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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Apollyon

Special Containment Procedures
Currently no special containment procedures
can contain SCP-XXXX

Description: SCP-XXXX is an light bulb
similar to a non anomalous avrage light bulb
that leaks hydrochloric acid 10x stronger than
normal hydrochloric acid.
The light bulb is approximetly 1 centimeter in height
and lenght.

Addendum 1 : Incident happend on █/█/█. The light bulb has gotten out due to a contanment breach, leaking
the hydrochloric acid on the ground. All organisams coming in contact evaporated near-instantly.
Addendum 2 : On █/█/█ the anomaly has shown to
move slightly evry 30 minutes.
Addendum 3 : On [Redacted]/[Redacted]/[Redacted]
the scp keeps escaping, no acid proof chamber can contain it, evrything failed, it also leaked even more acid, making acid oceans.
Because of this SCP-XXXX has been reclassified as: Apollyon. If the foundation dosen't find a way to
contain it the concenquences could be an
XK- end of the world scenario.