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Item #: SCP-4252

Object Class: Keter

Special Containment Procedures: A perimeter spanning 1 km is to be set up around SCP-4252's entry point. No access into said perimeter is to be allowed to any civilians or personnel without express approval of at least 3 personnel ranking Level-4 or higher. Interaction with SCP-4252-A outside of testing purposes is strictly forbidden. SCP-4252-A are to be recorded through a set of video and audio sensors fitted with advanced Class-Delta Dubarov Cognitohazard Filters to prevent the accidental creation of any SCP-4252-B instances. Monitoring equipment is to detect as broad a range of wavelengths as possible. SCP-4252-A frequencies are to be suppressed and scrambled, unless expressly used for the purposes of testing, outside of the designated containment zone. Video and audio samples of SCP-4252-A are to be stored and examined separately as to not trigger SCP-4252's effects or generate an SCP-4252-B or SCP-4252-C instance.

All currently existing SCP-4252-C instances are to be constantly monitored and followed by specifically designed reaction teams, who are to detain, amnesticize and release all citizens who approach SCP-4252-C's area of effect. Members of said reaction teams are to be equipped with specialized scrambling helmets in order to prevent the further creation of SCP-4252-C instances. Any deviation from SCP-4252-C's observed behavior is to be noted and considered as capable of causing a containment breach. Any citizens known to have caused a generation of an SCP-4252-C instance are to be [DATA EXPUNGED].

If an SCP-4252-C instance approaches a heavily populated area, Procedure-4252-"Cerberus" is to be enacted to ensure the protection of the civilian population from the harmful effects of SCP-4252-C as well as to prevent further creation of SCP-4252-C instances. In the event that an individual targeted by an SCP-4252-C instance is located within a heavily populated area they are to be detained upon discovery or terminated at the discretion of the current Project-4252 director. Standard Cover-up Procedure-641 (death by suicide) is to be orchestrated should the individual be terminated.

Description: SCP-4252 is refers to an alternate reality seemingly only accessible by Trans-Dimensional Wormhole D7EQ-R22XA-J5KL located in █████████ in the Nanavut region of Canada. At present no method of entering or interacting with SCP-4252 is at the Foundation's disposal as research has demonstrated it to not conform to physical laws present in our own universe. While entry into SCP-4252 is impossible, its entry point emits a constant stream of several unidentified types of energy waves of indeterminate origin and seemingly possessing the qualities of a mixture of electromagnetic and vibratory waves. The waves are to be henceforth referred to as SCP-4252-A. SCP-4252-A vary in wavelength and wave frequency and will often have an auditory or optical element detectable by human senses. The mechanism for generation of and the origin of these waves is poorly understood.

SCP-4252-A appear to possess highly anomalous effects when interacting with sentient beings, often resulting in the creation of cognition-based entities (designated SCP-4252-B). These entities are capable of taking various forms and appear to be based on the perception of the subjects exposed to SCP-4252-A and their particular state of mind during the exposure. SCP-4252-B exist only for short time periods of between 5 seconds and 7 minutes, after which they abruptly dissipate often leaving observing subjects with the impression that they have experienced a hallucination. SCP-4252-B instances are intangible and appear to have no physical form, and are capable of passing through solid objects. In addition to this they often possess reality bending properties, being able to distort space near their location. It is currently believed SCP-4252-B are not sentient. Manifestation of SCP-4252-B appears to only occur when both visual and auditory variations of SCP-4252-A are present.

Addendum-4252-1-C: It is currently believed that on ██/██/2012, approximately █ weeks before Foundation containment of SCP-4252 was established, accidental contact with SCP-4252-A by A████ S███████ resulted in the creation of a highly anomalous SCP-4252-B instance. The instance, hereby designated SCP-4252-C, significantly exceeded the expiration limit typically characteristic of SCP-4252-B instances and demonstrated uncharacteristic to SCP-4252-B memetic properties, as well as being able to generate SCP-4252-A independently. SCP-4252-C was recorded by A████ S███████ and was subsequently published online, with Foundation web crawler anti-cognitohazard bots failing to detect the presence of SCP-4252-A in the recording.

It is believed approximately █████ individuals were exposed to the object because of this, with a confirmed ███ triggering SCP-4252-C's memetic properties, which became evident as SCP-4252-C is thought to have multiplied, creating ███ confirmed instances. Testing has determined that each SCP-4252-C instance to moving towards a specifically designated target that was affected by a previous instance's memetic effects. SCP-4252-C will move in a direct line towards their targets, ignoring any and all terrain limitations. It is currently a top priority for all SCP-4252-C's host subjects to be located and secured.

The following interview was conducted with A████ S███████ after his interactions with SCP-4252-A. The interview was conducted in a safeguarded location located 20km north of the Arctic circle.


Interviewer: Dr. Wolfe, Head of Project-4252.

Interviewee: A████ S███████, 26, Believed responsible for the creation of SCP-4252-C.


Dr. Wolfe: Hello, Mr. S███████, please excuse us for bringing you here so suddenly, but we would like to know what exactly transpired when you first encountered the entity that has been pursuing you.

(Subject appears nervous and is silent for approximately 10 seconds)

S███████: Well I was just minding my own business…I was just taking a look around the place, wanted to see some snowy landscapes, not summon some god damn Innuit underworld demon…I…

Dr. Wolfe: It's okay, please just calm down and tell us what you saw.

S███████: Right…sorry. As I was saying, I was just taking a little trip outside of █████████ when all of a sudden I noticed this weird crack in the ground. It looked like it was glowing, but in a really weird way…I can't really describe it, it was like the light was a color I had never seen before. And it was making this weird noise, like it was alternating from high to low pitch. Then all of a sudden that…that thing started coming out of the ground like 30 ft away from me.

Dr. Wolfe: Could you please describe the entity?

S███████: Well…oh God…it was all black, a deep black like black leather. It looked like some sort of freakish dog, like when you try to draw a dog from memory but you don't remember which way its legs bend so it just comes out looking…wrong. It didn't have any fur only wrinkly dry skin and its eyes… Jesus Christ, it's like they stared right into my fucking soul, they were like these giant red blotches. Its body was like a dog but its face sure as hell fucking wasn't, it looked like some messed up amalgamation of a crow and and anteater, just a giant bulky black beak where its snout should have been. It started moving towards me and…like…everything around it seemed I thought that fucking thing was just a myth the old weirdo at the town square told to scare the little kids.

Dr. Wolfe: What myth are you referring to? Please elaborate.

S███████: I mean, I didn't believe it at first but uhh…now I've seen it for myself. It was some Innuit story about a hairless dog that comes out from the underworld to feed on the fear of uhh…people traveling alone, it was called a kalut or keelut…yeah it was keelut. I didn't really stay to hear the ending, maybe I should have…

(Subject begins visibly trembling)

S███████: What am I gonna do, doc? Is that thing ever going to leave me alone, I can't live like this. I almost got a heart attack when I saw it coming through the wall of my hotel room at 3am! What's gonna happen to me?! Tell me, please!

Dr. Wolfe: I'm sorry, but unfortunately we don't know enough about the entity to say for certain. You will be kept in the custody of our organization until we can find a way to neutralize it, for now there's not much we can do. That'll be all for now, thank you for your cooperation.