Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment procedures: 34 aerospace monitoring system each covering a 30km radius are installed within multiple regions of Canada for the purpose of tracking all flights and intended destinations [See Addendum XXXX-1.0 for details]. All flights originating within Canada are to be tracked and observed, especially those that are destined to land in Canada. SCP-XXXX is contained in separate Standard Humanoid Anomaly containment chambers.

Description: SCP-XXXX is comprised of former Foundation Pilot James F. Graf and several veterans of intranational conflicts, hereby listed as XXXX-1-9. This group has been observed to have reality-bending abilities, as neither thermal imaging nor GPS tracking can locate SCP-XXXX. SCP-XXXX has been seen near commercial or cargo plane crash sites in the North American region of Canada from 11/20/06 to 4/2/08, stealing the contents of the downed plane, regardless of the nature of the content.

Name Designation Notes
James F. Graf SCP-XXXX-1 None known. Foundation Pilot
Dylan Murphy SCP-XXXX-2 Former member of the IRA
Phuong Nguyen SCP-XXXX-3 Suspected terrorist by the government of Vietnam
Adam Vitali SCP-XXXX-4 5 years of American military experience. Criminal record comprising mostly of grand theft.
Arin Ganem SCP-XXXX-5 3 years of sabotage and ambush experience during the ongoing Iraqi Civil War.
Dmitri Pavlov SCP-XXXX-6 Suspected member of a Russian terrorist cell. Multiple years of jail time served for grand theft auto.
UNKNOWN SCP-XXXX-7 Confirmed member of multiple international criminal groups. Partook in the Banco Central Burglary.
Seymour Dallis SCP-XXXX-8 Secretly diverted funds from Australian international imports into private accounts.
Huang Li SCP-XXXX-9 Multiple years of jail time served for the theft of cargo containers from government facilities.

Note: Upon arrival, recovery teams found Grace McBarrister in a vegetative state and exfiltrated her immediately. Field agent McBarrister's condition is currently being monitored for any improvement or changes. James F. Graf was missing from the crash site, as was approximately 2 liters of [REDACTED]. The crate containing [REDACTED] was recovered and disposed of, along with all other cargo present on the plane. Both pilots' mobile communication sets were missing from the site, and separate recovery teams canvassed the area in search of further information. The crash site has been covered up and any information pertaining to it is monitored closely.

UPDATE: Pilot Graf's mobile communications equipment was used on 10/4/06, two years later. The messages sent were in multiple different languages, and different dialects off certain languages. Upon translating, the voice heard was confirmed to be James Graf. To whom he is speaking is unknown. The Foundation will be utilizing containment team in order to locate James Graf and those he is messaging. It is important to note that all messages being sent originate within the borders of Canada.

Due to the spontaneity surrounding the containment of SCP-XXXX, the Foundation has decided to in-source the problem with the [Containment facility/group/idk].