragonfly Coffee House, Portland, Oregon
May 25th, 2013

On a normal day, back before the Foundation's Security Breach, the coffee house would only see a few people at rush hour.

After the Breach, the whole area was seeing many people from many agencies. Some from Leeward & Warner Legal Solutions, looking for clients that were affected by Site-64, the site below Forest Park. Others were protesters who were against the Foundation being so close to their homes and families.

The only ones who were not affiliated with these groups were a few locals trying to enjoy some coffee in these strange times, trying and failing to ignore the protesters. A few tourists, wanting to explore this strange new world, sat at the bar counter.

Among those adventurers sat a pair in odd clothing. One wore a black business suit and red tie, making his skin look more translucent than it should be. Each time he took a sip of coffee, a faint sound of mechanical whirring could be heard emanating from his arms. His eyes had a slight, barely perceptible glow. Other than these unnatural changes to his body, he would have passed off as a kind, gentle old man trying to enjoy a nice hot beverage.

His partner, though, wasn't as inconspicuous. He too wore a business suit, though with a black trenchcoat layered over it and a fedora, looking as if straight out of an old movie. The gold comedy mask covering his face completed the picture, ensuring that he was the most strangely dressed patron in the bar.

The gentle old man sipped on his black coffee, looking at his mobile's messages. The amount he was getting from Isaac was annoying him as-it-was, but they always said the same thing:

"Get back here ASAP!!!"

Can't a man get a nice cup of coffee while the world shifts around him?

He heard his partner going "wow" at what the television was showing. The old man turned to see the news broadcast, seeing a smartly dressed man reading out the latest news from the Foundation's PR officers and the documents that were still being discovered.

"I still can't believe it," said the old man after he finished his coffee.

"What?" asked his old friend in his deep mechanical voice, still staring at the TV. "The fact that the, uh, the whole world knows about us or is it, um, the prices of this place skyrocketed since we last visited?"

"Both," the businessman chuckled; he always did enjoy his friend's casual humour. "But don't you think we should play it safe? I mean, we are quite close to Site-64."

"You let me handle the Foundation and the, uh, public," the trenchcoated man said in a calm voice. "You handle production and, uh, potential problems from this mess of theirs."

"And how do we deal with this?" he said, putting down the cup and staring at his partner. "As far as I can see, the Foundation can turn the fallout they made on us."

"Which is why I will handle the, um, the public and get to them that way."

"Really, Vince? Explain this part to me, then, 'cause the problems already started before we could get ahead of this."

To that, Phineas slid his phone across the table to his longtime friend, who took it up and started shuffling through his text messages.

Vincent Anderson chuckled as he held it. "You know we gotta, um, upgrade this phone as soon as, uh, we can, right?"

"Shut up," Phineas said, smiling to himself.

To an outsider, they would see Anderson just staring at the phone, going through it at a very fast pace. To Phineas, he's absorbing the data and compartmentalising it for later use. Anderson spoke as he took it all in.

"You know, uh, it won't take long before others jump on this bandwagon. We are gonna have to, um, expand our operations out to other areas."

Phineas nearly spilt his coffee when he said this. "One thing at a time, Vince. We don't want to pull a Prometheus here."

Anderson finished his fast reading session and he stood up quickly. "Something tells me, uh, that we gotta get back, um, soon."

Phineas got up from where he was sat when a man with a briefcase came up to them, his hair tousled and his body also shrouded in a trenchcoat.

"Excuse me, sir?" he said as he caught up to them. He kept looking at them with bright and hopeful eyes.

Phineas chose to acknowledge this man. "Can I help you, young man?"

"No… but I bet I can help you."

Phineas looked at his watch, his arms making slight whirring noises as he did so. "Okay but please make it quick, we are on a tight schedule."

"Ah," The man produced a thin piece of card which Phineas took. The card was black with the initials L&W in gold. "The name's Conner Pierson. You see, my company is looking to expand outwards so that we have someone in a city that the Foundation had placed a site in or around. People were hurt by the Foundation and we need to hear them out and help them get their lives back on track."

"And why should we need, um, your help?" asked Anderson. His deep voice carried a tone of annoyance, unnerving the sharply-dressed young man. "Because I look like I need help?"

"W-well," the man stammered. His eyes darting around the room, looking for assistance. Phineas simply smiled; he'd seen this kind of play before when they expect him to back down or plead with them for his sales. Scare the living daylights from them and they can act like putty in your hands. That was what Anderson said to him after a deal in Three Portlands. Phineas still remembers that bit since that day.

"You seriously don't know, uh, who I am, do you?" Anderson said menacingly, looking down on him.

"Sh-sho-should I?" Conner started to sweat from his forehead. Phineas made a mental note that the guy was moving back faster and faster till he hit the wall. From what he could tell from the eyes of this young man, his will is starting to crumble.

"So," Anderson gestured with one of his hands to one side while the other hand held an electric blue card between his index and middle finger. "You take my card while I, uh, take yours. I may be seeing you later but for now, excuse me."

The man took the card and moved to one side as Anderson and Phineas left, smiling as best as he could without looking like he saw a nightmare made manifest. When they left he looked on the card and saw the symbol of a bird with what looks like metal poking out of it. Suddenly, the image was made smaller and electric blue text appeared on the card.




The man went wide-eyed at this and dashed outside into the bustling street. The street was like inside the Dragonfly Coffee House, filled with protesters with signs saying "Containment Breach" and "FREE PORTLAND!". To someone like him, he could get some potential lawsuits on the Foundation from any of these guys.

But not now. He wanted to find Anderson. That man could be a high-value person when and if he could prove that Vincent Anderson was hurt by the Foundation. If only he can find that trenchcoat and hat…

Vincent Anderson was nowhere to be seen. Conner gave up, but tucked the card into a card wallet and got away from the street. He wanted to do some research and get something ready soon.

Anderson Robotics World HQ, Three Portlands
May 25th, 2013

Anderson and Phineas walked away from the Way they had used. The sky was clear and blue, the sun blaring down. Three Portlands was usually rainy and cloudy, so for the sun to be shining on them, it was taken as a good omen.

Phineas smiled when he saw the beautiful day, taking in a nice, deep breath; Anderson didn't and kept on his beeline for a side door to the Robotics complex.

He planted his hand onto the door. The building recognised who he was, allowing both of them access. The door slid to one side and they strode in, seeing their machines and employees making their products. Like watching a master chef producing his meals with pride, love, and attention to detail.

Phineas simply smiled at this. This was what he envisioned when he signed on with Anderson: People making machines with their love and passion. People who care for one another. People who can understand that they're there for the people, not the "man".

Two women working on a Peregrine looked up from their work to smile and wave at them. The pair waved back and began to move up to the top of the HQ when Anderson's Personal Assistant, Gary, ran up to them with a bunch of files and paperwork in his hands. He stopped when he fell over the slick floor, paperwork spilling everywhere.

"Gary!" Anderson exclaimed when he finished sliding on the floor, stopping short of his bosses. "What brings you down here?"

"Mister Anderson!" Gary said in a bad mood, standing back up with some of the paperwork in his hands. "Oh, and Mister Frostman! Mister Dillard kept trying to contact the pair of you. We have a situation regarding some clients."

Phineas spoke up when Gary finished. "It's Phineas, Gary."

Gary looked down, embarrassed about his mistake. Anderson sent several Amur robots to help Gary pick up the pieces of paper, which crawled over him as they completed their task.

"So," Anderson spoke patiently. "What brings you down here?"

"It's best that you come up and see for yourself, Mister Anderson."

Gary led the charge into the office suite, followed by Anderson and Phineas. The sight that fell before them left Phineas shocked.

A line of people was queuing outside both Anderson's and Phineas' offices when they came through the doors, all with suitcases and suits. Some even with a personal assistant or two just to get the water from the water cooler. They all turned to see the newcomers and stared at them intensely in silence, a few speaking up to them and attempting to grab his attention.

Whilst Phineas saw all of them with their hungry eyes, Anderson just took off his fedora and trenchcoat, revealing his navy blue suit and black tie. He kept the mask on, making the men and women of the line feel uncomfortable. His hairless and earless head, staring at all of them through his mask only made the loud ones quiet down.

Phineas turned his back to the people to speak with Anderson. "Vince, who are these people?"

Anderson slightly turned his head to acknowledge Phineas. "The world is changing, my old friend. We need to stay ahead of potential competition."

"You know who these people are?"

"I should, I invited them here."

Phineas' eyes went wide at his casual statement. Why did he do this? He knew how Phineas despised those people. The cogs of the corporate machine were trying to swallow up something that they made from the ground up.

"You told them how to access Three Portlands?" Phineas almost spat out the last two words. He couldn't believe how Anderson could do this?

"Had to, Foundation would catch us out there and, uh, I'd rather have some friends on the, um, other side."

"Why?" Phineas said, still shaken by this turn of events.

"I just, um, told you," Anderson simply said. "Listen, AR needs a boost and why not have the major players on the other side help us out?"

"Because thats not what we are. We don't lie down and let them walk all over us"

Phineas started to walk away towards the stairs when Anderson grabbed him by the shoulders gently.

"Phineas please, I need you to understand that we have to do this. Else this company fails and then our hard work and sacrifice will be controlled fully by these very same men. At least this way, we still retain control."

Phineas shrugged him off and turned to face him, sounds of whirring made as he did so.

"And the others. Did you go behind their backs too?"

"No, Medea, Jason and Isaac agree with this. Jeff is, uh, is on your side but he was hearing me out at least. I knew you would, um, oppose this without a doubt."

Phineas turned and opened the doors back down to the workshops. He took another look at the lines of the hungry men and women who would want to get in and change everything they worked for. He stormed out without uttering another word.

With that, the doors slammed shut. Anderson sighed. He'll come around, he thought to himself. He just needs to cool off for a bit.

He turned back around to his awaiting audience, not fazed by the fact the co-founder left; they only wanted him. Anderson would be enjoying this moment for a long time.

"So," If Anderson still had a face, he'd be smiling. "Who's first?"