Brahssel Sprouts SCP-XXXX

Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be walled off and and purchased by the Foundation, and has been converted to Site-197. The site is now under protection by MTF Psi-7 ("Home Improvement"). Cameras and security personnel are to be active at all times.

Any sight of SCP-XXXX-A leaving the house is to be intercepted by Home Improvement, and to be reported to the Site Director immediately. Reports of switching signs around back to the house without any signs of humans have been successful at containing SCP-XXXX-A.

Description: SCP-XXXX is a standard colonial-era two story house in ███████, Detroit. It has approximately ██ rooms, however new discoveries of rooms have been rare and almost spontaneous. Opening the front door will open into a non-anomalous house with standard mid-century furniture and appliances.

SCP-XXXXwill start producing anomalous properties once SCP-XXXX-A leaves SCP-XXXX's garage. The windows of the cars are all tinted black in a material that absorbs light, therefore peeking into the car, or to see the driver, is impossible. SCP-XXXX-A, once leaving the front lawn of the house, will immediately start seeking people in a ███ kilometre radius. Once SCP-XXXX-A finds people suitable, it will stop near them. The persons who have been selected will suddenly stop what they are doing, and enter the backseat of the car. Investigations have shown that a sleeping gas of unknown make will be dispersed . SCP-XXXX-A will immediately drive back to the garage of SCP-XXXX.

Following SCP-XXXX-A, the persons, who will be designated with a number after SCP-XXXX-20-███, as so far ███ individuals have entered SCP-XXXX since discovery and containment. The subject will wake up after between 3-30 hours after initial abduction, and will momentarily feel confused and nauseous. The subject will be pulled toward a note pinned on the exit door to the main house. The note shall then be designated SCP-XXXX-B.

Viewers of the note shall follow the rules loosely as a memetic hazard has been seen on every note to appear, with promise of escape after finishing the set of rules by SCP-3219-B. Usually the puzzles are tied to the item, thus 'rewarding' the subject with the object. These 'quests' are randomized with every new victim, however it follows the same guideline:

  1. Find 5-██ certain items (all randomized, no duplicates).
  2. Complete 5-██ puzzles, can range from jigsaw, riddles, [DATA EXPUNGED], and others. Mostly found in rooms that tie to the item.
  3. 'Defeat' 1-███ 'bosses', and the final boss.

Within SCP-XXXX, the hume level is approximately 1.██████, which gives the subjects an ability to not eat, drink or sleep for as long as they are in SCP-XXXX. However, if the subject wishes, consuming food and water within SCP-XXXXwill give 'bonuses' to the consumer, example being one (1) standard slice of white bread will give the subject more energy and increased awareness. It is unknown as to how SCP-XXXX creates such foodstuffs, even when external foodstuffs are brought within.

Subjects will proceed to enter through the door to the foyer of the house (see image). Despite seemingly abandoned, objects will appear at the same place every time a new person/s enter with no signs of aging or dust buildup. A layout of the house will not stay the same, e.g. one room may switch places with another, or [DATA EXPUNGED], leading to ██████. Each room has a set 'style', with rooms that can seem more rococo, while another may have a 1950's American Diner style. Each time a new victim enters, the amount and style of rooms with no real explanation.

In every case, SCP-XXXX will spawn a bathroom , within which has a humanoid entity, hereby designated SCP-XXXX-C, or commonly known as "The Merchant". SCP-XXXX speaks in a heavy British accent, almost to the point of satirizing it, and wears a light brown rain jacket with its hood covering his head, rounded black sunglasses, a dark green cloak that covers his shoulders and upper arms, camo pants, and black boots. SCP-XXXX-██ are able to talk to him, however questions about the house, the owners, where they are, and similar questions are brushed off. Any further questioning results in him pulling out a '███████ Arms' brand 1865 Double Barreled Shotgun, however this has been made to intimidate the subject, rather than terminating. The Merchant will keep a friendly attitude no matter the case, and can trade or buy items from him. Currency includes a silver coin of unknown make, engravings with no known background to any civilization, and is completely indestructible. This currency is also randomly spawned around the house, although finding coins are rare, and involves solving a puzzle in order to get more. A list of items SCP-XXXX-C has and can be bought are shown below.

In the event that the subject may complete all 3 'quests', the subject will place the objects collected on the foyer table. Once that has been completed, a door in the foyer shall open. This room, dubbed the "Master Bedroom", which has 2 statues between a bed with black bedding, a bust of ██████ ██████████, and a mirror closet. A riddle shall appear on the bed. The riddle reads:

"Greetings my friend/s. Welcome, to the final stage to salvation. Your answer rests here, in this very room. Look into yourself, look deeper, and you will find the key."

The exact riddle is the same in every case. If the subject touches the closet mirror in the room, a glow will appear and a portal next to the subjects hand will slowly open. Once the mirror opens, and the subject enters, they will be brought into an exact copy of the world they exited, however everything shall be mirrored, hence the name "Mirror World". In about 10-20 seconds, a humanoid entity dubbed SCP-XXXX-D will enter via the entrance. SCP-XXXX-D is an exact copy of the subject, however is completely surrounded by a black smoke, and its shape distorted. SCP-XXXX-D, once caught sight of its victim, will attempt to 'harm' the subject by blasting out memories through an unknown means of 'speaking', exactly from their minds. Viewers outside of the room will not be affected, and cannot see what the victim may see. These memories will seem to distress the subject. Soon after a SCP-XXXX-D will pull out a knife of unknown make or origin from within its 'abdomen'. SCP-XXXX-D will float towards the subject, and an appendage holding the knife will hand over the knife to the victim. SCP-XXXX-D will taunt the subject with an unknown means of speaking, by taunting in various languages, phrases, and [DATA EXPUNGED], although the similar sentence has been concluded to saying "DO IT" and "SALVATION AWAITS YOU".

From this point, another entity designated SCP-XXXX-E will appear through the wardrobe. SCP-XXXX-E is very similar to SCP-XXXX-D, but has a more feminine stance and body appearance and is covered in a bright glow. SCP-XXXX-E will always try to comfort the subject, even if the subject will appear distressed by it and/or harm SCP-XXXX-E. Sentences that SCP-XXXX-E will 'speak' have been concluded to "I LOVE YOU" and "IT'S NOT ALL YOUR FAULT". SCP-XXXX-E, by the same way SCP-XXXX-D 'speaks'. Comforting phrases and gestures are heard from SCP-XXXX-E, whom the subject may calm down. SCP-XXXX-D will appear to 'argue' to SCP-XXXX-E, which is subsequently ignored by the latter. SCP-XXXX-E will extend an appendage to the subject.

The subject in this situation has two known conclusions. If the subject chooses to hold SCP-XXXX-E's 'hand', they will be absorbed by SCP-XXXX-E into its body, which has been described as 'warm' and 'relaxing'. SCP-XXXX-13█ describes it as "like being held by your mother when you were young". While this is happening, although not seen by external matters, SCP-XXXX-D will continue to speak out slurs and other negative gestures, however subjects shall ignore anything outside of SCP-XXXX-E.

If however, the subject ignores SCP-XXXX-E, mostly those with histories of low morale via depression and/or other mental illnesses or other external sources, and chooses SCP-XXXX-D's 'gift', SCP-XXXX-D will 'grin' via hints by how its distortion is bending, and hand the knife to the subject. The subject, ignoring SCP-XXXX-E's pleas, will attempt to stab themselves in the abdomen many times. Once the subject expires, sometimes in a few seconds, however a subject was known to savour the pain, leading to their expire ███ minutes in. SCP-XXXX-E will appear distressed body posture will appear that it is 'crying'. Both SCP-XXXX-D and SCP-XXXX-E will disappear, and all cameras or external sources situated in the Mirror World will abruptly turn off. So far, about ███ casualties have been documented.

If in the case the subject chooses to live, the subject will be put back into the world they exited by and unknown means. Cameras and microphones will be turned off in this transportation. Objects can be turned off for about 4-██ minutes. The subject shall be awoken a room connected that exits to the non-anomalous foyer. MTF-PSI-7 will be alerted by motion sensors, and the subject will be sent to Site-197's interview room.

The subject shall be 'renewed' and have a more positive outlook on life, and experiments on the subject will show the subject has increased Endorphins and Dopamine. Usually the subject will remain in SCP-3219 for 3-███ days. It is unknown why some objects are allowed to leave SCP-3219, while others merely disintegrate or disappear upon exiting the mirror world.

Addendum XXXX.1: Table of common rooms

Addendum XXXX.2 SCP-XXXX-B

Addendum XXXX.3:Exploration Logs

Addendum XXXX.4: A Journal found in the study room. Snippets of the journal from various subjects have been put in chronological order as much as possible.