breckdogg's SCP's

Item #:SCP-4XXX

Object Class: Safe Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: SCP-4XXX is to be kept in containment locker-37 at Site-███, and is only to be taken out for testing.

Description: SCP-4XXX is a postcard detailing a part of an unknown beach during the daytime. The front of the card spells "Greetings from ELECTRO FRINGE." The back of the card contains the words “where has everybody gone?” and is unsigned. Two corners have been ripped off the card. One during testing with D-Class personnel and one after. It is not known how the second corner was ripped, nor has it been found.

SCP-4XXX, according to our tests, does not have any memetic or antimemetic properties.

When a part of Domain Eukarya looks at SCP-4XXX, there is a period of 6.8 seconds, before they suffer a sudden seizure lasting 3.2-7 seconds, before returning to normal. In instances where the subjects do not have eyes, SCP-4XXX is to be touched to the subject.

If something reads the back of the card, then a sudden change occurs. Seizures last from 5.1-11.3 seconds, in addition, the subject now believes they are the only living being left on Earth. This does not work on [redacted due to 05-Council request] When someone reads the back of SCP-4XXX through a picture, live feed, or other form of media, they will experience seizures, but none of the other adverse effects caused by SCP-4XXX.

Addendum 4XXX-a:
A proposal has been made to use SCP-4XXX to rid of SCP-096 and other problematic SCP’s of similar nature.

Document #4XXX-a:
Proposal approved by Dr. Taylor. See test results in attached document.

SCP-4XXX has been found missing a second corner

Request of change in object class to Euclid.
Request Approved.