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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class:

Special Containment Procedures:

Description: SCP-XXXX is a small structure composed of concrete located near [location]. The structure extends 9 floors underground, with each floor being approximately identical aside from its contents. Engraved on the facade of SCP-XXXX is a series of pictograms that have only partially been deciphered by Foundation researchers. Each floor of SCP-XXXX contains a distinct item, each of which possesses a cognitohazardous property when directly viewed. The properties of each item, designated SCP-XXXX-1 to -9, are listed below.

Instance Object Property
SCP-XXXX-1 Red pentagonal sign bearing Foundation logo in white Viewer will acquire an irrational fear of staying within SCP-XXXX.
SCP-XXXX-2 Figures representing various Foundation researchers. As of yet, only Dr. Olivas and Researcher Streifer have been identified. Viewer will gain an understanding of the scientific paradigms used to describe anomalous objects, regardless of any previous experience.
SCP-XXXX-3 Clay sculpture representing an unknown object. Viewer will begin to believe in the existence of an anomaly designated SCP-6748. Viewers claim SCP-XXXX-3 is a representation of SCP-6748.
SCP-XXXX-4 A tablet engraved with pictograms similar to the facade of SCP-XXXX. Viewer will begin to believe that SCP-6748 is capable of causing a K-class scenario. Viewers refuse or are unable to describe any details of this K-class scenario.
SCP-XXXX-5 A clay sculpture representing SCP-XXXX is located in the center of the room. Various other clay sculptures representing houses are located at the edges of the room. Viewer will acquire an irrational fear of being within or near SCP-XXXX. If SCP-XXXX has previously been viewed, this effect will become stronger.