Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Safe

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-XXXX is to be stored at all times inside a standard storage container unless needed for testing. The substance itself is stored inside 6 different 1 liter titanium canisters. Weekly inspections to count all cans of SCP-XXXX is required. SCP-XXXX will be equipped with motion sensors. If any unauthorized activity is detected inside of the cell, the door will be automatically locked and site command will be notified.


Description: SCP-XXXX is a thick red substance, comparable to lotion. 6 liters of SCP-XXXX are currently in containment. If applied to any organic material, the surface in which SCP-XXXX is applied will begin a rapid transformation lasting 15 minutes where The organic material begins hardening, and a rough dark grey skin covers the affected area. The rough grey skin enhances the durability of the organic material in question. The skin is also nearly indestructible as shown in tests.

SCP-XXXX was discovered on a farm in Germany 27 miles south west of █████. A farmer by the name of ████████████ was tending to his crops when he noticed a tomato plant that was hard as stone with black spots covering the plant, and a few other plants sharing similar characteristics. SCP personal arrived on scene later on and found a crate burried in the ground. One bottle which had cracked and leaked into the soil was removed carefully and the rest where transported and put in more sturdy containers. The original containers show swasticas and below it, German writing translated to “Bullet proof skin,”

Addendum: A note has been found, stuck to the bottom of one of the original bottles describing the efforts in creating the perfect German soldier near the end of WW2. No specific scientist was mentioned so presumably the experiment was a group effort.

Testing on class-D has been stopped due to the abilities SCP-XXXX grants. instead a willing MTF unit is undergoing full body coverage of SCP-XXXX.

Test A - Date ██/██/██
Subject: ████ ███████
Procedure: Full body coverage of SCP-XXXX
Results: Successful covering. Subject is showing all vital signs and is capable of communicating and is aware of what is happening. Subject also shows eagerness to test himself.
Analysis: MTF ironskin has shown new capabilities, when placed against a non-affected MTF unit, MTF ironskin passed him in every physical field including speed, strength, and endurance. Further testing shows that low caliber bullets cannot penetrate MTF ironskin's surface, although high caliber staggers him, it does not produce any injures.

Sign ups have been passed out to experienced MTF units to join MTF ironskin.