Bree Granger
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Item #: SCP-XXXX

Object Class: Euclid

Special Containment Procedures: It is advised that the entity is kept in a regularly sized cell, though it is highly recommended that cell is made with one (1) inch thick layer of solid osmium. This is due to the creature's habit of creating multiple small and mostly clustered bio-organic holes in less dense substances, such as most malleable metals and all types of wood.

If osmium is not accessible, Dr. ████████ advises the use of platinum as it should withstand just as well, but due to caution, a thicker layer should be used.

Also, in order to not spark the interest of the generally quiet entity, nothing the creature has never seen before must come within its view or else it will definitely try to escape and will damage the walls. A daily check should be done on its cell in order to make sure the inner layers of the cell are always as thick as possible in order to ensure the unlikelihood of the creature's escape.

In the event of a breach from the cell, security staff are recommended to shut off the lights as the creature cannot see in the dark due to its lack of an iris or pupil and its opaque white eyes, which will appear in an attempt to see, are very easily noticeable for security members.

If one is to come into the presence of the creature, they must stay at least 10 feet away as to avoid the sudden production of multiple imploding bubbles as the standard uniform will not suffice in protecting.

To bring SCP-xxxx back to its cell, a projection of a curious and very rare object, such as a $2 bill or a vintage record can be used to lure the creature back to its cell because unlike other entities of the Euclid class, this creature seems to only have the sole interest of collecting.

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