The Cicatrix
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Photo taken of SCP-3938 before containment by Soviet Foundation assets(believed to have been taken during initial recovery)

Item #: SCP-3938

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures:

Procedure Revision 01/03/1990

SCP-3938 is to be contained in a 3m x 3m x 3m cell buried 450m under an uncharted 0.78km2 island 0.96km off the coast of ██████ Station, Antarctica.
Foundation staff at ██████ Station must monitor movement of SCP-3938 via pressure sensors and deter anyone from approaching the island.
All contact with SCP-3938 must only be done through the intercom system connected to ██████ Station. Only Level 3 or higher clearance personnel who have been extensively briefed on Protocol 73-3938 can conduct interviews with SCP-3938. Any deviations from Protocol 73-3938 during contact with SCP-3938(even unintentional) will result in immediate interview termination and the discharge from ██████ Station. Automated systems will alert staff and issue a warning to SCP-3938 if pressure sensors show abnormal readings.
If a breach is attempted by SCP-3938, MTF unit 1011-Bravo must be notified immediately. Once unit Bravo has been notified, staff must find immediate shelter and wait patiently until all nuclear fallout has settled.

Description: SCP-3938 is a 1.98m tall 77kg male of disputable Eastern European descent(see Addendum 3938-2). SCP-3938 has countless scars and wounds across its upper body, the lower body being covered up by a tattered pair of olive drab colored pants(consistent with Class D jumpsuits found in Foundation sites across the USSR). The clothing fabric appears to be permanently fused with scar tissue of SCP-3938(a possible result of either incendiary torture or nerve gas by the KGB), making a full autopsy impossible. The identifiable wounds on SCP-3938 include:

  • Holes of various sizes in the palms confirmed to be caused by forced entry through barbed wire. Slight burns on the more fresh wounds correlate to a hole in an electric fence in the southeast corner of Site-█(see Initial Recovery log)
  • 8 matching scars located around the abdominal area are consistent with bullet wounds from Soviet 7.62x39mm rounds(most commonly used with Kalashnikov rifles) shot point blank. X-ray scans have shown 5 were crudely removed(most likely by hand from SCP-3938) and the other 3 are still lodged inside and covered in scar tissue.
  • Two heavy skin abrasions from rusted shackles locked around the base of each ankle. Attempts to remove the shackles have also proved unsuccessful.
  • 78 bruises and 74 lacerations on the right forearm alongside 66 bruises and 98 lacerations on the left indicate defensive blocks from close range weapons ranging from whips and batons to knives and machetes. Similar wounds are seen in its palms, implying SCP-3938 not only blocks offensive strikes, but absorbs them completely(deep gashes across the right palm indicate that SCP-3938 has previously grabbed sharp weapons by the blade end and persisted to hold on)
  • Any visible flesh, skin pigmentation, hair follicles, lips, ear lobes, nose, and eyeballs seem to be either burnt or eaten away by acid and/or incendiary torture methods, this combined with countless scars gives SCP-3938 a skeletal appearance and raw calloused skin all over its body. Despite this, when eye contact is made a pair of eyes can be seen deeper within the skull orbits; It’s unknown whether these eyes are human due to (presumed)tapetum lucidum giving them a glowing effect despite the glow solely appearing when eye contact is established. Attempts to measure the orbit depth have been met with outright hostility from SCP-3938.

However, SCP-3938 seems to possess a possibly modified and heightened version of CIPA(Congenital Insensitivity to Pain with Anhidrosis) disorder, a disorder that normally prevents sensations of pain, temperature changes, and any other sensation detected by the nervous system, the modification aspect allowing SCP-3938 to not only withstand abnormally high levels of pain but also completely dismiss it.

SCP-3938 most often remains in a docile state when alone. During this state it will take a cross legged seated position then lean forward, stretching its arms and back until its fingertips and forehead are touching the ground.

Once the person(s) have been located SCP-3938 will continue approaching until eye contact is established between at least one person and SCP-3938. If eye contact is made, a pair of eyes will appear from an unknown source within 400 milliseconds to meet the eyes of at least one person(Witnesses describe a "deer in the headlights" feeling when maintaining eye contact, including tightening of the throat, perspiration, and an inability to use any available weaponry). SCP-3938 will slowly advance, closing the distance at 1-2km/hr, at times verbally engaging during this period(possible form of mockery or distraction). When eye contact is broken SCP-3938 will enter a rage state, killing any living being within a rapidly growing radius at speeds of 40 to ███ km/hr, using military precision and close range combat that result in quick deaths(neck snapping, stabbing, strangulation as quick as █ seconds, etc)

However, if SCP-3938 is attacked while keeping eye contact it will seem to further anger SCP-3938, making attacks less precise, more ferocious, and 1 to (rarely) 2 seconds longer to complete before moving onto the next victim. These increases in time must be utilized as much as they can to contain SCP-3938, for it appears to only focus on one victim at a time in its second rage state.


Initial recovery: Little is known about SCP-3938 before entry into America, but the first recorded occurrence was on 09/01/1985 at 12:04:58 AM in Site-█Д after Foundation staff embedded in government intelligence stations in ████, Alaska found a transmission that used advanced Foundation-grade encryption codes stating that a convoy from Site-█Д to an unidentified site in the Kamchatka Peninsula was underway.

On 10/02/1985, Site-█, a Foundation site approved by the US government to hold ██ anti-Soviet nuclear weapons, was breached from the outside by SCP-3938. SCP-3938 pushed through Site-█ until reaching the central nuclear control panel, priming ██ missiles to go to 38° 53' 52.6452'' N 77° 2' 11.6160'' W, ██ to 38° 52' 9.273'' N 77 ° 3 ' 13.559'' W, and ███ to several Foundation sites containing anti-Soviet nuclear weapons as far as Alaska. SCP-3938 was successfully contained before it could launch any missiles. All ██ on-site guards and MTF soldiers, ██ scientists, and █ Class D personnel were either KIA or MIA.

SCP-3938 Orientation Letter, sent 10/05/1985:

Let me be the first to applaud you for being qualified enough to be a part of the SCP-3938 research team - I am assuming the O5 council selected you and your team for expressing loyalty to the Foundation, but new developments on SCP-3938 have demanded to stress the confidentiality of SCP-3938 once more.

As you may know, SCP-3938 was apprehended wearing a pair of military-like olive drab pants. Upon acquisition we figured SCP-3938 was a US or NTF soldier gone rogue, supposedly explaining the level of control it had over Foundation and government equipment.

However, recent analysis of the fabric indicates the pants are the lower half of a Class D uniform possibly belonging to one of the many Foundation sites located all over the USSR. This combined with both SCP-3938's attack on Site-█ and the missile targets it selected has led the O5 Council to believe SCP-3938 was deliberately sent to the United States to pit our government against us.

As a result, the O5 Council has passed new regulations(not just for our research team but for all Foundation members) that will enforce total excommunication of all members the Foundation based out of the USSR(this includes American agents until it is confirmed that none have been compromised). Any violation of the excommunication whatsoever will result in permanent employment termination/reassignment.

For the recipients of this letter, the same excommunication protocols are in place for our assets with any association with the US government. A long standing rule of The Foundation states to steer clear background politics. The reason being if the wrong person finds out that the Soviet government is using the Foundation as its big red nuclear button, the first thing our government will do is force our hand.

Overall, the ideal outcome is that the Cold War ends peacefully and that the Foundation can remain in the shadows. Loose lips sink ships, people. The sooner you remember that, the sooner the ideal outcome will be achieved.

Dr. ██████

Interview Logs:

Interview Log with Lt ████ Jacobs - 10/03/1985

Interview Log with Dr. ███████ - 04/27/1986

Interview Log with Mikhail █████████ - 03/07/1990 [DATA EXPUNGED]