Your Dream Suite

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be described as a nature reverse. Security cameras are set up around the 5m x 5m area. any unauthorized personnel who enter this area to be turned into police for trespassing

Description: SCP-XXXX is a large building resembling the one shell square in New Orleans, Louisiana Though it is both a larger base and smaller overall height. It is located inside of the ████████████. It cannot be seen from the sky and is near impossible to get to on the ground unless you know the proper route. The routes location is only known by Dr.██████ (Head of research on SCP-XXXX and will be referred to as doctor from here on out on this page) and the transport drivers. There is a small staff of about ████. About 2/4 of the staff is there to keep up the facility (Watching the surrounding area, cleaning, upkeep of buildings and vehicles, etc) and 1/4 of the staff is there to manage the D-class residents.

The D-class residents in site-██ are used to test the dangers of SCP-XXXX. What makes SCP-XXXX an SCP is its ability to change to match whoever enters favorite building, restaurant, event center, etc. This change is only mental. All personnel who enter die within 3 days of entering the building. Most of the time from dehydration. If someone is to enter the building it puts them in a hypnotic state were they ignore all there most basic need.

If someone who has entered SCP-XXXX somehow is retrieved usually done by tying a guide rope around the subject. All who have been retrieved can sometimes produce full sentences but tend to struggle to speak. There "need" to get back into SCP-XXXX this is what leads to there death.

This is the only way to get info on SCP-XXXX because all non-human or humanoid things that enter SCP-XXXXbrake or die on entering. There is no clear indication on how it does this or why. Some speculate that is a deafens mechanism.

Using evidence we have learned that all who die in SCP-XXXX are reincarnated as "staff" of the corresponding thing that SCP-XXXX is disguising its self as. The staff does not seem to do anything that all living things need to do. They do not appear to decompose in any way. This is what worry's the Doctor the most. Is there alter motive for the staff?

The doctor as started to ask the 05s for permission to use other SCPs to test the possibility to use SCP-XXXX as a thaumiel. There has yet to be a response from the 05s on this idea.