Bolterpyre 2

Item #: SCP-4084

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4084 is to be detained in a modified humanoid containment chamber. SCP-4084 may request the following: a.) a vase of flowers primarily consisting of roses and sunflower daisies, b.) a television set and c.) a library of old literature books.

The room should contain an observation window on the left side for research purposes. Two armed guards are to be posted outside of the containment chamber.

A Class-D Personnel shall enter SCP-4084 containment chamber every five (5) hours and engage it in a conversation about literature in order to prevent SCP-4084 from attempting suicide or committing self-harm. Any Personnel in the vicinity of the containment chamber are not to act violently or to make reference to anything related to war and violence.

Maintenance is to be handled by three crews. One is for cleaning the containment chamber, the other is for adding more books to the mini library and the third is for cleaning the cutlery provided to SCP-4084.

SCP-4084 shall be provided with 5 liters of Valvoline Gasoline (tm) every month in order to maintain SCP-4084's locomotion movements and health.

Description: SCP-4084 is a 182.88 cm tall humanoid heavily augmented with gears and steam pipes. The cranial part of SCP-4084 is sewn with a chrome plated mining hat mounted with a headlamp device. The face of the anomaly was obscured with a chrome plated mask that resembles a human skeleton. A valve point is mechanically affixed to SCP-4084's left eye. Both arms of the anomaly remains as a stump where two weapons are originally connected. Further research has allowed us to identify the weapons previously attached. The left hand was a circular saw 7 inches in tall and 9 inches wide. The right hand, through further research has shown that it was a steam-powered cannon that fires off pressurized metal with a force of 200 psi per second. Both weapons were detached upon SCP-4084's request. SCP-4084's exposed chest is also augmented as well. The anomaly's left breast was replaced by a set of rotating gears housed inside an unbreakable glass.

The composition of SCP-4084's upper extremities remained in its original form which consists of 12% biological tissue that belongs to a member of the Homo Sapiens species. The anomaly's lower extremities were completely replaced with artificial mechanical legs. A rectangular metal box was bolted to SCP-4084's back. Upon inspection, it contains one (1) cylindrical gas tank, two (2) metal tubes, three (3) spoilers that emits steam, and SCP-4084's serial tag.

SCP-4084 previously inhabited the basement of the University of Oxford in Oxford, England where students of the university has reportedly seen a "strange man covered in bronze". Foundation Agents investigated the report and found SCP-4084. MTF Sigma-26 "Bookworms" was formed to apprehend SCP-4084. Upon apprehension, SCP-4084 showed no signs of hostility and willingly surrendered to the Foundation's custody.

SCP-4084 requested for the removal of his weapons upon arriving at Site-19. SCP-4084 remains cooperative and friendly to Foundation personnel. It always talked about literature and authors, its "home", oppression and abandoning a "duty" which it regrets but shows pride of doing so. Further research has shown that SCP-4084's speech patterns and the journal entry found on the book previously in its possession (See Journal Entry-4084-01) implies that the anomaly has abandoned its original directives by chance.

Upon full inspection, the following items were found and confiscated by the Research Team Echo-Delta 04: one (1) cup wire brush, three (3) empty oil cans of ██████ brand, one (1) small shovel, two (2) sheets of sandpaper, one (1) handheld computer device with brass keypads and stained chrome vanadium casing and a worn-out journal with a red leather cover.

Addendum 4084-01: SCP-4084 is believed to be a hundred years old based on carbon dating tests on the remaining biological tissue exposed on its torso. SCP-4084 has divulged that it arrived to our dimension fifty seven (57) years ago in Severny Island.

Addendum 4084-02: SCP-4084 is known for its friendly behavior. There is a single occurrence where SCP-4084 had acted violently that it required the assistance of ten (10) guards to subdue him. A Class D Personnel, D-5534, has referenced the Je████ Ho███████ which angered SCP-4084. D-5534, three guards and two researchers were killed in the subsequent containment breach.

Addendum 4084-03: The journal confiscated from SCP-4084 is illegible due to sloppy writing and age wear. However, there are five pages that were still readable and compiled into one page for the benefit of this research. (See Journal Entry 4084-01)

Addendum 4084-04: This is the serial tag found on SCP-4084

Unit #: 00294-2149 Mk. 5
Role: Hykanatoi
Conduit: Tower 2332-53
Serial Number: 001123-3233-22

Journal Entry 4084-01:

The following is found on SCP-4084's journal.

In the land of the forgotten old,
where the skies are as dark as midnight,
and the air as bright as flames,
there is a kingdom of gears and steam and levers,
ruled by a Monarch of the flesh,
whose mind remains untouched,
and decisions all flawed from word to word.

The year is 1854,
by then, the kingdom of gears and steam and levers,
has evolved to an empire supported by fifteen provinces.
Each subjects under conquest,
are required not to think.
No thought, no rebellion.
For all the damned good king wants was an empire,
of obedience and control.
Not of doubt and chaos.

In this year, there is only war,
every other year is always the same exact year.
Forever and ever, stuck in that year of battle, of steam and of blood.
The kingdom, which is now the empire of gears and steam and levers,
is supported by a never ending conflict.
Each pillar of the castle is built with skulls and each soil is covered with blood.
All subjects are called to serve.
Three caste, all humans, no souls.
Nobles, Warriors and Slaves.

Our ways of living is sustained by the sacrifices of the Slaves.
Their souls live in our machines and devices.
This is the decree of our Emperor;
The lives of a million is worth more than the lives of a few hundreds,
for we only depends on our technology as a means to our living.

Our Emperor is like a Father,
a noble teacher with an all-seeing eye.
He taught us that to think is to defy,
to talk is to rebel,
and to upgrade is to blaspheme.

It was night of September of 1854,
the skies remained unchanged no matter the time,
we charged, slay and shoot,
we are in a frenzy, I am not in control.
I know not who our enemy was, never have been, never had known.
The last blood is shed and everything is silence,
Then all of a sudden, a bright flash of light appeared.
It burns like the fires of a thousand suns,
devouring everything in each path.
Then like a child waking up from a nightmare,
I know instantly that whatever,
Is in control of my fate,
has faded from the dimension of unseen reality.
I have slipped free, and now I'm, in control.

It was night of September of 1854,
the skies remained unchanged no matter the time,
I stood in millions of corpses,
the traitorous flesh and my mechanical brethren,
all share the same grave or blood stained rubble and stones.
Ahead, I see what looks like a tear of fabric,
I believe it is what separates,
from the world of you and I.
I walk with curiosity in my heart, entered and faded.

There I came to be, your prisoner from the nightmare of 1854.
You saved me from an inescapable nightmare,
I am in debt to all of you,

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: Provisional Site-253 is constructed for the containment of SCP-XXXX. Mobile Task Force Gamma-88 (“Mall Cops”) is assigned for the security of Provisional Site-253 and to assist in the neutralization of SCP-XXXX instances should they attempt to breach containment. Under the guise of local law enforcement, the vicinity around Provisional Site-253 is to be patrolled by members of MTF Gamma-88. Warning signs and fence links are established to discourage non authorized personnel from intruding. MTF Gamma-88 is to stop any civilians who have inadvertently excursed close enough to Provisional-253 where SCP-XXXX is contained. Under no circumstances any individuals are allowed inside of SCP-XXXX without proper clearance from any Level 3 Security Personnel or higher.

For the exploration and the neutralization of SCP-XXXX instances inside of SCP-XXXX should they affect the external environment outside of SCP-XXXX, MTF Omega-55 (“Who Let The Dogs Out?”) are to be deployed to handle the termination and possibly, containment should the SCP-XXXX instances managed to breach containment or leave SCP-XXXX.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a designation given to an extranormal dimension located on the top of Mount Himalayas. It appears to be a circular wormhole approximately 1.73 cm in height and 1.23 diameters in length with a purple coloration in the rim of the portal and radiates golden yellow light in the center. It was inhabited by instances designated as SCP-XXXX-A through -E. Remote observation reports that instances of SCP-XXXX-A through –E were occasionally seen appearing from the dimension before entering inside after three minutes of idle.

SCP-XXXX-A through –E instances shared the same origins as the other. Each instance appears to be constructed out of cardboard materials and shows sentience. This was observed when an instance responds to auditory and visual stimuli. However; containment of the instances were met with failure due to the hostility it shows against Foundation personnel.

SCP-XXXX-A is a designation given to an entity that inhabits within SCP-XXXX. It was the only SCP-XXXX instance that was observed to be outside of SCP-XXXX. It was a small rectangular entity with what appears to be a cardboard core protruding out of its midsection (henceforth designated as SCP-XXXX-A-1). When threatened, SCP-XXXX-A-1 will aim itself at a perceive threat. A glowing streak of light will launch from SCP-XXXX-A-1 and will terminate the threat in question.

SCP-XXXX-B is a humanoid entity with a rectangular body that lacks any proper head and has long limbs that also appears to be constructed from cardboard cores. The limbs terminated to an enlarged boulder sized fist that appears to be paper mache in appearance but weighs 300 kilograms. It is first seen inside of SCP-XXXX when MTF Zeta-9 (“Mole Rats”) was dispatched for exploration purposes. It utilizes its fists to maim and terminate any targets in its direction before emitting a loud roar from its body.

SCP-XXXX-C is a quadruped entity covered in hard construction paper that acts as its outer skin for the protection of its inner skin. Spikes made out of cardboard are notably observed on the spinal area of SCP-XXXX-C and acts as its defense and attack mechanism against a threat. SCP-XXXX-C behaves similar to that of the Canine Lupus Familiaris or common household dogs and were utilized as attack hounds by the instances of SCP-XXXX instances.

SCP-XXXX-D is a humanoid entity similar in appearance to SCP-XXXX-B albeit its hands were replaced by rectangular cardboard cores that were observed to launch projectiles at its target. The projectile (hereafter designated as SCP-XXXX-D-1) detonates two seconds after being fired.

SCP-XXXX-E is an identical humanoid entity similar to SCP-XXXX-D and SCP-XXXX-B but possesses no ‘weapons’ found on SCP-XXXX-D and SCP-XXXX-B. They have not shown any hostility to Foundation personnel. However; they are observed to flee from them while emitting a loud noise as if it was calling for any nearby SCP-XXXX instance for help.

Exploration Log:

Initial Exploration Vide Log Transcript
Date: 09/12/1990
Exploration Team: Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 (“Mole Rats”)
Subject: SCP-XXXX
Team Lead: Zeta Lead
Team Members: Zeta-1, Zeta-2, Zeta-3, Zeta-4


SiteCommand: Commlink online.

Zeta Lead: Affirmative. SiteComm, do you hear us?

SiteCommand: Loud and clear, Zeta Lead. Proceed to the anomaly.

(Zeta Team enters SCP-XXXX. Visual feed shows large mountains, white clouds and cyan sky with no visible sun.)

Zeta Lead: Do you see this, SiteComm?

SiteCommand: Yes, Zeta Lead. Continue.

(Zeta Team descends what appears to be a mountain covered in a powder-like material. Thermal scans shows that the temperature of the material is below -50 degree Celsius.)

(The next three minutes shows Zeta Team walking across a semi transparent green river. Video feed detected sparkling lights in the water. The next two minutes shows a set of trees that were seemingly made out of hard plastic, inhabited by small insectoid species. Zeta Team is not aware of the insectoid’s presence and continued to cross the river.)

Zeta Lead: SiteComm, did you hear that?

(Zeta Team froze in place and drew their standard issued sidearm. Zeta Lead inquired one more time but no sound is picked up in the video feed.)

SiteCommand: Describe what you hear, Zeta Lead.

SiteCommand: Proceed with caution.

(Zeta Team continued for another five minutes. At this point, the sound was picked up by the video feed. A humanoid entity later designated as SCP-XXXX-C appears in the frame, launching itself towards the members of Zeta Team.)

(Loud incoherent screams were heard followed by a few expletive curses that were redacted at the time of writing. A fight between SCP-XXXX-C and the members of Zeta Team occurred. SCP-XXXX-B instance was eventually terminated. No casualties were reported in the occurred fight.)

SiteCommand: Zeta Team, report!

Zeta Team: Anyone okay? (Loud whispers covered in static is heard) We’re fine, SiteComm.

SiteCommand: Extract any samples for analysis.

Zeta Team: Affirmative.

(Zeta Lead, Zeta-3 and Zeta-4 bent beside a deceased SCP-XXXX-C instance. Its body took up the entire frame of the video feed. Bright red fluid is visible from its wound and its organs that were observed to be made out of paper still pulses.)

Zeta Team: Samples obtained. We’re moving out. Let’s go, team.

(The following thirty minutes consists of Zeta Team walking across the forest of plastic trees with no incidents. They eventually reached a clearing where a large wall was built.)

Zeta Team: No Zeta-1, we cannot just punch through that wall. Who knows what danger awaits us in the other side of it.

SiteCommand: Report.

Zeta Team: We found a large wall, SiteComm, which looks like it was…(Zeta Lead approaches the wall and removed his glove to touch it.)…made from cardboard.

SiteCommand: Continue.

(At this point, instances that were later designated as SCP-XXXX-A floats into view. It was hovering above the large wall with SCP-XXXX-A-1 aimed at the team.)

(A battle suddenly broke out. SCP-XXXX-A was eventually terminated but another instance replaced it. Two more appeared to aid the other instance until a dozen came into view.)

Zeta Lead: (Gunfire) SiteComm, we are pinned! We are requesting extraction, over!

(Loud chatter can be heard in the background of SiteCommand as the Head Researcher discusses with possible extraction options with the Mobile Task Force Commander.)

SiteComm: We are sending an Extraction Team to your location. Retreat back to the entry point, over.

Zeta Lead: (Heavy breathing) Thank God! Affirmative! We are retreating now.

(Another thirty minutes passed, the Zeta Team is running back from the forest while pursued by instances of SCP-XXXX-A.)

Zeta Lead: I see the mountain! Zeta-2, oh shit! No!

(The body of Zeta-2 perforated with holes appeared into the frame. Sheaf of papers can be seen growing out of Zeta-2’s wounds.)

Zeta Lead: Dammit, we lost her! SiteComm, do you read me? Where is the Extraction Team?

SiteComm: They see you now, keep ascending.

(At this point, Zeta Team successfully reached the entry point. Members of the Extraction Team appeared in the frame, firing at instances of SCP-XXXX-A before finally retreating inside.)


Incident Report XXXX-1: Instances of SCP-XXXX-A appeared from SCP-XXXX in swarms that consist of at least dozen. Mobile Task Force Gamma-88 (“Mall Cops”) relieved Mobile Task Force Zeta-9 (“Mole Rats”) from their duty. Due to the expertise in the subject matter, Mobile Task Force Omega-55 (“Who Let The Dogs Out?”) are deployed for the termination of SCP-XXXX instances as well as exploration of SCP-XXXX


The city was bright with neon lights attached on storefronts, bright lampposts and moving vehicles.

with neon lights attached to, lamp posts is two words

The winter was coming

rip ned

the operatives of Mobile Task Force Omega-20 and a cadre from Chaos Insurgency in the abandoned part of the city.

cadre is typically used as, 'a cadre of.' I would also suggest 'an' abandoned part, unless there's literally just one part of this city that's huge and derelict.

…actually, scrap that. That sounds awesome. Call it something hammy like 'THE NEON GRAVEYARD,' or, 'YABUSHIMA DEVELOPMENTS.' Cyberpunk.

psychic deterrent bullets

This is really dumb in the best way.

Jason Wilde

This is really dumb in the best way.

(it does)

who solely rely on the WOLFs for assistance.

Solely relied

swung at the direction of an Agent

Swung in the direction.

A black hole appeared and, like a hungry maw, swallowed the Agent whole.

Part of this is really dumb in the best way.

'Hungry maw' isn't much of an image, though. You're basically telling us it is like a mouth, that wants to eat. Maybe something like 'THE SLAVERING JAWS OF A FERAL CANINE' or something less ridiculous would work better. Also calls back to the wolf thing, which, while hammy, is really dumb in the best way.

When the firing stops, he swings again.

Stopped, swung

I have issues with both these letters. Whereas you seem to have embraced the beautiful insanity of a psychotropic, high-octane ultraviolent romp lit by pure neon and the muzzle flashes of tacticapable firepower, they both break tone in a very atypical way; they remain isolated from this clearly deranged, fantastical world you've set up, clinical in a setting where the very word is rejected because it is anti-fun. It derails the story because it grounds it in something approximating reality. Insert metaphor about grounding electricity and losing energy or something.

The sound of the Dancefloor's music can be heard as the lift slowly ascended.

Could be

The veteran Agent Richard Madrigal glanced behind him to see his four-man rookie squad, excited and nervous.

This is awkward. I'd rephrase it to something like this

The veteran Agent Richard Madrigal glanced behind him to see his four-man rookie squad nervously [insert nervous action,] [insert excited action,] and [insert something that ties the latter together.

So maybe, nervously fidgeting, checking their weapons, and obviously anticipating the fight to come, or something.

a common thing that rookies usually experiences

rookies usually experienced

when the drug were


They were issued

had been issued

with the newest version

cut with

The other team they are about


face against with

pick one

in this combat exercise were comprised


The purpose of the exercise is to compare


the effectivity


issued with the old Nitro-Amp 1.0.

You should probably pick between old, or 1.0, since both denote that it is the old version, but they're not wielding the New 1.0, they're wielding the 2.0, so the comparison doesn't make sense.

"Listen up, men." Madrigal said.

Listen up men,

The Dancefloor will be loud and crowded, I hope you get used to it.


It was how the actual battlefield is like.

is how

This… is dumb in the wrong way. This attempts to rationalize it, like the letters. In attempting to get the audience (or at least, me) to say, 'huh, that makes sense,' it has the opposite effect of making me say, 'you don't need to try and justify something obviously manufactured for the purpose of pure style with no regard for actual tactics when the whole rest of the thing just gives justifying it the finger, saying, 'my balls are not in your court.''

similar to that of an interior of a warehouse.

of the interior

"Alright, let's move out!"

All right

hyper paintball rifle

I kind of love the fact you just added the adjective 'hyper' to this because it's JUST THAT MORE EFFECTIVE. It doesn't really tell us anything about the gun… but I don't really think that matters.

instantly perceived the mock up battlefield as a garden filled with butterflies.


In his vision, his teammates appeared to be humanoid caterpillars in strange exo suits, armed with laser rifles.


He ignored them and aimed at

aimed in

His heart was beating twice faster

twice as fast

saw what looks to be an oversized shit emoji with an angry face.

looked to be

This is kind of a rough yes. It's not as glorious as the others, but concept alone is, hm. This is good.

It was raising its "Like" rifle.


In reality, it was an opposing member from Blue Team, hearing his approach.

who had heard

The Agent opened fire;

This could refer to either person

Madrigal stepped aside, the Like hand sped its way past him.

I'd put an and after the comma. Otherwise, it's a run-on.

disintegrating it into dust.

disintegration implies turning to dust

It's like saying 'he was drawn and quartered and cut into four pieces'

to retrieve an item under the possession of the Insurgency

In the possession

Madrigal paused

Anyway, as I was saying

He just said one sentence. It's not like he's ending and restarting some big spiel.

He hefted his silenced MP5 submachine gun

I'm sure I'm just being a pseudo-intellectual, nitpicky asshole but again, the word is suppressed, not silenced. I think.

(*facepalm* I forgot to edit this. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention.)

rotary blades and engines might produce.


Madrigal sprinted across the rooftop and jumped to another rooftop

Redundant rooftop

Could just take out the second. 'He sprinted across the rooftop, and jumped to another."

the infrared flashlight

This might be the best tale ever.

I stopped error checking here. I think the point is made. I get the feeling you were doing this like a summary play-by-play to be expanded upon later, which is actually a very healthy way to write, but you forgot to update a lot of the tenses. Runons are a smaller but significant problem.

I like this tale better than the franchise's first installment. Given a total overhaul of the grammar and tense I would be inclined to novote this particular one; this seems to be building steam on the front of getting together its own personal identity, but that crisis of being caught between 'gonzo tron/daft punk music video' and 'serious military thriller' is still very present, in much the same way Crysis was caught between 'badass Sci-Fi alien-shootser' and 'serious military thriller.' I feel like adding Madrigal was a mistake; he's a guy with an established site-history of being involved with Serious Military Thrillers and while that's fine, it's kind of jarring and it feels like you could've just used anyone and it would've been the same. I'd create your own guy. Call him 'Bastion Thunderbolt' or something awesome like that.

That's my take on this so far. It's promising, and getting more promising-er, but the pieces aren't all there yet. My interest is still piqued to see where you go with this.

The drubken tab box. Im gonna write here while im drunk

The formation of Mobile Task Force Lambda-67, codenamed "The MVPs", were requested for the following operations:

The retrieval of anomalous item 1 and the detainment of POI-7727, and the cleanup of Anomalous Site-56, the focal point of the effect of anomalous item 1. The following equipment will be issued to Lambda-67:

• Disc Rifle - Loaded with explosive discs capable of obliterating a small vehicle.

Did I ever wrote this?

Hukbong Sandatahan Pangkatihan - Philippine Marine Corps Anomalous Warfare Battalion