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PowerLaw91 03/10/14 (Mon) 13:12:24 #84751329

Hi everybody! I'm kinda new to this, so forgive me if I don't adhere to your standard stuff.

Until a few years ago, I didn't believe all of this. I actually lived a pretty decent life, passing the BAR exam, earning a decent pay at my local law firm, even owning an apartment in SoHo. I couldn't believe my luck.

That was until I met The Milkman.

Not sure about all of you but in my area, there was a special delivery service that drops off milk and picks up any empty bottles you leave outside the door. That sort of thing. I mean, having milk delivered to your door is a very rare service to have in a city like New York.

So some days I have my girlfriend watch over the flat, as working for a law firm does drag on. She is very friendly with everyone in our apartment block, smiles and all. I return home after a long night of work and she would give me a big beaming smile. She meant the world to me.

That was until recently.

One day I came back earlier than usual from a long day, as I had pulled a double-shift. I turned the corner in my car when I noticed that the milk truck was still there. I didn't think nothing of it until I reach the top, and my door was open. I walked inside and saw that my place got flipped and thrown about, my girlfriend was on the floor crying and two pristine bottles of milk was on my counter.

I rushed outside, and saw that the milk truck was going into an alleyway. I chased after it to get answers but as I turned the corner…

It wasn't there. There were no other turn offs, no way out unless you drove pretty damn fast and I know for a fact that the truck wasn't going fast at all.

I dialled 911 and the police arrived within moments. They got me in their car and brought me in for questioning. After numerous hours answering the same question over and over again, they let me go. I couldn't go back into my apartment so a friend of mine in the same building said I can crash at her place until the police and all major parties involved said its okay to go back in.

I kept an eye out for the milkman for the next few weeks because I thought he had something to do with this. No-one else in this building has even seen the Milkman. I kept digging, and digging and… nothing.

A few weeks later, I walk out to get ready for another day at work when my foot made contact with something. I looked down and I screamed out loud before I called in sick and stayed in my friend's apartment.

What I saw was two pint bottles of milk, just standing there and minding their own business.

I kept watch for the mysterious Milkman, keeping an eye on the streets and in the corridor for the bastard. Nothing. I even checked the outside of the door and saw that the milk bottles that were there weren't there anymore. I became much more of an introvert since then. Only leaving for work and heading straight back home.

Nothing of note happened for a few days and I thought I was safe. Then I saw him. In the crowd of people was a legit milkman, whistling and humming away. I pulled out my phone and snapped a quick pic of him.


Heres the bastard!

No sooner had I got back to the apartment and I see the fucking milkman had been there! All I saw on the walls was "Got Milk?" and a pint bottle of milk on my coffee table! I went straight down to the police station with the proof and they laughed at me!

So here I am, a man looking for answers… Is there a milkman in the picture?

Master_Eriksun 03/10/14 (Mon) 13:50:31 #78465859

Um… is this some sort of new troll? Because that's genus if it is lol.

I got a question. What happened to your girlfriend? I mean, from the sounds of it, she suffered really badly from that incident. Is she okay?

And as for your "mysterious milkman", I don't see any milkman there. All I see is a street and some signs. There is nothing there.

PowerLaw91 03/10/14 (Mon) 14:11:32 #84751329

Okay. I forgot to say that my girlfriend is fine. She's just in intensive care and is being treated properly. According to the doctors there, they taken her to a special unit. They call themselves "Special Care Program" and she sounds like she's doing fine so that's why I left her out of a majority of the post.

But now you're raising a bigger concern, YOU can't see the milkman?

Master_Eriksun 03/10/14 (Mon) 14:26:12 #78465859

Yeah. The milkman is not there. Like I said, I'm seeing streets, houses and maybe a gas station? I don't know man, the photo's way too blurry for me.

PowerLaw91 03/10/14 (Mon) 20:00:09 #84751329

What is going on? All I see is the milkman in that photo!

I asked my friends about him, I asked my workplace about him, I even went to some photographers place for proof that there is a milkman there. To my surprise, I get nothing more than what I get here! What is this nonsense!?!

What's more, the pint bottles I had from this disappeared and changed into something that isn't the milk I got!

🗿ChaosMan021 03/10/14 (Mon) 20:34:20 #01011011

User PowerLaw91, this thread is getting beyond ridiculous. What this is about is someone messed up your flat, your girlfriend and now you're spamming the thread with nonsensical messages. Consider this a warning

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Hello all! Here's my attempt at Parawatch! Hope I done good with the group haha Thanks to: [fill in reviewers here] for reviewing the work!

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