Bored King's Mad Ramblings

The sun glistened through the buildings, casting light upon the bustling street where people were on their way to their normal lives. One man, however, found himself on his way to his abnormal life, as per usual. He'd been called about an incident that needed attention not even an hour after his vacation ended that morning. Today, this man hated that the sun was shining, as it had been raining for the entire week he had off.
He checked his watch, "Pick up crew should have been here ages ago," he said as he tapped his foot. A taxi cab pulled up, bearing no company markings or registered plates. "About damn time," he said as he got in. The cab pulled away as soon as the door closed, but the driver said nothing. The passenger sighed and let his head fall back, attempting to catch a few more moments of sleep, but the driver soon foiled his plans.
"So, I can drive anywhere, anywhere you'd like, where'd you wanna go?" he asked in a silvery voice.
The passenger stared at him as a confused look crossed his face. The drivers never talked with him, much less asked questions. "Is this some kind of test? A joke maybe? Was there a signal phrase the operator failed to mention?"
"No, no, nothing like that sir," the man said, glancing back. It was only now that the passenger noticed his wrinkles and caught a glimpse of his brown eyes. "I'm merely interested in your answer so I may better drive you."
"Wait, who are you? What's you company name?"
"Oh, my name… well, call me Sagesse. As for my company, I work alone as a service to any troubled souls."
"I'm afraid I must depart, this is… this is my stop right here," the passenger said and pointed out of the window to a random alleyway.
"Hm, no sir, I don't believe it is. You have no need to fear me, I'll do nothing wrong to you, no, I'm here to guide you on your path."
"What… what are you? You're sure as hell not my pickup detail…"
"I'm an old man, a very old man, and a very wise one. Now," he said, slowing the cab to a stop at a red light, "tell me where it is you want to go, give me a starting point."
"I can't tell you," the passenger said, thinking for a moment. He might be able to turn in an anomaly, a bit more interesting than offing existing ones. He just needed to play his cards right. He internally grinned as he relayed the directions to the nearest Foundation office.
The man nodded and resumed driving as the light turned green. All was well, until he made a right when he should have turned left. "Now, you see, you've told me what you want, but it's my job to show you what you *need*," the driver said calmly.
The passenger gripped the door-handle, finding it locked.
"Don't worry, I'm not here to hurt you," the driver stated, slowing down again at the passenger's apartment. He leaned on the partition, staring into the passenger's eyes. "You need to be home. Don't ask me why, as I'm not here to tell you your story, I'm simply the plot device that gets you through it. Now, go home, you're needed there more than at the Foundation today, I'm afraid."
The doors unlocked and the passenger bolted from the car, which drove off shortly thereafter. He stood by the road, glancing back and forth along the traffic riddled road in search of a normal cab, but not a single one appeared in sight. "Oh, 'you'll never need a gun off-duty. The likelihood of encountering an anomaly on your own is a trillion-to-one,' oh what horsehit," he said, heading back into his apartment.
Upon entering, he briskly made his way to the desk-phone, one with access to Foundation communication. He dialed his code and the operator pickup after two rings.
"Hello Mr. Kurz," the male operator said, "I'm surprised you're calling back so soon, you missed your pickup detail." Before Kurz could expand on the reason for this, however, the operator continued "oddly enough, you won't need to be coming in today, the anomaly was re-contained after the short power-outage it caused. I hope you can enjoy the rest of your vacation, though I also hope you can be more punctual next time."
"Of course, of course, I'm sorry, I had an incident of my own as I was on my way and" he was cut off by a loud popping sound. "Is everything alright?"
"What the fuck? Hold on, Kurz. I think I heard gunshots." The sound of a rolling-chair's wheels retreating from the phone sounded off through the speaker. More pops followed, closer, clearer this time. The sound of wheels returned quickly, "Fuck CI is in the building! Get here n-" the line cut off.
Kurz stared at the phone for a minute, shocked. His mind snapped back into gear as he dialed the emergency Foundation code, a female voice greeting him this time. "I need a Nu-7 detachment at Site-15 now! CI is on site and they've cut the lines!" he yelled, more concerned about his peers than neighbors that overhear him. The woman tried to calm him and get all the information she could, but he had little information to give. She promised a detachment and ordered him to stay where he was for emergency pickup.
He paced about his apartment, going over his many questions: "Why did he save me? Why didn't he tell me? Can he be trusted? What's going on in Site-15? Have the guards neutralized the threat? Did I overreact? Did I act too slow?" Finally, he ended up looking out his window, seeing a lone taxicab parked along the road with a single, wrinkly faced man standing by it and looking up at him. The driver looked to his left, down the road, and reentered his cab, starting it and driving away.